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  1. I forgot to tell u about the dead body I saw today b4 work.
  2. It was in the parking garage. No joke.
  3. Wtf?!??!?!?!?
  4. Yeah, so here I was with my Green Tea and Venus Fly trap. Walking when I come across this body asleep in the stairwell.
  5. But not breathing soo.... It was weird.
  6. Did you call the police?
  7. On my Resume for the future I'd like to state that although I may come across obstacles, I don't let them effect my daily workflow. And yes I call Naperville. Non emergency.
  8. Lol!!!!!!!!!
  9. I figured Kevin gave me the non emergency since it's really not an emergency since he could already be dead and there is no rush.
  10. Youre fucking hilarious!!!
  11. Well... I'm just saying .....
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