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  1. [15:30] <fw> im retired gov
  2. [15:30] <fw> but i might be able to help
  3. [15:30] <fw> i still do things!
  4. [15:30] <Ashok> Thats good!
  5. [15:30] <Ashok> I see you guys have been railing on some of my AA
  6. [15:30] <Ashok> NSO
  7. [15:31] <Ashok> one I have no issue with cuz he fucked up
  8. [15:31] <fw> probably a very good reason for it.
  9. [15:31] <fw> not that i keep up on these things
  10. [15:31] <Ashok> yeah fullauto attacked MK
  11. [15:31] <fw> oh
  12. [15:31] <Ashok> and qb powers was a ghost
  13. [15:31] <Ashok> I know the reasons
  14. [15:31] <Ashok> wanted to make sure you guys didn't want us to take over on the busting
  15. [15:32] <fw> hell no
  16. [15:32] <fw> like if you can take a slot, go ahead and try
  17. [15:32] <fw> but shit
  18. [15:32] <fw> we'll pull tech, land, and money all day
  19. [15:32] <Ashok> Haha you guys enjoy war way to much
  20. [15:32] <fw> impossible.
  21. [15:33] <Ashok> Oh trust me I enjoy it as well
  22. [15:33] <fw> as of last check, goons nations are 1200% more likely to be involved in war than any other nation, unaligned or aligned
  23. [15:33] <Ashok> Haha alright well I will remember you guys like hitting ghosts and rogues
  24. [15:33] <fw> chances are we will get to them before you do
  25. [15:33] <Ashok> and will see in the future if you want to hit any
  26. [15:34] <Ashok> :p
  27. [15:34] <fw> well have a nice day!
  28. [15:34] <Ashok> you too!
  29. [15:34] <fw> im going to post this log in our gov section to show them that im not an incompetent crotchety person
  30. [15:35] <Ashok> haha go ahead
  31. [15:35] <Ashok> I'm the Commander of Vader which is the battalion these guys are in
  32. [15:35] <Ashok> So always gotta check in on these things
  33. [15:35] <fw> that sounds pretty badass
  34. [15:36] <Ashok> Yeah tho its not as cool as it sounds :(
  35. [15:36] <fw> im a retired co-pilot known for generally causing issues and making sardonic mad at me
  36. [15:36] <fw> its more fun than you think
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