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  1. Name: Kyrin
  2. Age: 21
  3. Birthday: Unknown
  4. Gender: Female
  5. Sexuality: Straight
  6. Race: Japanese
  7. Species: Ghost/Demon
  8. Occupation: None
  10. Appearance: Kyrin wears a striped green and white sweater, black pants and black shoes, she has long brown hair and bangs that often cover her eyes, which allow her eyes to become even more terrifying, she often has an innocent smile or a psychotic grin.
  11. Height: 5'3
  12. Hair Colour: Brown
  13. Eye Colour: Red
  14. Cup Size: C
  16. Personality: Kyrin is insane, often appearing behind Nyle to whisper ways to murder people, she can't be seen by anyone except Nyle, and she'll often manipulate him into doing things.
  18. Powers: Kyrin has multiple abilities with her knife, if she ends up possessing Nyle, she can create a massive orb of darkness, block hits and cause red projectiles and duplicates to fire from her knife.
  19. Weapons: A knife.
  21. Description: Kyrin is a ghost of a dead woman who has possessed a young male, to force him to kill people for her so she doesn't have to do it herself.
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