Surrogate Dash at the Beach (WIP)

Aug 27th, 2015
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  4. >be a 17 year old stallion, fresh on spring break on the beaches of Los Pegasus
  5. >alone from the group you came in with, have the weekend to yourself and scoping the beach for some cute mares
  6. >out of the corner of your eye, you spot a blue pegasus with a prismatic rainbow mane, recognizing her as a well known Wonderbolt canidate
  7. >she looks perfectly content on the beach aside from one detail
  8. >she's pregnant, extremely so with a belly fit for twins, you recall hearing something about her taking on a surrogacy for two Wonderbolts almost an entire year ago
  9. >by her size, you guess she's full term with twins, her belly jutting upward from her two piece suit, made especially to show off her belly
  10. >so focused are you in your observations that you only just notice her sitting upright, her eyes locked onto you
  11. >her hooves gently stroking her belly, beckoning you to come trot over
  13. >obliging her silent request, you trot over to her, now laying back down on her towel, one hoof stroking her belly gently
  14. "Well at least one stallion here has some good taste, what's your name, kid?"
  15. >you can hardly sputter out your name, to shy in front of the surprisngly forward pregnant pegasus
  16. "Oh never mind, how about I just call ya kid, you hardly look over 17!"
  17. >you give a sheepish chuckle, accepting her request
  18. >all the while, your eyes are inevitably drawn to her massive belly, a movement from one of the foals catching your eye before it recedes
  19. "What's the matter kid, can't keep your eyes off of this tummy?"
  20. She gives it a small pat, arching her back a bit to emphasize just how large it is.
  21. "Soarin and Spitfire wanted a kid without getting into their training schedules over the pregnancy, so I voulnteered as a sort of goodwill thing. Just didn't expect well, twins. These two are ready to come out any day now. Just here for some R&R."
  22. >you can hardly resist the alluring belly, one hoof shakily stretching towards it
  23. >Dash encourages you to give it a small rub, she's been showing off her pregnant form all throughout the pregnancy
  25. >gently you place a hoof on her belly, the tightness and warmth of it surprising you
  26. >you take the time to get a closer look at it as you slowly rub her left side
  27. >the blue mass is clearly defined from the light excercise Dash had been doing throughout the pregnancy, jutting outward from her body
  28. >an obvious ridge ran up and down the middle of the two halves of her belly, broken only by her long popped navel, sticking out like a mountain peak above the blue globe
  29. >from the movements you could feel as you lightly glided your hoof over the side, the twins were pretty big, and likely due within the week
  30. >Dash herself was no slouch either, her body still clearly that of an athlete with strong wings and legs, her belly rocking slowly in tune with her breaths
  31. >her eyes were closed in bliss, just enjoying the feeling of the hoof currently rubbing her side
  32. >just then, you noticed a smirk on her face as she peeped open an eye
  33. "Kid, I got a bottle of lotion in my bag, mind helping this lonely mom-to-be get it on my belly?"
  34. >she's giving you the cutest puppy dog look you'd even seen a grown mare muster
  36. >you finally relent, taking the bottle in your hooves
  37. "That's the spirit! Just dab a little here..."
  38. >Dash guides you over where to pour the lotion, a circular trail all along her belly
  39. >finished, you place the bottle down and hesitantly look at the gravid mass beneath you, a white circle of lotion surrounding the center
  40. "What's wrong? Don't you want the chance to pleasure the greatest athlete to grace Equestria? I mean I could just POP any moment."
  41. >the raise in her voice is puncuated by her lightly thrusting her gut into the air, the tempation now too strong to resist
  42. >you gently place a hoof on Rainbow's belly, and begin to spread the lotion all across
  43. >the lotion makes her belly slick, your hooves gliding across the tight surface as you avoid her belly button, the twins inside shifting quite a bit, the glistening belly making their movements all the more obvious
  44. >Rainbow herself is cooing, laying down on the towel as she lets you work your hooves across the tight mass of her pregnancy
  45. >pressing slightly harder, you now notice just how strained her womb is right now, the fur thin enough near the peak to show some of the slightly blushing skin underneath
  46. >completely entranced by the warm feeling of her slick and shining belly, you draw ever closer to her protruding belly button...
  48. >by complete accident, your hoof just grazes her navel
  49. "WOAH!"
  50. >her eyes snap side open as her entire body jerks, startling you away
  51. >she's panting at the moment from the sudden onset of pleasure, one hoof holding her belly
  52. >a few ponies nearby glanced in your direction to see what the commotion was
  53. >you were on your butt from the outburst, amazed at the reaction just brushing her belly button enacted
  54. >you walk back over to her side, finding her softly stroking the side and calming the foals inside
  55. "Woah, didn't think it had gotten that sensitive... what are you all looking at!"
  56. >she shouts at the beachgoers, the stares quickly turning away
  57. >she doesn't want many to see her mushy side
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