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  1. Your impeccably shined shoes clack against the marble floor of Orzhova. Scores of thrulls and neophytes toil to make the shimmering floor even more luminous. They part for you like a sea parting for a ship, bowing their heads. Your lesser nobles glare up at you with a combination of hatred and jealousy. You’re content to let your inferior’s hatred simmer. You’ve deflected more attempts on your life than you can remember. You stride through the halls of the Church of Deals, arriving at the most opulent of the chambers. A plaque proudly proclaims the owner of the room in gilded lettering.
  3. Teysa Karlov, Esq. Grand Envoy of the Obzedat.
  5. The door creaks open, a wave of icy air washes over you, chilling you to the bones. It would be easily mistakable for a crypt, if it weren’t for the marble obelisks filled with advokist tomes looming over you.
  7. Having spent your entire life around people who treat gold like paper, wealth doesn’t impress you like it does laypeople. Envoy Karlov is the wealthiest being on Ravnica, second only to the Obzedat themselves. You knew this as a fact. It doesn’t help you regain your composure in the face of such immense power.
  9. A voice, sharp and clear, slices through the air and enters your ears.
  11. “I haven’t called you to waste my time, Ralez. Sit.”
  13. A thrull scurries from under the silk curtains, preparing your chair. You step to the chair, hoping she doesn’t smell your weakness. The threads her fingers together and stares into your soul. You don’t risk breaking eye contact with her. In an attempt to shroud your fear, you decide to take the initiative.
  15. “Why did you call me, anyways, Envoy Karlov?”
  17. Her attempt to burn a hole through your skull with eyes intensifies. You falter slightly. A thrull closes the door with a barely audible thump, like a lid on a casket. Your blood freezes in your veins. She wouldn’t dare. Karlovs have been allied with your ancestors for as long as anyone can remember, if anything happened to either of you, it’d be utter civil war in the Orzhov. Then again, she is a lawmage, one of, if not the best. She could very easily make your murder seem like a suicide to all but the most adept of Azorius judges. You curse your trousers for not being the ones with concealed blade sheaths. She appears to sense your terror. A light smirk dances across her pale lips, followed by a scoff.
  19. “Do you really think I’d invite you all the way to Orzhova just to kill you, when sending a thrull or a Euthanist would be so much easier?”
  21. Another dismissive wave of the hand, and a thrull delivers a tray of tea to her. You slump slightly in your chair, releasing the breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. Your fear transforms into anger. She just scared you half to death. You didn’t react quick enough to stop instinct from taking over.
  23. “Then why, Karlov?!” You nearly bite through your tongue in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the sentence. She locks eyes with you again. Her lips form another grin, this one more predatory than the last.
  25. “You’re here for more intimate matters, Ralez.” She purrs. She beckons you closer with a slender finger. You don’t risk disobeying her.
  27. Then she does something that jolts you to your core. She locks lips with you, thrusting her tongue into your mouth, wrestling with your own limp tongue. Your eyes are still wide with shock, you weakly attempt to pull away, only to find her hands locked behind your head. You manage to wrest your consciousness back from the grip of shock. A lapse in Teysa’s concentration let’s you return the favor, entwining your tongue with her’s, never letting it gain the upper hand on you again. Her eyes widen and close as she moans into your mouth.
  29. She finally breaks off the kiss, leaving the both of you gasping for breath, a thin strand of saliva still connecting your mouths. She gives you another coy smile, before whispering in your ear
  31. “We should go somewhere more private.” Any subtlety regarding why you were summoned here instantly evaporated after this sentence left her mouth. A dutiful thrull delivers it’s master’s cane to her, you avert your gaze from her dead leg, cane clacking along the marble floor.
  33. Presumably, she wants to sire an heir before she dives into immortality, to prevent the child from having the same handicap as their mother. Your parents had the same idea, apparently it was successful, you don’t have a debilitating defect like nearly all of your fellows do.
  35. She leads you to her bedchamber, just like the main chamber no expense was spared, ivory and wood nightstands, silken pillows with sparkling gold trim. Before you can even finish fully appreciating the luxury of the room, you find yourself flung onto the bed backfirst. A few seconds later and you find Teysa on top of you nearly stark naked, full, firm breasts pressing into your chest. She slowly tongues your neck, occasionally nipping into your neck, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to send pin pricks jolting up and down your body.
  37. Teysa makes short work of your trousers and undergarments, already stroking your cock to life, it doesn’t take long for Teysa’s soft hands to work you fully erect, eliciting a groan of pleasure from you when her nimble fingers run over a delicate area, or when she circles her tongue around the head of your cock. She licks her lips in anticipation, rubbing her moist cunt on your cock. You regain lucidity from the blur of pleasure to ask a crucial question.
  39. “H-have you ever done this before?” She doesn’t hesitate in answering, never losing the commanding tone to her voice.
  41. “No, but it doesn’t matter.” She purrs. Screw it. Not everyday that you get to bed a guild champion.
  43. You thrust into her, a pleasured gasp coming from her lips, which turns into a wince of pain once you reach her hymen. Her face steels, and you penetrate deeper into her, blood mixing with her vaginal juices.
  45. “T-that didn’t hurt as badly as I had been lead to believe.” She stutters. You’ve just taken the virginity of one of the most powerful women on Ravnica. Your pleasure addled mind prevents you from relishing it. You thrust into her with a renewed vigor, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh accompanies Teysa’s moans and gasps of pleasure.
  47. You feel the pressure in your loins rise to a near explosive level. You croak out a warning, and feel one of Teysa’s legs wrap around you, locking you in place, just in case.
  49. “Do it a-anywhere else, and you’re a dead man” She tries to snarl, but having her words split by her own moans makes it significantly less intimidating. Several thrusts later, and you’re unloading your seed deep into Teysa. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure.
  51. “Yes! More! I want all of it!!”
  53. You oblige her, the final strands of your seed spewing into her womb. Teysa flops back unceremoniously onto the bed, curling up against you exhausted. You bask in the afterglow for a few more seconds, before being consumed by unconsciousness.
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