Normal Norman - The Pet - Fluttershy's side

Jun 20th, 2013
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  1. >"It's horrible, I lost Angel Bunny on my way to school" I say to Twilight "please help me find him"
  2. >I skip school to look for him
  3. >Hours pass and I decide to go to school, maybe he went there
  4. >Once I get to school, I see Norman and he's with Angel. Thank goodness my Angel's not lost
  5. >So I go near him, but he doesn't notice me and goes away.
  6. >I follow him
  7. >He stops at another place and begins yelling "Is this rabbit yours?" to everyone who goes near him
  8. >how kind of him to use his time to find the owner of my... Norman, you should know that Angel's not a rabbit, he's a bunny
  9. >It's good to see that Norman gets along well with Angel
  10. >After following Norman to many different places, something finally happens
  11. >Trixie approaches Norman "Didn't they have pets for guys in the store you got that thing?" she says
  12. >"It's not mine, I'm looking for its owner" Norman replies
  13. >Amazing, Angel doesn't dislike Trixie, she must be a good person too
  14. >"What a cute little thing. Even the great Trixie can´t resist the urge to pet it" says Trixie as she moves her hand towards Angel
  15. >Once she lowers her hand, angel climbs up to her shoulder
  16. >"It seems that even the lowest creatures can admire Trixie's greatness" she declares, how rude of her
  17. >as she finished saying that, the Angel began kicking her face
  18. >No Angel, you shouldn't do that
  19. >"Damn it Norman, this isn't the last you and your pet will see of the great and talented Trixie" she says as she goes away looking very upset
  20. >Norman finally notices me
  21. >"Hey Yellow!" he says: why does he insist on calling me that?
  22. >I don't say anything in response to his greeting. Why is it hard to speak to him when he is practically one of my friends through Twilight
  23. >Receiving no answer from me doesn't seem to make him stop talking to me, I'd like if everyone was like that, I'd like to be like that too
  24. >"Would you like to help me in finding the owner of this bunny?" he asks
  26. >"uhm, ehh, Norman" I stutter a bit, I want to tell him that I'm Angel's owner but instead of waiting for me to speak, he continues talking. I need to be more assertive
  27. >"at least stay with me for a bit please, I'm starting to feel lonely" He says. And he really looked lonely, so I decided to make him company, afterall I must tell him that Angel is mine
  28. >Then he continues asking people if they are the owners of my bunny
  29. >"Have you seen the owner of this bunny?" he yells very loud
  30. >Our schoolmates reply his call with mean answers such as: ha ha so funneh! Stop being a Faggot! and, Get a life!
  31. >I'm so sorry Norman, this is all my fault
  32. >I want to say that, but the crowd leaves me with no words
  33. >If Twilight was here she could have told Norman that Angel is my bunny; but she was nowhere to be seen
  34. >The sun is going down and i havent been able to say a single word
  35. >I tried to talk to him but when I look at his smiling face and his focused eyes I can't help but feeling guilty for making him spend the whole afternoon yelling
  36. >Once the sun sets, Twilight finally appears
  37. >"Hi Norman," she says not noticing my presence "Have you seen Fluttershy?"
  38. >"You mean Yellow? there she is" Norman says while pointing at me
  39. >"So you finally found your bunny? Twilight says "where was it?"
  40. >Norman Looked very upset, I hope he's not mad
  41. >"Norman found my Angel Bunny and Kept doing his best to find me during the whole day" I finally said the truth. I feel so liberated by that, that I say it with the biggest smile I could give
  42. >"What? why didn't you say so In all the time you were here with me?" He's angry, I would be too if I was in his position
  43. >"It just that ... " I try to speak, but actually seeing him angry, I can't take it, so I ask Twilight to speak for me
  44. >"Fluttershy says that she tried to tell you but you were so into finding the owner that she couldn't stop you" Is what Twilight said
  45. >Norman's face shows even more anger; then he breathes in, a little, and calms down.
  47. >Instead of yelling again, Norman calms down and speaks to Twilight, he sounds annoyed but he doesn't look the part
  48. >"Why didn't you ask me for help instead of ignoring me the whole day?" He says
  49. >"It's just that I've been imposing on you so much lately that I thought you would get angry if I asked you for help again
  50. >"Of all the times you could have simply not talked to me, you decide to do it when talikng to me would have saved me the whole trouble?" He says
  51. >It seems he became angry again
  52. >but then, he moves his hand towards his face and takes a deep breath once again
  53. >"Well, at least the problem is solved now; sorry for being such a drama queen" he says. I'm really amazed by how he regained control of himself, anyone else would have screamed in rage
  54. >Seeing that he's quick to regain his composture, I finally gain the courage to tell him
  55. >"Norman, I thank you from the bottom of my heart"
  56. >I finally was able to say it, but this will not be enough to show him how grateful I am.
  57. >However I'll leave it like this for today, I'll thank him properly some day in the future
  59. >In the next day, a poster was pasted in the announcement board. In it there was a picture of Norman and Angel, with the caption "beware petnapper"
  60. >Why are they so mean to him? yet he keeps moving on. I could learn a lot from him and I hope to do so.
  62. The Pet - Fluttershy's side END
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