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The Knight and the Alchemist Ch.3

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Dec 12th, 2013
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  1. As the morning light finally shone through the window, the little twink knight grumbled and curled in to the warm fluffy thing he was holding as his eyes slowly opened. The night was a blur, same as the last one, but he quickly began to piece it together as he felt the collar on his neck and saw the leash leading to his ma- the alchemist. His face grew flush as he realized what exactly he said in the heat of the moment as he hugged the fluffy thing close to him to try and cover his embarrassment.. before realizing it was the alchemist's tail.
  3. The alchemist rose with a start when he felt his tail being squeezed just a bit too tight. The distressed tail waggled like a trapped snake and he sat bolt upright in bed. "Who's touching my tail?!" he yelled, forgetting where he was for the moment.
  5. He gave a little yelp of surprise as the alchemist rose and hollered while his tail waggled madly.
  7. Seeing the little twink of a knight curled up in its folds started all of his memories flooding back. "Oh yes," he mumbled to himself, "Now I remember." He reached out and scritched the twink knight behind the ears again before stretching and rising from the bed. "I don't know about you," he said, "but I sure could use a bath."
  9. Ears folded back and tail fluffed out, the twink knight stood stock still before receiving a pleasant ear scratch. He was slightly reluctant, but it did feel nice. "Y-yeah.. a bath would be nice s-sir." Compared to yesterday, he didn't feel the same sort of outrage as he did then. More embarrassed and a little ashamed than anything.
  11. "What's the matter, my pet?" asked the alchemist, turning to look at him with concern on his face. "Aren't you happy?"
  13. "Y-yeah, I'm fine! Just ummm.. remembering last night.. that's all." The blush continued going on for a bit. It was nice, but it was embarrassing as well to simply throw it all away when his urges were doing the talking. He still was a knight after all... well, in mind.
  15. "Don't tell me you're feeling regrets again?" asked the alchemist in concern as he filled the tub with hot soapy water. While he waited for the tub to fill he picked the twink knight up in a warm embrace and kissed him right on his cute little nose.
  17. He gave a small purr as he was hugged and kissed and even returned a nuzzle, but he was still a little shy. "A little.. I dunno, I mean.. I guess it would be nice and you are nice.. but I'm a knight. I have no real experience being a pet.. except from last night. I don't know.. I'm confused and my head's all fuzzy."
  19. "Oh my poor dear. What is experience but doing things until we get them right? I'm sure you will find yourself quite satisfied once you turn your mind to it." Before the Twink knight realized what had happened he found his naked little body gently lowered into the bubbly water.
  21. "Y-yeah.. maybe, it's just a lot to take in and wasn't what I thought I'd be-!" Before the little twink of a knight could finish his sentence, he was placed into the bubbling tub of hot water as he let out a loud 'eep' of surprise.
  23. "You just take as much time as you need, my little pet. I'll be here with you every step of the way like a good master should. When you're ready it will be all the sweeter." As he spoke the alchemist climbed into the tub with his pet causing the water to slosh almost to the brim.
  25. "Ummm, alright.. if you say so." He was still on the fence, but at least he was being reasonable. He quietly cleaned himself up in the bath, surrounded by the alchemist, his owner. It was certainly going to take a while to get used to the more permanent situation.
  27. The alchemist grabbed the sponge and began to scrub them both vigorously while humming an idle tune. He made sure to get every nook and every cranny.
  29. The twink knight gave a little pout as he was rubbed and scrubbed all over so thoroughly. He wanted to protest, but there was no real reason to. He was clean even if his master decided to be rather complete in his duty. His little bubble butt never felt cleaner..
  31. When they were finished the alchemist lifted the little twink knight from the tub and and gently toweled him off. once he had finished he slapped him lightly on the behind. "There we go," he said "All done."
  33. Giving a purr and a little mew as he was spanked on the bottom, the now fluffy and dry twink knight tried to get his tail's fur to go back to normal. "T-thank you sir."
  35. As if in response the alchemist leaned down and gave his pet a little kiss, right on his soft clean penis.
  37. The little twink knight blushed deeply and tried not to shudder as his soft penis twitched from the gentle kiss.
  39. Sensing the twitch the alchemist gave it a little lick to see what would happen.
  41. The response was rather amusing really. A soft little whine came from the twink knight as he already started to harden, trying to pout at him. "S-siiiiir~!" It didn't help that his scolding sounded more like a whine either.
  43. Ignoring his complaint the alchemist soon took the entire length of it into his mouth. he swirled his tongue around the head, teasing it to full hardness.
  45. He gave a short gasp as his owner got straight to work on him and in no time flat, it was once more hard and ready.
  47. The alchemist began to glide back and forth along the glistening shaft. He fondled his pet's balls as he urged him to greater and greater desire. Then he stopped. Just like that. He handed the little twink of a knight the dress.
  49. While he tried not to show it, he did enjoy the quick blowjob. He even started to purr. But just when he was starting to get into it, he stopped, got off and handed him the dress again. Giving a whimper he quietly dressed himself. He was flustered and frustrated the whole time and couldn't get his erection to settle down after that.
  51. Once the alchemist had summoned his traveling clothes and the little twink of a knight had put on his dress they were ready to go. When they came down the stairs it seemed that the innkeeper from last night was still in bed. The innkeeper's wife was at the desk now and the alchemist recognized her as a customer from last night. He gave her a friendly hello as he handed in the key.
  53. The little knight breathed a sigh of relief when they went downstairs. Sure he had to wear the dress and yes it was still a little embarrassing, but the lewd innkeeper was asleep and he wouldn't have to deal with him today. Just to be safe though, he stayed close to the alchemist.
  55. Once they had completed their business the duo got back on the horse and traveled on. Happily they didn't have to travel far today but the tension only rose as they bounced along the road so close together. This time when a town came into view it was a massive city complete with chimney stacks and other signs of industry.
  57. The little twink of a knight had to admit, while the horse ride only made things awkward and tense, the destination was quite worth it. A large city, plenty of people and by the looks of it, advanced enough technology to have a good sized alchemy lab. He was full of giddy excitement as they finally reached the workshop. To be fair, while he knew a little about potions, he never saw a shop this big before.
  59. Once again the alchemist helped his knight down from the horse. Leaving it at the trough he guided his pet into the large building by his new leash. Inside there was a huge foyer with a wide desk in front of a long hall of doors.
  61. It was embarrassing. It was bad enough in the other town, but in such a big place while wearing a leash, it only made things worse. He clung close to the alchemist as to hide his embarrassment and the leash from prying eyes.
  63. Seeing the knight's distress the alchemist took him under his arm, holding him close. "Don't worry, things will soon be better," he whispers before turning to the clerk. "Greetings, I need to speak with one of your consultants and see about renting some lab time."
  65. He breathed a sigh of relief as he was held close and comforted by the alchemist. Giving a silent nuzzle of appreciation, he walked right next to him as he went to rent the room they needed.
  67. Once they had been set up in the lab, and the alchemist had unpacked his case, the consultant arrived. He was tall and thin, peering out at the world through a pair of custom-made alchemist's glasses. "What can I help you gentlemen with?" he asked. The alchemist turned to look, questioningly, at his pet.
  69. He gave a small cough as he tried to focus on being dignified in his state.. it didn't work. "Ummm yes, I would like help with a potion to calm my nerves please."
  71. The alchemist nods approvingly at his pet's request. "I'm a trained alchemist as well so I should be able to help out. Also, we may want some custom modifications of appearance as well."
  73. "Alright," replies the consultant. "We have most of what you need right here. Let's get started."
  75. The alchemist and the consultant worked together to make the potion for the little twink knight's nerves first. Once it was ready it looked like a clear bubbling fluid, as though boiling, but it was cold to the touch. The alchemist gave it to his pet to drink with an encouraging smile.
  77. While the two worked quickly, the little twink knight watched the process eagerly. When he was presented the glass, he gave a curt, "Thank you sir." before taking it and drinking down the contents. As the drought sloshed down his throat the little twink of a knight began to feel a deep sense of relaxation. All his fears and worries suddenly seemed far less important. He gave a happy sigh as he felt the little bubbles lift his worries away and sooth his tension as his body relaxed.
  79. "How do you feel?" asked the alchemist, a smile upon his face.
  81. He gave a warm smile to the alchemist as he slowly hugged him in thanks. "More relaxed now sir."
  83. "That's good," says the alchemist, returning the embrace warmly. "Now we are going to make you even cuter. How does that sound?"
  85. He gave a small head tilt. He knew that wasn't what he had asked for but the bubbles were lifting his worries about manliness away too. The embrace was nice though, and nothing bad comes out of a hug. "Sure sir~"
  87. "You're going to just love being like this," said the alchemist, scritching him behind the ears again. "Everyone will just adore you."
  89. He purred and leaned his head against his mas-the alchemist's hand, nudging it every now and then. "Mmmmn, everyone is gonna adore me~?"
  91. "Oh yes," crooned the alchemist "Everyone will be so jealous of you. Isn't that better than being some big clunky knight, stumbling around?"
  93. He gave a small giggle at the imagery of himself flopping around in heavy armor. "Y-yeeeeah, less trippin' and fallin' over myself.."
  95. "That's right. We can make you smooth and graceful. Almost like dancing."
  97. He purred at that. Dancing did sound nicer than stumbling by far. Less painful too. He cuddles into his mast-owner happily. "Dancing sounds fun~ how are you gonna teach me?"
  99. "Not to worry, my pet," said the alchemist, ruffling his hair. "We have potions for that too. Why, when you're finished you'll be the most graceful and beautiful thing ever seen in the land."
  101. He looked up at him excitedly. Not only would he be a good dancer, but the best and cutest? He tried to process some sort of concern, but the bubbles and the sound of being the best drowned it out. "That sounds great~! What do you want me to do sir?"
  103. "All you have to do is drink, my pet. We will take care of the rest," said the alchemist, ruffling his hair.
  105. He smiled happily as he hugged him in thanks. "Yes sir~ I'll drink it all down!"
  107. Soon the alchemist and the consultant get back to work. They powder, mix, boil and bubble away producing flask after flask. The first turns the little knight's hair blue. The second makes his hands and feet into big fluffy kitty paws. The third causes his hair to floof out like a dandelion in bloom. The fourth causes his nipples to enlarge slightly, becoming more feminine and sensitive. The final potion seals the deal with the promised agility of a top-rate dancer.
  109. And each flask was downed with gusto. Dull red hair was replaced with a vivid blue and becoming soft and springy, giving it a fluffy look while boring and mundane hands and feet turned into cute little cat paws. He gave a needy moan as his nipples grew and perked up due to the new found sensitivity and his clumsy movements were being wiped away like dust.
  111. Once the final potion had been administered and the Consultant had gone the alchemist turned to look at his pet. "You look stunning," he said, admiring the final effect with obvious affection. "You are absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. Twirl for me, let me see all of you."
  113. He smiled warmly at the praise, happy that the potions worked as planned. He gave a little bow and proceeded to twirl slowly in place so his master could get the full view.
  115. The alchemist clapped his hands together in delight. "That is just stunning," he said, "But you know what we need now? We need to buy you a new outfit to match."
  117. His eyes widened at that and he hugged tightly to his master, kissing his chest. No more dress! "Thank you sir!"
  119. "Well then it's decided," said the alchemist, taking up the little twink knight's leash. "To the armoursmith!"
  121. He gave a happy nod as he followed right behind him with no resistance. Heck, he was humming happily as he danced around his master, excited to be free of this dress and into his new proper clothes.
  123. He was so proud as they walked down the street. It was such a good feeling to see his pet happy. Once they arrived at the armoursmith's he immediately dropped into haggling mode. They didn't have much to haggle with after he had traded several of his potions for the use of the alchemy lab. So he summoned the knight's armour.
  125. He had to admit, it was nice to not have to worry about every little thing. No need to worry about being manly or embarrassed over the slightest thing, just relax, let the worries fade away and focus on master. Still, when they arrived and master dropped a very familiar set of armor, he gave a confused look. After all, he might not wear it, but what is a knight without his armor?
  127. The alchemist saw his pet's worried look and drew him under his arm once more, whispering, "I'm sorry to say this armour is the only thing we have to trade. If it has any sentimental value to you perhaps we could keep a piece of it?"
  129. He gave a hmmm as he tried to think hard.. "Can he make bits of my new clothes out of it please? I mean, a knight needs some armor or he's not a knight.. right?"
  131. Thinking this is a good idea the alchemist nods and takes the armoursmith aside to discuss design plans with him. a few times they look over at the waiting knight and then go back to talking.
  133. He waited patiently for the two to finish talking. He had no idea what they had planned, but master certainly seemed excited about it.
  135. Finally the armoursmith hands the alchemist something and goes into the back. Soon the sound of hammering can be heard.
  137. Now that they're finally alone the alchemist comes over with something in his hands . "Do you know what this is? he asks, holding up the device. It clearly involves a needle of some kind.
  139. With the discussion finished and the blacksmith working, the little twink knight looked at the thing the alchemist held. It was sharp looking, but he was curious. "What is it sir?"
  141. "This is an ingenious device for making piercings," answered the alchemist. "The armoursmith assures me you can use it for all sorts of piercings and it's even easy to use."
  143. He tilted his head for a bit. "So... what will you be piercing master?"
  145. "I was thinking we could start with your ears, for practice. It's pretty hard to mess that up. Then, if all goes well, ...your nipples."
  147. He blinked hard at that for a moment and his tail fluffed a little. The bubbles were beginning to wear off. "Ummmm, ok master. It won't hurt, will it?"
  149. "Oh it will hurt," said the alchemist, holding him warmly across the shoulder. "There's no getting around that. However, I thought I could help you through it with a little distraction. You see, the armoursmith assured me we'd be left alone in here for some time."
  151. His ears perked up at that and something else perked up as well. "Wh~what did you have in mind sir~?"
  153. "Well," said the alchemist as a sly grin grew on his face. "I was thinking we could finish what we started this morning."
  155. With that, just from hearing the words, he was rock hard from excitement.
  157. The alchemist smiled as he saw the tent in the front of the little knight's dress. "You won't be needing this anymore," he says, stripping the thin fabric from him.
  159. He gave a happy smile as he was finally freed from the dress and his large erection stood there waiting happily.
  161. He set the knight down on a bench, his back against the wall. His right hand held the device and his left reached out to stroke the twink knight's waiting erection as he lined up for the first piercing.
  163. The little knight purred happily as he felt his master's hand already working the shaft. He was rather anxious for it, but he remained still so he wouldn't miss the piercing.
  165. With a swift snap the needle launched itself into his ear, leaving a metal stud behind. The alchemist gently blew on the wound until it stopped bleeding while he caressed his pet's stiff need with tenderness.
  167. As the needle went in, the little twink knight gave a small yelp of pain as the stud was left in it's place. It stung and it made his ear feel a little heavier, but the pleasant stroking helped keep his mind off of it. Still, his ear flicked as the wind from his master tickled him.
  169. The alchemist smiled his encouragement down at his pet while he continued his ministrations. "There there," he says gently, planting a light kiss on his nose before moving to line up on the other ear.
  171. Giving a light purr as he is kissed and consoled, he once more remained perfectly still for master. After all, the first one wasn't so bad...
  173. Now that the alchemist is familiar with the device the second piercing is placed in the blink of an eye. Once again he blows on the little knight's ear as his caresses distract him from the pain.
  175. The second jolt was much less painful than the first as he felt a similar weight in his other ear followed by more blowing. Still, he purred happily as he was held and caressed by master. Already he was starting to leak pre-cum.
  177. Feeling the warm wetness in his hands the alchemist bent to taste sweet nectar. He milked it for every drop before reluctantly pulling off so he could see what he was doing. He tugged the little twink of a knight's hard nipple out and away from his chest and lined it up for a stud of its own.
  179. He gave a small moan as his nipple was grabbed and tugged. Feeling small waves of pleasure surge through him at the pressure caused even more pre-cum to leak out of his struggling erection.
  181. He licked his lips as he saw the shining fluid out of the corner of his eyes. He kept his concentration, however, and lined up the piercing perfectly before letting the needle fly. The stud caused his new girlish nipples to extend all the way out when released and stay that way.
  183. He gave a meek little squeak as shock ran through his little nipple. If it was girlish before, the way the stud made it stick out further made it even more so. Not only that, but he could feel it stimulate the nipple as it moved and rubbed against it.
  185. The alchemist gave the little knight's big hard nipple an experimental lick as though to test it. The stud was still cold while the flesh was warm. Giving it a little kiss he moved on to his next target.
  187. "Ahhhn~! M-master!" Moaned the little twink knight as his nipple was teased by the alchemist's tongue. If it was sensitive before due to the potion, it was more so now as it caused his body to twitch and spasm a little from the pleasure.
  189. The alchemist held his pet's throbbing member as he bucked with pleasure. "That just leaves the one," he whispered, taking hold of the knight's other nipple. He lined the device up for the last time. savoring the moment.
  191. The little knight whimpered and twitched quietly as his cock was held firmly. It wasn't out of fear, but excitement and anxiousness to have his other nipple feel as good as the first one.
  193. The needle drove home the last stud with a sense of finality. With this the little twink of a knight had completed his transformation. The short stab of pain only served to punctuate it. His task completed the alchemist took his waiting member back into his mouth, seeking to bring his pet to completion.
  195. And with that, the little twink knight moaned happily as his nipple joined it's brother as he felt the pressure and pleasure tease him on. The teasing, the stroking and master sucking him off already got him ready to release his load. He was just on the edge, mewling and moaning like a cat in heat.
  197. The alchemist stepped it up a notch and began to tweak his pet's nipples with his thumbs as he began to bob up and down the length of the knight's manhood. Every drop of pre-cum he tasted caused him to collapse his cheeks with suction, tightening the flesh within.
  199. And with that, his fate was sealed. The three pronged assault caused wave after wave to shake through the poor boy's mind as his cock willingly released his seed. He was practically crying in joy as he made sure to give master ever drop he could possibly give.
  201. The alchemist begins to swallow as the first wave filled his mouth but soon he got another idea. He held the knight's load in his mouth and crawled up his feminine frame to look him in the face. His lips parted, losing part of their contents as he came in for a kiss.
  203. He sighed happily as he did his job, but he gave a curious look as his master came up to him, kissed him on the lips and gave him back his own cum. He could only gulp it down in surprise as they kissed fully.
  205. The alchemist's tongue entered the little knight's mouth, swirling the shared cream around and around so they could both savour the taste. He held him close as he did with one arm circled around his waist and his other hand behind his head.
  207. Moans and purrs escape the little twink knight's mouth as he played and tasted his own works and his tongue danced with his master's. He especially liked being held so close to him as his body was kept close and secure, unable to escape from the embrace and kiss.
  209. The alchemist gently takes hold of his pet knight by the rump and hefts him into the air without breaking the kiss. He banishes the tight leather constricting his hardening need, freeing it from their confines. It snaps upward with force and lands right in the cleft of his round cheeks.
  211. He gave a muffled 'mrr?' of confusion as he was lifted up easily and placed right on top of his master's hard rod. He could feel it, teasing his little hole, and it made his butt wiggle and rub against it, trying to get more of it.
  213. Releasing the kiss shared between them the alchemist swallows and smiles. "Would you like to try a repeat of last night?" he asks.
  215. With a good swallow of his own, when he broke free of the kiss, the little twink knight nodded excitedly at the notion. The worries too far off in his head to think of the embarrassing part.
  217. "Alright then," replies the alchemist gently. "But we're going to need something a bit smoother this time. Get the bottle labeled with the circle inside a circle from my case and bring it here."
  219. "Yes sir~!" Replied the happy twink of a knight as he hopped down from his perch and ran to the case and searched for the bottle. Once he found it, he returned and gave it to him. "What's it do sir?"
  221. "This will make things go more smoothly," replied the alchemist, uncorking the bottle. Your pour a little on and it makes everything slippery. Here, hold out your hands."
  223. The knight gave a small 'oooooh..' as he held out his hands for the alchemist.
  225. The alchemist tipped the bottle gently, the liquid within forming a long strand as it dropped slowly into his hands. Once he had a good sized little puddle in each hand he corked the bottle and set it down. "Now," he said, "take it and rub it into your tail hole. Make sure to only add one finger at a time."
  227. The liquid felt a bit funny in his hands, but sure enough, he got to work fingering and lubing his little hole up, blushing a little as his fingers slip in and felt around.
  229. "Good, that's very good," said the alchemist, stiffening as he watched knight shyly explore his own hole. "Now come and rub the other handful onto me while you get yourself ready."
  231. He gave a little nod as he approached his master... but before putting the goop on, he gave the tip of his master's rod a kiss. With that, he got back to work lathering up his master's length.
  233. He smiled proudly as he felt and saw the kiss. "You've become such a good boy," he said, "Doing just the right things to make your master happy." He began to purr deeply as he felt the knight's small hands preparing his smooth shaft.
  235. The little twink knight smiled happily at the praise. It was nice to be called a good boy and it made him work hard as he continued to properly lube up his hole and his master's pole. "Thank you master, I'm happy I can help~!"
  237. Once everything was good and slick the alchemist took the twink of a knight by his slippery hands and helped him up. "Come sit on my lap, he said, sitting down on the bench. You've done a fine job today and now it's time for your reward."
  239. His eyes brightened at the order and the reward as he got on top of his master's lap. Facing him, he began to position his hole directly over his master's towering girth.
  241. Guiding him carefully the alchemist cupped his hands under his pet's bubble butt and helped guide him down onto his target. His throbbing member stood stock upright, ready to receive the knights grasping entrance.
  243. It wasn't too hard a fit this time. His butt was a bit looser than last night and it was practically hungry for it. Still, he gave little gasps and moans as he hugged his master for support and inched down, nuzzling his chest with his fluffy hair as well.
  245. The alchemist tightened his grip on the twink's rump as he felt him cling on for support. He kissed him right on the top of his new fluffy blue hair as he gently, gently lowered him.
  247. He purred happily in response as he gave his chest a few kisses. He had to admit, he loved master's warmth as he worked his butt down on that soft, smooth hardness.
  249. "That's right," cooed the alchemist as he felt the knight's hot embrace. "Just relax and let it slide in. Feel it stretch you out as it feels you completely."
  251. Letting loose a happy sigh and relaxing his butt, he finally felt his prostate being pressed against by his master's penetration. As the waves of pleasure washed over him, his own member was already hard and leaking pre-cum once more.
  253. "Mmh, yes," sighed the alchemist. "I can feel your deep insides around me. I can see you're already starting to drip with desire. Are you going to come again so soon?" The alchemist's hands never left his thick bubble butt as he spoke. He lifted the twink of a knight up and down in time with the blows from the foundry as he plunged over and over.
  255. He blushed deeply as he felt the pressure already building up. The embarrassment and being lifted up only a few times was more than enough for him to spurt a load of cum onto his master's chest. "Ummm.. s-sorry sir.."
  257. The alchemist hissed with an influx of breath as he felt the hot droplets strike him. "Ah, It felt that good did it?" he asked, his own hard rod still buried within. "It makes your master glad to see his pet enjoying himself" Finally letting go of his rear he encircled the little twink of a knight in a warm hug and held him close.
  259. The little twink knight breathed a sigh of relief as he wasn't scolded for being too quick and gave a little "Thank you sir" as he was wrapped into a warm hug, his body touching the spot he sprayed not moments ago with his cum.
  261. The alchemist stroked his pet's hair as he allowed him to relax and regain his breath. Soon his warm rod began to soften within the knight's relaxed canal. He lifted him up and off again, setting him gently on the ground and rising to his feet. "Your master is pleased with you," he said, "but that does not mean he is finished."
  263. He was a bit surprised to be lifted up so soon from his master, but as he hugged him in thanks, he blinked and look up at him, realizing his job wasn't done. "W-what do you want me to do master?"
  265. "First of all, you are going to fetch water. Then you are going to wash me."
  267. "Ah! Yes sir!" Realizing the reason why, he quickly grabbed a bucket and went straight for a sink and returned back after he found a cloth. With a little nod, he began cleaning his master's chest of his mess.
  269. "Yes, that's very good," said the alchemist as he cleaned him up. "Now lower."
  271. Letting out a small "Yessir~", he proceeded to work his way down his chest, to his belly, and finally proceeded to clean his master's crotch.
  273. "Yes, just like that," commanded the alchemist, beginning to stiffen once more. "Now use your mouth. Bathe it with your tongue, make your master feel good."
  275. With the cock wiped clean of sticky alchemy and other things, he proceeded to give it a second kiss before he began licking up and down the shaft. Once he was pleased there, he then began to suck on the tip.
  277. "Nnh, yes," said the alchemist, his tip rewarding the twink with its secretions. "You're getting so good at that. Keep going."
  279. Lapping up the liquid, he proceeded to work his way further down down the shaft, sucking and licking the entire way to make sure he is extra thorough.
  281. His legs begin to spread as he really starts to get into it. His balls begin to tighten and then retract back up into his body, leaving feminine folds in their place. "Now," he says. "Lower."
  283. Slowly sliding off the hard rod, he looked at the new addition below him with curiosity. Doing as he said, he decided to try and clean the outside first by the licking the edges of it.
  285. As the moist lips were licked they folded, first one way, then the other. At this closeness the twink can smell a musky scent. "Good," purred the alchemist, "Now taste me. spread it open and stick your tongue in."
  287. He had to admit, it was an odd sort of thing, but catching a whiff of what was behind the folds, he decided to give a nice lick up the middle to get a taste. As the folds opened like a flower the scent intensified. The insides were practically dripping with juices. He savoured the rich taste as it began to flow. Stifling a moan, the little twink knight gave the the flower another sniff before kissing it deeply, his tongue feeling around the cavern presented.
  289. The alchemist grabbed hold of the knight's head, his own head tilting back as he felt the tongue enter him. "Oh, yes," he panted, "keep, keep doing that. Go deeper."
  291. Giving a nod, he went as deep as he could with his tongue as he felt his master holding his head. Rubbing it against the walls, kissing the lips, even purring for the vibrations.
  293. The alchemist gives a deep and manly sigh at the knight's ministrations. He lays all the way down on the bench and spreads his legs as far as they will go. "Lower," he says, once more, pushing down on the little knight's head.
  295. He gave a little gulp as he was edged further on, right to his master's butt. He was a bit nervous, a bit worried about the taste, but before they could become too big, they began to float away as he began licking. After all, if he does good, he'll be rewarded very well!
  297. The alchemist's thorough scrubbing that morning had payed off. He tasted a little sweaty but otherwise very clean. His tight hole twitched under the twink's tongue and his hardness throbbed.
  299. He was rather thankful for the clean butt. Just the salty taste of sweat as he worked his way around his master's tight asshole.
  301. Suddenly the alchemist cried out and his rod started to throb. "Oh," he says, "here it comes. Suck it, suck on it."
  303. Hearing his master's cries, he got his face off his ass and went straight to his needy girth, sucking and licking the throbbing member swiftly.
  305. The alchemist's hips began to buck and he grabbed tightly onto his head as he neared his orgasm. His dick began to throb and pulse even harder as he reached his tipping point. Soon he let fly with an explosive finale, filling the knight's mouth.
  307. With master holding his head, he licked, sucked and gave it his all until he felt the alchemist twitch and release his load. Remembering last night, he made sure to swallow every single drop he can as it rushes out.
  309. "Mmh, such a good boy," says the alchemist, still holding his head as he empties himself fully. "You've come such a long way in such a short time. I'm so proud of you."
  311. He felt a little conflicted about it, but as he sucked down the rest of the cum, he gave a small gulp as he looked at him, confused. "I have? You are?"
  313. "Yes," sighed the alchemist contentedly as he stroked the Twink's hair. "In just three short days you've become the best little pet a master could ever ask for."
  315. Without really noticing it, the little twink.. knight instinctively rubbed his head against his master's hand. Still, a few things just dangled just out of reach "Hnnnn~ thank you master,but if I am your pet, does that mean you get to name me too. I mean.. I'm not much of a knight anymore, am I?"
  317. "Oh," said the alchemist considering this. "You want a new title? Perhaps I could come up with something." As he spoke he began scritching him behind the ears again.
  319. He gave a shy little nod as he cuddles into his master.
  321. "I'll definitely give it some thought," he says, holding him closely. "Perhaps once we get your new clothes."
  323. His eyes sparkled at the reminder of his 'not a dress' clothes. "Oh yeah! Are they ready yet~?
  325. "Possibly. The Armoursmith promised not to bother us while we were in this room. I paid him extra for that," says the alchemist, winking.
  327. He kissed his master's chest for providing him the extra privacy. "Thank you master, that means a lot~"
  329. "I'll always be happy to provide for my pet," he says, "Don't ever forget that. Come now. Let's go see if your present is ready." The alchemist rose with the former knight in his arms.
  331. He managed a small giggle as he was carried by his master. He had provided him with a lot and he certainly did feel grateful, all he had to do was behave and he'd get all the things he need, plenty of praise and pleasure. He was purring happily on their way to see the armoursmith that he didn't really consider the fact that he was naked.
  333. The alchemist stopped for a moment at the door, feeling the cool breeze coming from beneath it, and suddenly remembered they were still nude. He stopped for a moment and concentrated. Suddenly he was covered with what appeared to be a random jumble of leather straps. Stripping quickly out of it he began to strap them all over the twink's small smooth body.
  335. Shivering a bit in the cool air, he could feel his nipples prick up as the breeze passed over him. Thankfully, noticing the issue, his master bundled him in some leather straps to keep the wind off him until they get to the shop and get his clothes. The leather covered all of his vital places below the waist but left his newly pierced nipples fully exposed.
  337. The alchemist smiled at his handiwork and, with another moment of concentration, was soon dressed in yet another outfit. This one had rather smart white slacks and a dark blue tunic that was left open in the front exposing a slim line of flesh.
  339. He gave a little pout about his chest being exposed, but it soon stopped once master opened his shirt up. Besides, he was custom made by master, it sort of made sense that he'd want to show him off.
  341. The alchemist took his pet by the leash, guiding him out of the building and into the forge proper. Inside they saw the armoursmith relaxing next to the glowing coals, apparently having a nap. Beside him was a small pile of little pieces of metal and hanging on the wall was the former knight's old breast-plate and several other assorted pieces of large metal.
  343. As he was led into the smithy he was a bit sad to see his nice breast plate put up for sale. Still, he was a bit curious as he looked at the small pieces of metal and wondering where his new outfit is.
  345. The alchemist smiled warmly at his pet, wondering if he liked the design but then he realized that it didn't look like much as a jumble on the ground. He woke the armoursmith to get his help assembling. Soon the, now overly large, pauldrons graced his shoulders and he found himself banded all over with metal.
  347. The comicly large pauldrons made him feel a little silly as he blushed, but it was a bit interesting what he did with the rest of it. Bulky metal had been reduced to jewelry, bracelets, armlets and the like. Much more streamlined and light enough to actual wear now. He blushed a bit as he looked at the ground shyly. "What do you think master?"
  349. The alchemist stood back, his hand to his chin, appraising. "Hmm, yes, the overall effect is quite stunning," he said.
  351. He blinked a bit at the way he used the word stunning. He was stunning? "Really? How?"
  353. "Oh you're quite striking in such a bold outfit. I'm sure anyone who saw you on the street would sit up and take notice. I can't imagine there's a person around, man or woman, with an outfit such as this."
  355. He smiled at that. It did make him feel a bit more proud of it. Eye catching, bold, one of a kind, it made him smile in excitement. "Thank you master~"
  357. "But of course," he replied, smiling. "You're my adorable little love kitty and I'm going to keep you forever. We're going to go on adventures throughout the land and we'll always have each-other to rely on."
  359. He blinked at that for a moment. "Kitty? I'm your kitty?"
  361. "Yes indeed," he says, pulling him into a warm embrace. "You're master's pretty little kitty."
  363. As his mind absorbed the new information, Kitty's mind finally clicked as he hugged, purred and kissed his master. "Nyaaa~! I love you Master! Kitty will be the best pet for you~!" With that, he continued to hug and cuddle his master happily. No need to worry or think about being a knight again. All he had to do was be a good kitty and everything will be fine.
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