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May 23rd, 2019
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  1. Xbox Infinite (Anaconda)
  3. Die - 352mm^2
  5. GPU - 11.1TFLOP/s
  6. Details: 64 CU, 8 disabled, 56 active, 1548MHz.
  8. CPU - 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.3GHz.
  9. Details: Zen 2.
  11. Memory - 24GB GDDR6, 4GB DDR4.
  12. Details: Samsung’s K4ZAF325BM-HC14 clocked at 3300MHz, 13.2Gb/s, 12 chips, 384-bit, 634GB/s. 24GB GDDR6 is available for developers, 3GB DDR4 dedicated to the OS, 1GB DDR4 dedicated to the SSD.
  14. Storage - 256GB NVMe SSD, 2TB HDD
  15. Details: Players don’t have access to the SSD, the 2TB drive is replaceable, an external drive works too. The OS manages the SSD for caching, Microsoft is using machine learning algorithms for analyzing games while they are being played on the development kit, the algorithm keeps track of what blocks are being used and what blocks are most likely to be used next while developers are playing the games for thousands of hours. The OS keeps on the SSD only relevant blocks to the last known player position in the game. For example, if the player is in level 3, the OS won't load level 6 to the SSD until the player reaches level 5. The SSD also keeps a compressed memory snapshot when a game is closed for fast launching the game to the spot the player had left it. Developers have some control over what is stored on the SSD by marking a block's priority level if they wish to do so. If a player hasn't touched a game for a while, if necessary its' memory snapshot and or data will get dumped from the SSD.
  17. Cooling - vapor chamber
  19. External media drive - Blu-ray optical drive
  21. Price - 499$
  23. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. Xbox Infinite Value (Lockhart)
  27. Die - 288mm^2
  29. GPU - 4.98TFLOP/s
  30. Detail: 40CU, 4 disabled, 36 active, 1081MHz.
  32. CPU - 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.3GHz.
  34. Memory - 18GB GDDR6, 4GB DDR4.
  35. Details: 2600Hz, 10.4Gb/s, 9 chips, 288-bit, 374GB/s.
  37. Storage - 120GB NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD
  39. Cooling - Blower fan
  41. External media drive - None
  43. Price - 299$
  45. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. Some of the recommendations from Microsoft to developers:
  48. - Develop your game to the Xbox Infinite as a lead platform.
  49. - Xbox Infinite Value was built to run even sub-4K Xbox Infinite games in Full HD.
  50. - Xbox Infinite Value version is allowed to run above 1080p, but it isn't allowed to have better graphical features, higher fidelity or frame-rate than the Xbox Infinite.
  51. - Microsoft recommends using any leftover headroom on the Xbox Infinite Value GPU to increase resolution.
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