armv7 systemd

Apr 19th, 2021
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  1. (20:21:39) rber@freenode: Hey
  2. (20:22:18) rber@freenode: I observed that with latest and greatest on all branches there is something strange going on with networking/systemd
  3. (20:23:04) rber@freenode: first I saw that I was not able to ping anymore anything from within my docker container
  4. (20:23:45) rber@freenode: then accidentally I saw, that when I passed ip addresses via the kernel command line it suddenly worked again as it should
  5. (20:23:47) rber@freenode: hmmm
  6. (20:24:42) rber@freenode: now I added this dummy wired-network=unhappy: console=ttymxc1,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rw rootfstype=ext4 rootwait noinitrd nohlt panic=1 wired-network=unhappy
  7. (20:25:37) rber@freenode: so I can filter on it in /lib/systemd/network/
  8. (20:26:00) rber@freenode: [Match]
  9. (20:26:06) rber@freenode: Type=ether
  10. (20:26:15) rber@freenode: KernelCommandLine=!wired-network
  11. (20:26:24) rber@freenode: and voila -> it works ;)
  12. (20:26:49) rber@freenode: So I am a little bit puzzled who does the DHCP magic then ;)
  13. (20:40:44) rber@freenode: I completely removed /lib/systemd/network/ and still everything is super happy ;)
  14. (20:41:23) rber@freenode: So I guess either systemd has learned some new tricks or scripts from meta-virt and don't like to coexist ;)
  15. (20:52:09) rber@freenode: I erased just for fun everything under /lib/systemd/network/ and everything works fine, including docker ;)
  16. (20:52:42) rber@freenode: I'm booting with a rootfs from SD card
  17. (20:59:04) rber@freenode: I can even boot with with a rootfs over nfs without /lib/systemd/network/ and KernelCommandLine=!nfsroot which was definitely not the case in a previous systemd version
  18. (21:30:37) rber@freenode: all this was for arm32
  19. (21:31:01) rber@freenode: on arm64 it looks like is actually needed and does what it is supposed to ;)
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