In the Deep Depths of Light, Session 3

Aug 31st, 2014
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  2. * RobedFigure is now known as X__X
  3. <DM> *You and Dan Kaze move to the next room. It appears to be a hallway, lined with white robed figures on either side. The door on the other side of the hallway is locked. A series of three spell circles lay on the ground between you and said door.*
  4. <DM> *The robed figures are chanting in some unknown language, and together, they sound very much like a Borg chorus. Scary.*
  5. <DanKaze> Is this where we get assimilated?
  6. <Lightwulf> But I do not wa- er, I mean, I want to be assimilated!
  7. * DanKaze mutters to himself: "Great, we're all freaks now."
  8. <Lightwulf> (lol)
  9. <DM> *The first spell circle in your path glows brighter than the others. The robed figures directly surrounding it notion for you to move onto the circle.*
  10. * Lightwulf moves onto the circle.
  11. <DanKaze> Heeeeeere goes nothing!
  12. * DanKaze walks onto the circle as well.
  13. <DM> *The two of you step onto the circle, and as you do, your minds become drowned out by the chanting chorus, except now you can tell what they're saying....*
  14. * X__X is now known as Chorus
  15. <Lightwulf> (I guess their chanting is no Enigma song!
  16. <DM> *It's a very monotone chant, with hardly any breaks between lines.*
  17. <DM> ........
  18. * DM has kicked Lightwulf from #zurpg2 (Your guess is wrong. Very wrong, sir.)
  19. * Lightwulf ( has joined #zurpg2
  20. <Chorus> The law of the world, created by Nayru, Goddess of Law.
  21. <Chorus> Where She cannot see, We do.
  22. <Lightwulf> (I actually hadn't seen the video before; just remembered the song)
  23. <Chorus> We are the eyes of the Goddess of Law.
  24. <Chorus> Obey Her laws, live under Her creation.
  25. <Chorus> We see all. We hear all. We know all.
  26. <Chorus> Break her laws,
  27. <Chorus> And Nayru's divine punishment will judge you.
  28. <Chorus> Should punishment be death,
  29. <Chorus> May you learn your lession,
  30. <Chorus> And carry Nayru's laws with you on your next life.
  31. <Chorus> The law of the world, created by Nayru, Goddess of Law.
  32. <Chorus> Where She cannot see....
  33. <DM> *The chant is repeating itself at this point.*
  34. <DanKaze> I see all. I hear all. I know all.
  35. <DanKaze> ...... sweeeeeet.
  36. * DanKaze turns towards you, smiling like he's having fun.
  37. * Lightwulf smiles back, and turns to continue to listen to the chant.
  38. <DanKaze> I think I'm gonna like this group a lot! I mean, what better way is there to live life than this?
  39. <DM> *A large, ghostly figure, in white robes as per usual, appears and looms over you two.*
  40. * X___X is now known as GhostlyFigure
  41. <Lightwulf> (BTW, I was talking about this version of that Enigma song: )
  42. <DM> *Man, all these Figure adjectives. I wanna meet the real guy called Figure.*
  43. <Lightwulf> (I guess it Figures. *shot*)
  44. * DM figures he face-palmed, but he is unable to figure out how to.
  45. <Lightwulf> (lol)
  46. <DanKaze> Woah, we can turn into ghosts too?
  47. <GhostlyFigure> Depends. Do you like dying?
  48. <DanKaze> ..... can I join this group first?
  49. * GhostlyFigure begins to ignore Dan.
  50. * GhostlyFigure speaks to the two of you.
  51. * Lightwulf kinks an eyebrow and smirks at Dan, then becomes serious and looks at GhostlyFigure.
  52. <GhostlyFigure> The Followers of Wisdom spread their teachings to those that choose war, those that choose to run away, and those that amount to nothing.
  53. <GhostlyFigure> Nayru is the Law. We abide by those laws and teach others those laws.
  54. <GhostlyFigure> Within the people we teach, we transform their nothingness and create something new out of nothing.
  55. <GhostlyFigure> Are you prepared to learn these teachings and spread Nayru's Law to those that serve under her?
  56. <Lightwulf> Yes!
  57. <DanKaze> Sure! Uhh... how many people serve under Nayru?
  58. <GhostlyFigure> Everyone serves under Nayru. .... unfortunately, many have forgotten or have never known. We're here to remind them.
  59. <GhostlyFigure> Step into the next circle.
  60. * GhostlyFigure disappears.
  61. <DM> *The circle you're standing on stops glowing, and the next one begins to shine.*
  62. * Lightwulf moves forward to step into the next circle.
  63. * DanKaze steps into the next circle.
  64. * Lightwulf thinks, "Cool! Shining floor circles! This is fun!"
  65. * Lightwulf inwardly wonders if these people can read thoughts.
  66. * Lightwulf steps in the circle and stops.
  67. * DanKaze thinks, "This is most intricately designed game of hopscotch I've ever played. Except the time I got drunk and managed to convince every creature in a dungeon that they were chess pieces and got them all to kill each other. Ahh....... good times. I love illusions."
  68. * DanKaze steps into the next circle.
  69. <Lightwulf> (lol)
  70. <DM> Oh wait, that was me.
  71. <DM> ^_^
  72. <DM> *You step into the next circle and find yourselves immediately on Hyrule Village's streets, completely desolate, save for yourselves... and one, poor man, with hardly enough of a living to get by on food and clothing. It does not seem like he ever had shelter.*
  73. <DanKaze> What the...
  74. * DanKaze yells into the sky.
  76. <DM> *The sky responds by getting cloudier and hiding the site of DM's looking post, aka heaven.*
  77. * GhostlyFigure is now known as X___X
  78. * Chorus is now known as X__X
  79. * X__X is now known as PoorMan
  80. * PoorMan meanders over to you, collapsing at your feet.
  81. <Lightwulf> Well, unless he appears soon, I guess we gotta' uplift this PoorMan with the teachings of Nayru -
  82. <Lightwulf> Are you all right?
  83. * Lightwulf bends down to help the poor guy.
  84. * PoorMan looks up at you, then responds with a disgusted face to your question.
  85. <PoorMan> All right? Do I LOOK all right to you?!
  86. <PoorMan> LOOK AT ME!
  87. * DM looks at him.
  88. <DM> (They see me snoooooopin'....... they haaaaaatin')
  89. * Lightwulf shrinks back a little, thinking "Whoah! don't bite my head off! I didn't mean it like THAT!"
  90. * Lightwulf looks up at DM, then DM erases Lightwall's memory of that second and Lightwall is looking at the PoorMan again.
  91. <PoorMan> I am only 36 years old, yet.... my hair is nearly gone, I have wrinkles everywhere, crevices along my skin, and-
  92. <DM> *Excellent. You know how to DM yourself when you are not the DM. ......... wha-
  93. <Lightwulf> (lol)
  94. * PoorMan coughs violently, puking a bit. He's too exhausted to get back up and speak. Needless to say, he's not in the best condition.
  95. <DanKaze> So..... I'm guessing we need to figure out what Nayru's teachings are......
  96. * Lightwulf thinks, "Hey, can't I conjure up some drink for this guy, or something?"
  97. <Lightwulf> (at Dan) Yeah... what did that guy say? ...
  98. <DM> *You do not have your godly powers, unfortunately.*
  99. <Lightwulf> (I figured so. Just wishin' ...)
  100. * Lightwulf looks around, hoping for something that he can use to care for this poor fellow.
  101. <DM> *Asides from some cool winds, an oncoming storm, and streets filled with dust and demise, not really.*
  102. <DM> *You do have all of your equipment though.*
  103. <Lightwulf> (D'oh! How silly of me!)
  104. <DanKaze> Hey... Light...... don't you have a few fairies?
  105. * PoorMan hears "fairy" and gets up suddenly, looking at you with wide open eyes.
  107. <Lightwulf> Yeah! *takes out a bottle with a fairy* Sir, could I offer you this fairy? It will heal you.
  108. <PoorMan> Oh, oh yes, I would very much love it!
  109. * PoorMan goes out to reach it.
  110. * Lightwulf gives the bottle to the PoorMan.
  111. * DanKaze places his hand on PoorMan, preventing him from reaching the bottle.
  112. <DanKaze> Wait.
  113. <Lightwulf> What?
  114. <DanKaze> What good is this going to do him?
  115. <DanKaze> Revive him for a day? And then what? He's back to being a miserable pile of scrap.
  116. <Lightwulf> It will heal his physical ailments. That's what.
  117. <DanKaze> ...
  118. * PoorMan gets down on the ground.
  119. <PoorMan> Please! Please, I beg you, please give me that fairy!
  120. * DanKaze whispers to you.
  121. <DanKaze> Hold the fairy for a moment... we need to enslave him first. Remember the mission, Light.
  122. <DM> (just noticed, you're Lightwulf, not Lightwall)
  123. * Lightwulf is now known as Lightwall
  124. <Lightwall> (darnit!)
  125. <DanKaze> And don't forget... we may have lost those powers from before....
  126. <DanKaze> But I still got mine.
  127. <DanKaze> Permission to use an illusion to create a fake fairy.
  128. * Lightwall nods in agreement and puts the bottle away.
  129. <Lightwall> Yep.
  130. <PoorMan> W-w-wait!
  131. <PoorMan> I NEED THAT
  132. * DanKaze turns towards PoorMan.
  133. <DanKaze> Oh?
  134. <DanKaze> What for?
  136. * DanKaze sighs. He seems less... cheery, than usual. Guess he's being serious about this now.
  137. <DM> *Your illusion tracker gem flashes a dark purple.*
  138. <Lightwall> Why don't you give him yours, Dan.
  139. <DanKaze> Fine....
  140. * Lightwall winks.
  141. * DanKaze pulls out a bottled fairy.
  142. <DanKaze> Here, I don't need it. Take it.
  143. * PoorMan grabs for the bottle in a heartbeat, pops open the bottle, and then pours the fairy onto him.
  144. <DM> *Your illusion tracker gem flashes a pale yellow.*
  145. <DM> *The light of the fairy circling the poor man courses through his wounds for a few seconds.*
  146. <DM> *As the light and the fairy disappear...... the poor man continues to look exactly as he did before.*
  147. <DM> *He falls to the ground in shock.*
  148. <PoorMan> Wha.... what.... no...... NO, THIS CAN'T BE!
  149. <PoorMan> WHAT WENT WRONG?!
  150. * PoorMan curses towards the sky as thunder is heard in the distance.
  151. <DanKaze> Hey, old man.... do you know why you've been neglected your whole life?
  152. * PoorMan nods a no.
  153. * DanKaze leans in closer to PoorMan, sporting a grin not unlike the devil-like smiles the robed figure from earlier had.
  154. <DanKaze> It's cause your beliefs are screwed up.
  155. <PoorMan> My... beliefs?
  156. <DanKaze> Yeah, you believe in some false crap about heroes and sages. Legends.... they're just stories.
  157. <DanKaze> But we can tell you something that isn't just a story or a legend..... something that is irrefutably true.
  158. * DanKaze steps back and turns towards you.
  159. <Lightwall> (That's funny. PoorMan can nod to say "no"? I'd shake my head to say "no". :-) )
  160. <DanKaze> Light, tell him what we believe.
  161. <DM> (doh)
  162. * PoorMan turns towards you, waiting for your undeniable truth to break him free of his chains.
  163. <Lightwall> (Um, where did we discuss this? My mind's going blank. I'm checking the logs...)
  164. <DM> (remember: copy+pasta is your best friend in a text-based game)
  165. <Lightwall> (right, but I'm not sure what part to copy from...)
  166. <DM> (improvise)
  167. <DM> (hint: take everything that's true about the three Goddesses and pretend they're all things Nayru did)
  168. <DM> (you don't have to tell the truth, you know)
  169. <DM> (didn't you remember what that guy said about deceit earlier?)
  170. <Lightwall> IN THE BEGINNING...
  171. <DanKaze> Ooh, suspense. I like this.
  172. <Lightwall> There was nothing... Just... a barren wasteland.
  173. <Lightwall> No life... no landscape.... no law.
  174. <Lightwall> But then, one day... The great goddess Nayru appeared.
  175. <Lightwall> She crafted the lands. She gave the lands its life. She gave the lands order, and with that, peace was able to reign over these lands.
  176. <Lightwall> Nayru continues to watch over us all. She is our protector, and she gives us laws to abide and live by, ensuring there shall be eternal peace across these prosperous lands.
  177. * PoorMan is wowed.
  178. * DanKaze turns around and face-palms, preventing the poor man from seeing his facepalm.
  179. <Lightwall> Nayru, the Goddess of Law... and the Goddess of us all. May we all praise her, and acknowledge her everloving sacrifice for us all....
  180. * DanKaze mutters, "How.... how is that working."
  181. * Lightwall thinks back, "Hey, it's sort of what Lordan taught, right?"
  182. <DM> *Yes. Emphasis on SORT OF.*
  183. <Lightwall> (Well, of course!)
  184. <PoorMan> Oh! OH YES! I... I see now!
  185. <PoorMan> Who was it that taught me originally....
  186. <PoorMan> All these things that you say Nayru did.... that treacherous, fat man, Rauru.... he said the work was split...
  187. <PoorMan> And that's how my life was split apart!
  188. <Lightwall> Sadly, there are many misguided people in this work.
  189. <DM> *That's not how logic works, but when you're that deprived, anything works.*
  190. <Lightwall> *world
  191. <PoorMan> Yes... many... MANY... misguided people....
  192. <PoorMan> I shall have my revenge on this... Rauru....
  193. * PoorMan stands up and steps towards you.
  194. <Lightwall> To bring your life together again, you must learn Nayru's laws and swear obedience to them.
  195. <PoorMan> I will learn Nayru's Laws. I swear obeidience to them. Nayru's Laws bring victory. Victory is life.
  196. <DM> (just a note, if I ever see the chance to quote Star Trek)
  198. * Lightwall thinks, "Um, okay, ... When does thing end? Am I close???"
  199. <Lightwall> (sweet!)
  200. <PoorMan> When I do, I will teach Rauru the truth of life. Nayru is our one and true Goddess. There is no other.
  201. <PoorMan> I shall spread these teachings to all.
  202. <PoorMan> But first, I am too weak....
  203. * PoorMan kneels down to you, bowing his head downwards.
  204. <PoorMan> What must I do to gain that fairy, Sir.... Light?
  205. * PoorMan technically only heard Dan call you "Light".
  206. <Lightwall> You must obey the laws of Nayru and they will strengthen you. You may not even need the fairy any more.
  207. * DanKaze secretly pulls a thumbs-up, still facing away from you two.
  208. <PoorMan> Yes... yes, I can feel the strength surging within me....
  209. <PoorMan> The strength to live... the strength to move forward....
  210. * PoorMan places his fist on his chest.
  211. * PoorMan yells at the top of his lungs.
  213. * DanKaze thinks, "Preach to all that hear me? Isn't that redundant?"
  214. * DanKaze turns towards PoorMan.
  215. <DanKaze> Excellent. You've passed the test, and your life trial. Begin anew, born a new man, on your new life. Praise be to Nayru.
  216. <PoorMan> Praise be to Nayru.
  217. <DM> *The scene suddenly vanishes, and you're back in the hallway on the second spell circle, which stops glowing.*
  218. <DanKaze> Well that was magical.
  219. * PoorMan is now known as X__X
  220. <Lightwall> Yeah. What a thrill!
  221. <DM> *The third circle glows.*
  222. <DanKaze> Well, one circle left!
  223. * DanKaze steps onto it.
  224. * Lightwall steps onto it also.
  225. <DM> *As you two step onto it, you find yourselves in sandy in-door arena, with a crowd of white robed figures, roaring with bloodlust.*
  226. <DM> *The two of you are in the pit. Facing across from you are two men, chained to a pole by the neck each.*
  227. <DM> *Behind them is, as far as you can tell, the robed figure from earlier.*
  228. * X__X is now known as RobedFigure
  229. * RobedFigure speaks with a booming voice, overpowering the roars and cheers of the crowd.
  230. <RobedFigure> Fellow members of the Followers of Wisdom, we have with us two new ones that wish to join us!
  231. <RobedFigure> They have proven their desire to join us.... and they have proven their ability to preach Nayru's teachings!
  232. <RobedFigure> But they have one task remaining... before they can truly prove that they are one of us....
  233. <DM> *You notice that each of you have swords in your hands. Very, very sharp blades.*
  234. * X___X is now known as Lordan
  235. * Lordan appears behind you two.
  236. <Lordan> Ahh, so you two have made it this far, I see!
  237. <DanKaze> Hey, it's my good ol' buudy Lordy!
  238. <Lightwall> Hey, Lordan!
  239. * DanKaze turns to hug Lordan, but he dodges the sharp blade that Dan is irresponsibly swinging around.
  240. <Lordan> You remember the chant from earlier, yes?
  241. <Lightwall> Yes.
  242. <DM> *As he says this, the chant, overlapping with the sounds from the crowd, plays back to you.*
  243. <DM> *Specifically.... this section... over and over.*
  244. <DM> (errr, four)
  245. <DM> (five.frve,afrea whatever)
  246. <DM> <Chorus> Break her laws,
  247. <DM> <Chorus> And Nayru's divine punishment will judge you.
  248. <DM> <Chorus> Should punishment be death,
  249. <DM> <Chorus> May you learn your lession,
  250. <DM> <Chorus> And carry Nayru's laws with you on your next life.
  251. <RobedFigure> Member of the Followers of Wisdom! These two that you see, chained before you... do not respect Nayru, her laws, our teachings, or our group.
  252. <RobedFigure> They disrespect everything that Nayru and the Followers of Wisdom stand for.
  253. <RobedFigure> For those that refuse to listen... for those that will NOT listen....
  254. * Lightwall looks at the men with disgust.
  255. <RobedFigure> WHAT DO WE OFFER THEM?
  256. <DM> *The crowd and the monotone chorus respond with a resounding word:
  257. <DM> DEATH
  258. <DM> *Silence follows the thunder of that word.*
  259. * Lightwall thinks, "Well, I was going to say 'punishment', but I guess that works, too."
  260. <Lordan> And now... you two will carry it out.
  261. * Lordan whispers close to your ear.
  262. <Lordan> And to prove you're not screwing with us....
  263. <Lordan> ... they're real.
  264. * DanKaze stops for a moment, in shock.
  265. <DanKaze> Real... you say?
  266. <Lightwall> So this one's not an illusion?
  267. <DanKaze> How can you prove that?
  268. <Lordan> Illusions do not decay. They do not age either.
  269. * Lordan points to them. The two of them suddenly age by a decade, screaming in agony as they experience ten years over a few seconds.
  270. * DanKaze looks at their ears.
  271. <DM> *They are both Hylian, it seems.*
  272. * Lightwall looks at them, amazed.
  273. * DanKaze tries to communicate telepathy with them.
  274. <DM> *Dan is successful. They're real.*
  275. <Lordan> Now... use those blades and end their pitiful and miserable existences.
  276. * Lightwall lifts his blade directly in front of his face, looking at the flat end.
  277. * DanKaze lifts his sword toward.
  278. <DM> *You see your reflection from the flat end of the blade.*
  279. <DM> *Uneasy... unsure...*
  280. <DM> *Suddenly, it's replaced by a confident smile, and you feel your gem pulsing.*
  281. <DanKaze> Showtime's over.
  282. <Lightwall> Let's do this.
  283. <DM> *The image of you two rushing at the chained figures is displayed as it appears the two of you decapitate the two men, killing them in an instant. Meanwhile, you see two perfectly fine people standing there, smiling at your kindness.*
  284. <Lordan> You two have done well. Proceed beyond the next door.
  285. <RobedFigure> ... that was fast. Excellent. Quite excellent.
  286. <DM> *The illusion fades, and you find yourselves back on the third spell circle.*
  287. * Lightwall ensures that he has caught up with the illusion of himself.
  288. <DanKaze> Wait... what the heck....
  289. <DanKaze> Where'd they go?!
  290. <DM> *Those two "real people" are not there.*
  291. <DanKaze> I swear I communicated with them!
  292. <Lightwall> Huh?
  293. <DanKaze> They should be here with us, right?
  294. <Lightwall> Not unless we were transported.
  295. <DanKaze> Yeah, good point.
  296. * RobedFigure is now known as X__X
  297. * Lordan is now known as X___X
  298. <DM> *The door in front of you unlocks.*
  299. * Lightwall steps toward the door.
  300. <DanKaze> Well... time to have fun as real Followers of Wisdom, eh Light?
  301. <Lightwall> Yeah!
  302. * DanKaze opens the door and goes through.
  303. * Lightwall follows.
  304. <DM> *You head into the next room, enveloped in darkness.*
  305. <DM> *You hear a voice...*
  306. * X__X is now known as Voice
  307. <Voice> Joseph Lightwall... Dan Kaze....
  308. <Voice> Welcome... to the Followers of Wisdom.
  309. * Lightwall smiles and thinks to himself, "Yes!"
  310. <DM> *The image of those two men decapitated flashes before you briefly before returning to darkness. There's an echoing cackle, though... the cackle feels like it's coming from somewhere close. It feels familiar....
  311. <DanKaze> ... hello?
  312. <DanKaze> Anyone there?
  313. <DanKaze> Hey, where's the light? Why is it still dark in here?
  314. <Lightwall> Good question...
  315. * Lightwall tries to use his sense of hearing to determine where the sound is coming from.
  316. <DM> *Your sense of hearing turns you in the direction of DanKaze's worried questions.
  318. * Lightwall tries to feel his way around the room.
  319. <Lightwall> Maybe there's an opening around here somewhere...
  320. * DanKaze speaks out in a scarred voice, almost like a child.
  321. <DanKaze> ... hello? Is... anyone there? Please? Turn the lights on.... please...I beg you....
  322. <DanKaze> Nayru, I beg of you, turn.... turn the lights on....
  323. <DM> *You feel around the room and find yourself directionless.*
  324. <Lightwall> Hmm...
  325. <DM> *Suddenly, you're back at the entrance hall, right before the two Beamos, with Lordan standing in front of you.*
  326. * Voice is now known as Lordan
  327. <Lordan> Oh? Dan, is something wrong?
  328. * DanKaze is completely pale and still, his mouth open in shock.
  329. * Lightwall looks around, startled at the sudden change.
  330. * DanKaze looks around slowly.
  331. * Lightwall looks at Dan.
  332. <DanKaze> ... there's.... light.....
  333. <DanKaze> Hahah.... ahahahah....
  334. * DanKaze finally snaps out of it.
  335. <Lightwall> You okay?
  336. * DanKaze goes back to his casual mode.
  337. <DanKaze> Yeah man, I'm fine- WOAH SNAP, CHECK OUT THESE ROBES YO!
  338. * Lightwall looks down to see what he's wearing.
  339. <DM> *You realize that the two of you are wearing the white robes that other Followers of Wisdom wear.*
  340. <Lightwall> Sweet digs, yo!
  341. <Lordan> Welcome to the Followers of Wisdom, young ones. I'm so glad the two of you could join us.
  342. <Lordan> Why don't I show you what awaits your new membership?
  343. <Lightwall> Thanks! Yes, please.
  344. <DanKaze> Heck yeah!
  345. <DanKaze> ... just so long as there's light.
  346. <Lordan> Of course, Dan. There's always light, even when it is not visible. You just need to believe to see it.
  347. <Lordan> And sometimes....
  348. * Lordan opens the door towards the main chamber.
  349. <Lordan> ... you just need to see to believe it.
  350. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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