Would you like to herd as our one and only stud? by Anon

Aug 16th, 2019
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  1. Prompt
  2. >Hey anon! Would you like to be a part of our herd as the only stud?
  4. >Brain.Exe failed to launch. Try again?
  5. "What."
  6. >Twilight giggles, clearly not recognizing your disbelief as genuine
  7. >"Don't be coy! You heard me, what do you say?"
  8. "A herd. A STUD."
  9. >"Ugh, yes, Anon, a HERD! A STUD! Now will you just answer her? Sheesh. I was kinda in the mood right now so-"
  10. >"Now hey, nopony said ya'll would go first Dash! We agreed to draw straws!"
  11. >What is happening
  12. "Go first?"
  13. >"Honestly, dear. It was cute at first, but now you're milking it perhaps a hair too far. I suppose you just want to hear the words? It's terribly uncouth, but fine, we want-"
  15. >u wot m8
  16. >"P-Pinkie...! Don't shout it..."
  17. >"Come on, Flutters! We'll be shouting soon, why NOT START NOW?"
  18. >You legit can't believe this
  19. >You think you're being played
  20. >You slowly learned these ponies were really lax sexually
  21. >Basically, if ponies were good friends, they were almost automatically friends with benefits
  22. >And mostly just did each other on the down low for fun
  23. >Even the tales of herds reached your ears, but...
  24. >You're still the same old virgin loser, and nopony has once made any attempts on you
  25. >Not any that you've noticed, anyway
  26. >Neither have any of these girls, so...
  27. >They have to be trolling you
  28. >You let out a laugh, getting over yourself as you let them have their gag, swallowing the small pang of hurt, seeing as they don't seem to be bashing you or anything
  29. "That's a neat story, girls. Why would you want me as your only stud, or one of your studs at all?"
  30. >"Whaddya mean, you goof? We don't really hang with any other stallions, and any we do know we don't all like the same. You've been our bud for over a year, we shoulda made you our stud ages ago!"
  31. >"Now, now, we didn't know how he would react! You've heard him talk about human sex practicies-"
  32. >"They're lame, he'll prefer ours. Here, I'll prove SHIT!"
  33. >Dash tried to advance on you, getting lassoed down by Applejack
  34. >"We're. Drawing Straws."
  36. >You take a seat on the nearby couch
  37. >Feeling mildly agitated at the fact your penis is reacting to what you're hearing even though your brain knows its bullshit
  38. >And you were only wearing sweatpants, so you had to cross your legs
  39. >Probably obvious as fuck, you bet their internal laughter will get external soon
  40. >Ah, fuck it
  41. "Really. You're going to draw straws on who gets to do me? What, then the rest of you want a go?"
  42. >Dash snorted from the ground, still struggling
  43. >"You're cool, but not that-NGGH-cool. I want you before you get used up and need a nap."
  44. >You scoff at this, even though you know you'd probably blow your load in five seconds
  45. >It's not like you'd quit being horny as if you were watching porn
  46. >Right?
  47. >You're still young and virile, your dick might not even soften
  48. >Even if it does, you'd probably be horny enough to dry hump them and rub them off before you get hard again
  49. >Oh god, you're letting the fantasy root itself in your head
  50. >Dumbass
  51. >You notice Dash is still talking, Applejack letting her off of the floor with a weary leer
  52. >"Don't worry, I'll only need about a minute or so, then you can do whatever you want. You can keep yourself hard long enough for that, right?"
  53. >Oh shit
  54. >Ponies have meme staminas
  55. >BRAIN, STOP
  56. >PENIS, STOP
  57. >"Hey! I'm still going to want a turn!"
  58. >"A lady can wait, Pinkie...Just not too long."
  59. >"I'm not a lady, I'm HORNY! Which is funny come to think of it seeing as you're the one with the horn...Does that mean you and Twilight are horny all the time?! Ooooh that sounds FUN!"
  60. >You've heard enough
  61. "So let me get this straight. You want me, some weird alien primate from another dimension, to have sex with all of you?"
  62. >The enthusiastic nods make you laugh
  63. "Prove it."
  65. >The ponies all eye each other
  66. >Oh fuck, this is where the joke breaks and the laughter comes
  67. >Thank fuck you kept your cool, or you'd look like a fucking faggot
  68. >Instead of that, Pinkie pulls a few pieces of hay from out of nowhere, and puts them into a bag, shaking it up like she plans to somehow use it to paint graffiti over Twilight's books
  69. >Then, she holds it out, slamming her hoof into the bag
  70. >The others follow suit, withdrawing their hooves and holding the straws together
  71. >Dash clearly trying to make her straw appear longer
  72. >Multiple groans escape their lips as they one by one realize they've lost
  73. >Then, all eyes fall on Fluttershy
  74. >Fluttershy herself looks down at her large strand of hay, blushing furiously
  75. >When she speaks, it's barely a whisper
  76. >"Uh...Uhm...I don't feel so good, maybe I should wait...Who wants to-"
  77. >Dash snatches the piece, trading hers for the one held by the far more timid pegasus
  78. >"Finally! You're mine!"
  79. >Before you can do anything, Rainbow forces your legs apart and yanks your pants down
  80. "HEY! FUCK!"
  81. >You were very unused to any sort of physical contact, and that shit made you feel like a doctor was prodding your stomach in a checkup, but all over your legs and crotch
  82. >So basically you cringed super hard, simultaneously almost laughing and almost jizzing yourself with an extremely uncomfortable laugh
  83. >Your erect cock swings up, slapping the adventurous pony on the way by, making her laugh, and making a small amount of precum leak
  84. >Holy shit this might not be a fucking joke
  85. "Uh...Uhhhh..."
  86. >"What, you've never done this before?" She teases
  87. >Your lack of a response and fresh blush makes her pause
  88. >It makes them all pause
  89. >"AAAAAHAHA! SERIOUSLY?" Your assailant asks, sniggering
  90. >Your blush deepens, but now you're horribly embarrassed
  91. >Fuck, being a virgin is a no-go here too
  92. >Wait, maybe you can save this
  93. "N-No."
  94. >...
  95. >That's it?
  96. >Good job, retard, you really convinced them
  97. >"Whatever, that makes it even better that I'm first"
  99. >You were about to say something, you don't know what, but you were going to form words
  100. >Before you could try to cuck yourself a second time, this eager pony lurched forward, her mouth covering yours as she leaned into you deeper and harder
  101. >Your eyes widened as you made confused, mindless sounds
  102. >With a shift of her weight, Dash was slowly leaning into you more and more, before her stomach was pressing against your dick and sandwiching it against you
  103. >You sunk further into the couch, still sitting upright as your eyes began to close
  104. >Of course, you can't relax for long, with your ravenous partner now climbing on top of you, unceremoniously lowering herself onto your shaft
  106. >Ohshitohshitohshit
  107. >You can't do this!
  108. >Yes, you can!
  109. >No, you can't!
  110. "Yeeaaahhoollyysshhiittt!"
  111. >Wrapping her forelegs around your neck, Rainbow breaks the kiss and begins to lightly bounce on your cock, gyrating as she pants
  112. >You're looking at the ceiling, probably straining so hard you were about to burst a blood vessel
  113. >Your arms, which have been frozen this whole time, get grabbed by her forelegs as she puts your hands on her flanks
  114. >"Are you...Hah...Going to...Mmmn...Make me do everyAH!"
  115. >You squeeze her ass as hard as you can, awkwardly thrusting into her contracting snatch with uneven breaths
  116. >Looking into her eyes, all you see is thoughtless lust as she starts to playfully lick your face and nip at your ears
  117. >Completely overwhelmed, you look behind her, seeing the rest of the girls all staring with varying degrees of interest
  118. >Pinkie was just straight up schlicking herself off with a dreamy look
  119. >Okay, too much, you're going to fucking nut
  121. >How long have you been at this?
  122. >As soon as you thought that, the all too familiar sensation begins to build
  123. >You don't even care about performance or your audience, you just thrust as quickly as you can, clenching your teeth as you try to get as many thrusts in as you can before your dick gives up
  124. >Tensing up, you blow your load inside her as her superior horse pussy milks you dry
  125. >You squeeze Rainbow's ass even harder as you hold her down over your dick, grunting as she still writhes on top of you, getting herself off
  126. >Wetness collects on your lap as you feel your partner come as well, arching her head back with a howl
  127. >Your combined weight and movements cause the couch to tip backwards, slamming on the floor as you both cling to one another
  128. >The two of you steadily slow down, before you're just snuggling and breathing hard
  129. >"Now that, was fun." Dash giggles, rubbing her face into your sweat soaked shirt, breathing it in through her nose with a hard sniff
  130. >You can't think, you can't pay attention to anything, you can't do shit
  131. >Which is precisely why Pinkie Pie decides to loom over you from behind with a manic grin
  132. >"Mmmmmy turn~!"
  133. >Your head falls back, and you see the rest of the girls full on aroused, their tails visibly raised, and you can see a wet streak going down the inside of Twilight's legs
  134. "Uh...I need five minutes."
  135. >Pinkie pulls a mewling and half-asleep Dash off of you as she lays on you, rubbing against your stomach
  136. >Pinkie points a foreleg behind her to your dick
  137. >"He needs a second, these don't."
  138. >She grabs your hands and has you play with her pussy and tits as she humps your stomach
  139. >Funny, a minute or two ago that would have had you howling in laughter
  140. >Now you're kinda dazed
  141. >The other four ponies all advance on you as Dash rolls around, laughing to herself in her sleep
  142. >This is going to take a while
  144. >The hyper pone continues to molest your gut, a goofy smile on her face
  145. >You decide to pinch her rock hard nipples, causing her to gasp
  146. >"Pffffthahaha! Come on! Thahat tickles!"
  147. >You hear Twilight directly behind you, her hooves clacking on the floor in an uneven series of weak stomps
  148. >"Pinkiiie! Come ooon! Share him before he's used up!"
  149. >You look back at the unicorn, eyebrows raised
  150. >What, are the guys like frigid women here?
  151. >Sure, even though you're still hard, it's too sensitive for you to start again so soon
  152. >That said, you're not completely useless
  153. >Freeing your left hand from the glorious crotchtits in front of you, you decide to test a little thing you've overheard a time or two
  154. >Reaching up, you grab Twilight's horn, causing her entire face to go a shade similar to that of fine wine
  155. >Bingo
  156. >When you squeeze, her legs buckle, causing her to collapse
  157. >You start to jerk the horn slowly
  158. >"Hooh...Ohhhh dear...Ah..."
  159. >Rarity speaks up to your right
  160. >"My, my...Quite the gentlecolt, tending to two of his mares at once...May you have a third?"
  161. >Oh no
  162. >You're not acting like the calm one
  163. "My, my, didn't you know the proper etiquette is for a lady to beg?"
  164. >Have a group of cute, sexy girls share you one time
  165. >Think you're badass
  166. >Fag
  167. >"Hmmmph...Oh, Celestia dammit! Fine! Please rub me off too! I'm begging you! Pleeeeeeeeeease?"
  168. >You laugh, making her face scrunch
  169. >You pull away from Twilight's horn lightly, causing her to shift along the floor as she tries to keep up with your hand, bringing her to a more comfortable position by your side
  170. >You beckon Rarity closer, and she obliges, before you grab her horn roughly
  171. >"Aaah!"
  172. >Now she falls to the ground, moaning as you jerk her off
  173. >"Now, hold on! What about us?"
  174. >Oh shit, there's more of them
  176. >You hear Dash tittering to herself in her sleep, almost it if it's directed at you
  177. >Looking over, you see Fluttershy hiding herself behind her hair, and AJ looking at you expectantly
  178. >Man, you were a virgin like, two minutes ago, what do these guys expect, tentacle porn?
  179. >Just then, Pinkie huffs from your chest
  180. >"Right, that's enough foreplay!"
  181. "WhaAAAT?"
  182. >You suck air in through your teeth as Pinkie roughly shoves your cock into her slit
  183. >You clench your fists in reflex, making the two unicorns you were holding scream in a mix of pleasure and pain
  184. >With your penis still sensitive, you breathe rapidly through your mouth, much like a woman giving birth
  185. >"Alright, ah had enough of waiting."
  186. "Well you'd better fucking learn some patience apple horsmmfffff!"
  187. >Instead of following your advice, the cowgirl decided to ride your mouth
  188. >With a grimace you prepare for some unpleasant shit, but...
  189. >Huh
  190. >Doesn't taste like anything, who would've thought a farmhand could keep that fresh
  191. >You lick and suck at her lips, eliciting a deep moan from her
  192. >You don't know what to do, but you figure as long as you keep your mouth wet and your teeth out of it everything should be okay
  193. >In the corner of your eye, you see Fluttershy watching with a wide-eyed expression, her mouth hanging open slightly
  194. >Poor girl
  195. >You'd have to tend to her when these maniacs are finished
  196. >Just then, Pinkie starts to jackhammer on your dick, roughly at the speed that you'd jerk yourself off due to your deathgrip
  197. >So basically way too fucking fast
  198. >And this is a hard uncomfortable floor
  199. >This is a porn moment, but that cold, uncaring fact remains unchanged
  200. >You try to voice this, but only muffled garbles come out
  201. >Which make Applejack groan as she tilts her head back
  202. >Warm, wet, and slick liquid coating the inside of your mouth
  203. >Tasted kinda sweet, to your surprise
  204. >Maybe it's from her fruit diet
  205. >"YYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!"
  206. >Just then, Pinkie Pie, the horniest mare in Ponyville, came all over your dick
  208. >You lie there in a daze
  209. >Is it over?
  210. >Applejack frees herself from your head and settles next to you, nuzzling your face even though it's got her juices on it
  211. >Pinkie just rubs back and forth on your shaft, panting
  212. >Rarity and Twilight...
  213. >Where are they?
  214. >Just then, ponk pone gets levitated off of your dick, surrounded by a purple glow
  215. >All she can do is whine disappointingly as she's deposited, shakily, onto the ground next to the now upright couch
  216. >Now Twilight's in your face
  217. >"Enough teasing, enough games, get on that sofa!"
  218. >Suddenly Rarity
  219. >Rarity everywhere
  220. >"No! I'm the one that had to BEG! It's my turn to teach this colt a lesson!"
  221. >"Hohohoh...It's cute when you think you can intimidate me, Rarity."
  222. >"Don't try me, Twilight!"
  223. >"Or what?"
  224. >You watch with an incredulous grin as the two unicorns argue over your dick
  225. >Yeah, this can't be a dream, your dreams are never this cool
  226. >If this were a dream you'd have woken up after Twilight first asked you to be their stud
  227. >"I'm going next!"
  228. >"No, I am!"
  229. >Do you intervene?
  230. >...Nah
  231. >Both of their horns begin to light up, a couple of books now swirling around the library as they square off
  232. >Okay now this is going too far
  233. "LADIES!"
  234. >The two look back at you, their eyes full of crazed lust as the books swing in your direction, thankfully all missing you
  235. "I have a solution, fret not!"
  236. >You get up, walk over to the front of the couch, and beckon the girls over
  237. >They follow, still eyeing one another with venom
  238. >Maybe you can use this
  239. >You pull of your shirt and throw it aside, same with the socks you were still wearing
  240. >You sit on the couch, patting on the seats on both sides of you
  241. >The girls take their places at your sides, still fiercely eyeing their opponent
  242. "Now I'm a little weak after Pinkie went nuts, so I'm going to need a bit of attention..."
  243. >Rarity placed a hoof on her chest
  244. >"I would be HONORED to assist you, Anonymous!"
  245. >"Oh, right, because you've certainly got practice in that kind of 'assistance.'"
  247. >"NOW SEE HERE!"
  248. "ENOUGH!"
  249. >The both of them shut up, but still full of rage
  250. >You look over to Fluttershy and give her an apologetic look, who seems to want no part of the shit in front of her
  251. >As if these crazy chicks would let a third in anyway
  252. "Both of you just fucking share, then I'll take care of both of you. Either that, or you stay frustrated."
  253. >Now their wrathful looks are on you
  254. >You don't flinch, somehow
  255. >The one time you need a good poker face in your life, and you have it
  256. >Eventually, they both cool just enough to nod
  257. >"Here is how a LADY does it, Twilight, be sure to observe carefully."
  258. >From there, Rarity opened her mouth and throated your entire length, making your toes curl as you let out a small whine
  259. >Then, with your shaft still in her mouth, she started tracing circles around your dick with a devilish look at Twilight
  260. >Oh god
  261. >Pulling back with a loud pop, Rarity smiled sweetly
  262. >Twilight smiled back even more sweetly
  263. >Yet both of them still had a vicious eye
  264. >Mares, man
  265. >"Very GOOD Rarity! Oh, yes, I'm very impressed by your life of hard work and practice at the world's oldest profession!"
  266. >You snort, stifling a laugh
  267. >Then Rarity glares at you, making your grin evaporate
  268. >"Now, allow me to demonstrate MY craft!"
  269. >Twilight's horn begins to light up, and purple light begins to cover your rod
  270. >Enveloping it in a tingly sensation
  271. >That's neat, but
  272. "Oooooooohhhhh whaaatt theee fuuuuuucccckkk?"
  273. >Your entire body feels like it's made of honey as what feels like every nerve in your penis got cranked to eleven
  274. >With, you're not even ashamed to admit, a girly moan, you let your head fall back as the light starts to pulse on you
  275. >Still trying to keep an eye on it, the energy slams up and down your dick, taking you from tired to on fire
  276. >Then, Rarity decides it would be a good idea to angrily start sucking on you
  277. >Then, Twilight goes in, fighting Rarity's mouth for ownership of your genitals
  279. >You watch helplessly as the most intense sexual pleasure you've ever felt in your life is augmented by two very eager mouths
  280. >You always thought if a woman was mad and had you in her mouth it would end badly
  281. >Mares>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"Women"
  282. >As they sucked, they would occasionally run out of room, letting out angry moans and noises when their lips would touch
  283. >Kissing and sucking sounds filled the room as you realized you were screwed
  284. "OhshitstopI'mgonna!"
  285. >Too late
  286. >You blast cum everywhere as both of the girls squeeze your dick with their mouths, still staring one another down as cum lands on their muzzles and manes
  287. >Rarity didn't even notice
  288. >And yet
  289. >You were still rock hard and horny as hell
  290. "What the fuck did you do?" You ask, panting heavily as your cock tries to soften, but simply erects again
  291. >Twilight keeps her mouth on your cock, not wanting to show weakness first when she responds
  292. >"It'th ah sthamina thpell thoo!"
  293. "Oh." You say, dumbly
  294. >The two of them squeeze against your manhood as the light fades, and the pleasure drops from hellishly overpowering, to just intense
  295. >Looking back at Fluttershy, she looks about as half as flustered as you, timidly touching herself as she watches
  296. >Then blushes and looks away when you eye her
  297. >Not wasting a second, you pull their heads apart
  298. >"Hey!"
  299. >"Watch the hair!"
  300. >"It's covered in semen, get over yourself!"
  301. >You roll your eyes as you get up, turning back to the couch
  302. >You lift Twilight
  303. >"HEY!"
  304. >Then, lay her over the arm of the couch
  305. >After that, you lift Rarity and put her on top of Twilight
  306. >"Watch it!"
  307. >Both of them seem annoyed at this, but Rarity shoots a look at Twilight and wiggles her ass
  308. >As if saying, "Haha I'm on top, loser."
  309. >To which Twilight growls
  310. >Fuck it, this cartoonish weird ass place lets crazier things happen, surely this porn move won't break the seat
  311. >Getting behind them, you see they're both wet and leaking profusely, despite their temperaments
  313. >You grin as you start teasing the entrance to Twilight's pussy
  314. >Making her pout and whimper
  315. >Then you move to Rarity, doing the same, and drawing a similar reaction
  316. >You've just came twice, and have been augmented by some weird ass Sparklebuff
  317. >You can do this
  318. >Rubbing your dick up and down, you get their juices all over you and spread them over their holes
  319. >By this point, they were moaning and panting
  320. >Yet they still had time to struggle against one another and continue their little fight
  321. >Sounds good to you
  322. >You slide into Twilight, pump her for a moment, then pull out and switch to Rarity
  323. >You watch their faces in awe as they go from orgasmic to disappointed, to orgasmic again as you alternate
  324. >They both start moaning even louder
  325. >"Ahhnohnnnn!"
  326. >"Anoohnnnn pleeaaseeee~!"
  327. >You swear your cock tried to finish right there, but it was simply too soon for the tired bastard
  328. >Increasing your pace, you fuck one as hard as you can for five seconds, then move to the next
  329. >This continues for an unsurprisingly short period of time, before you feel Rarity contract around you
  331. >You growl again as you try to pull out, clamped down and held there by the marshmallow pone's vice snatch
  332. >Not wanting to leave Twilight unattended as you tried in vain to get out, you cover your hand in the fluids and rub it against her pussy as she begins to scream
  333. >Just before you thought it would be too late, Rarity's hold loosens and you can slip out, wasting no time in slamming into Twilight as she rides a treebrary wrecking orgasm
  334. >Books fall off of the shelves, unlit candles flash with an intense purple flame that immediately vanishes, and windows and doors begin slamming open and shut
  336. >Everything goes dim, and Twilight slacks, drooling over Rarity's mane as she giggles to herself
  337. >Rarity doesn't even notice, lost in the same state
  338. >Just then, groaning and creaking
  339. >Not from a living being
  340. >Oh shit
  342. >The couch buckles, and the two of them collapse onto the ground in a heap
  343. >Thankfully, Twilight loosened enough so you could pull out in time
  344. >Looking down, you see your dick and the two little ponies are unhurt
  345. >They just grab some cushions and pillows from the couch, hugging each other as they fall asleep
  346. >Jesus
  347. >You're going to level up from a porn addict to a sex addict
  348. >Implying you can be addicted when it's freely given by beautiful mares
  349. >With a sigh, you look over the library
  350. >Little ponies are all curled up in varying stages of sleep, all looking pretty damn chill
  351. >Minus one
  352. >You look back to Fluttershy, who looks as embarrassed as ever
  353. >You move over to her, and she hides behind her hair
  354. >You move her pink mane out of her face, and give her a soft smile
  355. >She returns it, meekly, still shying from your eyes
  356. "They're all asleep now, you don''t have to be nervous." You whisper
  357. >She smiles and nods, a little more confident
  358. >You grab a few of the unused cushions from the pulverized couch and lay them on the ground wide enough so you can lie down
  359. >You gesture Fluttershy over, and she walks up to you, still looking nervous
  360. >You take her in your hands and lower her onto the pillows so that you're overtop of her with her looking up at you
  361. >She blushes, hard, like some anime chick
  362. >Or like how you looked a couple minutes ago
  363. >You lean down, and give her a soft, deep kiss on the mouth
  364. >Again, very little practice, but you seemed to do an okay job of calming her down
  365. >All at once you feel very exhausted
  366. >So all you do, is you gently guide the head of your penis to her vagina
  367. >Not taking your eyes off of hers, you slowly push inside
  368. >"Eeep!"
  369. >With a smile, you hold the back of her head and put your head over her shoulder, gently humping her in the missionary position
  370. >But it's not for procreation, it's for recreation, so relax boys, we're not that degenerate
  371. >The shy little horse lets out a quiet series of squeaks and moans
  373. >You pick up the pace of your thrusting just a bit, but still keeping it slow and gentle
  374. >Fluttershy herself seems to grow comfortable, and kisses your neck softly, humming into it
  375. >You sigh as you smooch her neck back, the two of you completely relaxed
  376. >"Oh, Anon..."
  377. >After everything, the simplicity and tenderness of lovemaking with the sweet pegasus was bringing you close
  378. >You increase your pace just a little faster, moving so that you can look her in the eyes
  379. >She finds herself unable to look away, and the two of you orgasm together
  380. >Riding the waves, the two of you kiss again, longer and deeper, before you both slump down, spent and exhausted
  381. >At some point the other ponies had partially regained consciousness, and were forming a cuddle puddle, with you at the center
  382. >Lying there with all of the ponies cuddling you and whispering sweet nothings, you knew you found paradise
  383. "I love you guys." You say, drifting off
  384. >"Love you too, Non-non."
  385. >The rest of them murmur forms of agreement
  386. >You smile, just about to drift off, when...
  387. >"DUDE!"
  388. >You open you eyes
  389. >Spike's at the top of the stairs
  390. >He was watching
  391. "Uhhhhhhh..."
  392. >"That was AWESOME! I gotta go find the Cutie Mark Crusaders! See ya around!"
  393. >He bolts out the door
  394. >...
  395. >You shrug, noticing none of the other ponies seemed to pay much mind
  396. >With that, you drift off to a peaceful and powerful slumber
  399. I did not see me writing this, my waifu isn't even in the Mane Six and I'm a monogamyfag, but this fantasy is gucci. If even one of you faggots enjoyed it, it wasn't a waste of time.
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