Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 23, A night in the hotel

Jul 1st, 2018
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  1. >You were in a taxi with Epona, traveling to the closest hotel you could afford with Epona's rupees.
  2. >It was really odd to travel like this but, eh... Equestria looks like the medieval era so you shouldn't be so surprised that there aren't cars around here and every transport is just carts or carriages.
  3. >Actually yeah, they used carriages in the past with the help of horses. You really wish there was a tiny pony commanding another pony to pull the cart and do the work, heh, probably Discord would do that.
  4. >You two luckily found a taxi moments later after leaving the fountain quicker than you thought and just by asking the taxi driver to take you two to the nearest hotel zone, you were already on your way to a probably comfy bed!
  5. >It wasn't a hard problem for the taxi driver as he probably knew a faster route to the hotel zone, but your sister couldn't do much but fall asleep while the taxi driver was trotting.
  6. >The vibrations of the road surely relaxed you but, you had to stay awake until you two arrived at some comfy hotel.
  7. >It's just... being a colt is harsh, back in the days you could go without sleep for a whole day and a few extra hours, but now? Man you're done for the day.
  8. >Maybe talking with the taxi driver could wake you a bit.
  9. "Say pal, you know an item called the Crystal Heart? It's located in the Crystal Empire."
  10. >"Uh?" He was trotting without looking back at you, otherwise, it would be dangerous. "Sorry kid, I don't know a thing. Just stuff from Canterlot and that's it. All I know is you get there via train, or if you have a strong endurance like me, trotting." The taxi driver laughed a bit as if it was a joke.
  11. >But well, no luck from him.
  12. >Well whatever, is not like you're getting the information the first day of your journey. Not gonna be easy for sure, but you'll eventually get it done.
  13. "I see..."
  14. >You take a look at your sleepy sister that was half drooling at your side.
  15. >"I can't eat any more carrots..." How cute, she was dream-talking.
  16. >You sigh as you remember that you need a new idea to get money so you don't waste your sister's rupees. You might want to be a dick to earn new chaotic powers and stuff, but your triforce sister is special to you! She is a gift from Discord! You must protect!
  17. >But yeah... you need to see how valuable the rupees are first, then comes the checking for options.
  18. >You could steal, you are tiny enough to go through some spots and... stealing is chaotic, right?
  19. >Great, never in your life you thought you would steal.
  20. >Welp, maybe you could incriminate somepony innocent and that should earn you points.
  21. >The carriage was passing through bumps that made you jump a bit and enough for Epona to neigh and wake up from her dream.
  22. >"I did not eat that carrot I swear! Wah?" Epona was probably startled from her dream. "Oh, where are we?" She yawned while asking.
  23. "Near some hotel, I hope." Man, the night was already too cold alone but the speed from this guy was enough to make you stay awake, but it was at least comfortable. "Hey amigo, are we there yet?"
  24. >The carriage started to slowly stop in an open street, the stallion that was your driver looked back at you two and nodded.
  25. >"Yup, this is the closest hotel zone nearby." The taxi driver was parking slowly while talking to you two. "Although you kids don't look to fit half of these hotels, they're expensive for a night that only somepony working at the castle of Princess Celestia could afford it."
  26. >Wh-What?!
  27. "And you couldn't tell us while you were driving us here?! What an ass, dude!"
  28. >"You two never asked." The taxi driver went next to you and held his hoof at you. "It's 40 bits for the ride, young colt."
  29. >Bits? You heard of them with Discord but never saw one, damnit.
  30. >Also, the guy is probably angry that you called him an ass, fuck him.
  31. >You sigh in defeat. "Do you accept rupees?" You ask him.
  32. >"Rupees?"
  33. >Epona quickly raised her pocket full of rupees with such excitement that probably it woke her up now.
  34. >"Yes, rupees sir! I got a bag full of them!" Epona was waggling her tail while showing the taxi driver some rupees that she was saving in her bag.
  35. >Epona handled five red rupees to the taxi driver, which he was surprised to get as payment.
  36. >"W-what the hay? You foals pay with rupees?" She stared at the bits, even gave it a bite just to test if it was real. "J-Just... where did you get these?"
  37. >"From the bushes sir!"
  38. >The taxi driver was probably losing it while you were internally loving your rupee hunter sister.
  39. "So? Is that enough for the ride or what?" You say with a smug smile.
  40. >"Y-Yeah... I think I'm going to re-consider working as a taxi after this..." The stallion saved the rupees under his hat and coughed on his hoof. "Well, you two can probably get more than a night... that's for sure."
  41. >Score.
  42. >You two get down from the taxi and Epona bids farewell to the taxi driver as... she finds another rupee on the street.
  43. >"Oh! Another memory!"
  44. >You need to remember to go to a bank and check how valuable these are. Who knows? Maybe one rupee is worth 100 bits! Even though you don't know how they manage bits or /What/ are bits.
  45. >"Oh, another one!" Epona called out happy.
  46. "Seriously?"
  48. >You decided to enter a hotel that was located on the corner of the street nearly next to where the taxi driver left you two.
  49. >The hotel was only two floors tall but looked good enough to pass the night; you really didn't pay attention at the name or how many stars it was, man, you were just tired and could use a pillow or two.
  50. >You take a quick sniff at your right hoof.
  51. >...And a bath too.
  52. >As you two entered the lobby, there was a white stallion pegasus behind the front desk reading a magazine with the cover of a yellowish pony holding a goblet with a big ass bird behind the pony.
  53. >Impressive enough, he was using his wings as hands to move the pages from the book. Although his face didn't show any interest on what he was reading- or maybe he didn't have much work tonight.
  54. >Working at night is a bitch, huh?
  55. >The front desk was bigger than both you and Epona, and you couldn't reach it, but at least you could take a jump and press the bell to call the receptionist.
  56. >You jump and ding the bell on the front desk, calling the attention from the receptionist as he quickly stops reading his book.
  57. >"Uh, wha-?" He was looking at his sides and not paying attention to you two since the front desk was bigger than your height. "Maybe I'm hearing things..."
  58. >Really? You hate being a midget size pony.
  59. >You jump and touch the bell three times in a row to call his attention, this time the receptionist surely stared down at you two.
  60. "Heya pal."
  61. >"Uh... you two are lost? Can I help you?"
  62. >The receptionist had to go in front of the front desk and take a good look at you two, he looked confused for some reason at you two.
  63. "Well, duh? We would like to rent a night... if you have rooms vacant that is."
  64. >Your sister yawned a bit and was nodding her head.
  65. "...Yeah if you could please, we're pretty tired from traveling."
  66. >"Are you two playing a joke?" He raised an eyebrow. "You kids shouldn't be here."
  67. >You roll your eyes and pick up Epona's pocket bag, showing a few rupees to the receptionist.
  68. "Can we get a night in exchange of three of these? We'll be gone the first hour in the morning, we just need to sleep under a roof to rest at least."
  69. >But the receptionist was shaking his head as he was getting behind the front desk.
  70. >"I think you two don't get it. I could give you a night no problem with one of those gems you got... it’s just that this hotel ISN'T for kids."
  71. >You jump to the front desk with the help of your sister's back and stare at the receptionist with anger in your eyes.
  72. "Did you just assume my age?!"
  73. >"Yes... now leave."
  74. >Okay, that didn't work out as you expected.
  75. >Damnit! Why wouldn't he let you rent a room if you had money! What an excuse that you are a kid! You are so calling the manager and-
  76. >...
  77. >Wait a minute, did he said this hotel wasn't for kids?
  78. "Okay, okay wait... so this hotel isn't for kids, you say?"
  79. >"...Yes, it isn't. Now leave before somepony that actually is an adult comes here and sees two foals in the lobby." The pony resumed reading his book.
  80. >Oh but you just had a cheeky smile now.
  81. >The receptionist sighed as he saw you didn't leave the moment he told you.
  82. >"Are you seriously not leaving? Do I have to call-"
  83. "The police? The guards? Security? Oh, I'll be glad if you do that, Mr. receptionist."
  84. >Good thing Epona was falling asleep because you were gonna turn this receptionist's world upside down.
  85. >"Wh-what even-- Leave, dude! You're gonna get me fired!"
  86. "Well, as far as I know, you said this hotel isn't for kids and boy, oh boy... we really wouldn't like if a guard came here having to arrest an innocent pony such as yourself." You were looking at your hoof, trying to look non-interested while talking.
  87. >"What's your deal, kid?"
  88. "Easy. Give us a room in the penthouse or whatever your best room available is, we sleep a night and in the morning we act like this night never happened as we leave... otherwise, I wonder if you'd like to be in the newspaper known as the stallion that touches foals improperly... if you catch my drift."
  89. >”Okay, that's it! I'm calling the police, I am so NOT getting insulted by a colt like this." The receptionist grabs the phone and was about to dial or whatever they do with pony phones.
  90. "Just let me ask you one thing pal. Who do you think they're gonna believe? The big stallion... or the two poor foals that don't know a thing about adult stuff and are crying while defending themselves?"
  91. >The receptionist was slowly lowering the phone.
  92. "And by the looks of this establishment, you guys got no security cameras... you're just lucky a pair hasn't entered the lobby just for us two to start crying and you to start preparing to be escorted to jail."
  93. >The receptionist was probably seeing his options, it was visible how horrified he was.
  94. >You leave him three red rupees and jump back to the floor.
  95. "We'll take your best suite now, thank you very much." You were holding a cheeky smile as you jumped down, he couldn’t do anything and can’t counter your argument. “Ta-ta!”
  96. >"..."
  97. >The receptionist was staring blankly at the rupees and, with a final sigh of defeat he decides to take the rupees.
  98. >"I will check our... suite and hide all the questionable stuff first, you two wait here... just, if anypony arrives uh... hide or something."
  99. >You won't.
  100. "We will!"
  101. >The receptionist gulped and turned around while walking slowly.
  102. >Man, you feel like a total dick. You wouldn't mind doing that again later.
  103. "Hey Epona, we got ourselves a room and--" You turned to look at Epona, but the triforce horse was already sleeping on the floor while drooling, too.
  104. >Nothing else you can do for her, but well, you got a suite for a night.
  106. >"There you go, Mister Anon..." The receptionist escorted you two to the suite as quietly as he could to not call the attention of other room in use, which probably many weren’t busy because the rooms were quiet too, you couldn't hear moaning or shit... not like you wanted to.
  107. >He opened the door and the room was fucking 5 stars big! It had a jacuzzi, a king size bed, a T.V and hey! It even had the roof mirror for those lewd fucks that love to see themselves while doing it! The bed also had a shape of a heart, which was... ehh, too corny.
  108. >"Remember, I will personally call you two once my shift is over so you two quietly leave before my boss comes, understood?"
  109. >You two nodded to him.
  110. >Without saying another word he left you two alone in your suit.
  111. >"A bed!" Epona ran instantly to the king size bed and placed the sheets above her head. "A bed..."
  112. "Only the best for you, sister." You giggle to yourself. “Only for you…”
  113. >You walk around the suite, there was a door that leads to a bathroom with a bathtub in place.
  114. "Man... I could use a bath after this day."
  115. >Of course, the bathtub was big enough for a pair to fit, but it was for you only! Woohoo!
  116. >Time to prepare everything for a short bath.
  118. “Ah… this feels amazing…” You say while you were taking your so well deserved bath.
  119. >As you were inside the bathtub relaxing while the bubbles did their magic, you were thinking on what was next on the list.
  120. >You need information about the Crystal Heart and get yourself a handful of those called "bits" that are the actual currency in Equestria. Not like you can always waste the precious memories of your sister!
  121. >...You could use a few at least, but you don't want to count every time on Epona's rupees! You could trade the rupees for bits but, ugh... not a very brilliant idea even if Epona is okay with it.
  122. >Damnit! Why did she have to say those cheesy words about brotherhood and... and! Agh!
  123. >You start lowering your head and start making bubbles with the water.
  124. "Bhrrbhrbbptt..."
  125. >...
  126. >...
  127. >...
  128. "This is fun at least."
  129. >Regardless of the situation, being a colt is still fun and will never get old. Unless you grow up, that’s it.
  130. >God, you wish this bathtub had something you can play with, like a rubber duck.
  131. “I sure I am thinking more like a colt today.” You sigh while staring into the ceiling. “I really should pretend to be more like one… wouldn’t be bad… I have no father that tells me what to do… no mother, only my sister…”
  132. >You were hungry now and they probably don’t have room service in this hotel.
  133. >Uh… maybe this wasn’t a great idea after all.
  135. >As you were done with your tiny bath, you were looking at yourself in the mirror, thanks to the help of a tiny chair that was well located near the bathroom. You were drying up your mane with a towel, but for some reason, you couldn't get your mane to stay the way it was back in Discord's Equestria... it was just, curly…! And probably fluffy for all the shampoo from the bath you took.
  136. >Not that you care, you just look so oddly different with this. Hopefully, your tail isn't curly too!
  137. >Staring back at your tail, it was indeed, curly.
  138. >Bueno.
  139. "And my right eye is still yellow... I look like a freaking cat." You place your hoof on your left cheek. "Hmm..."
  140. >No Alberto, resist the urge to act like a cat.
  141. >You are not a freaking cat, you are a colt! Yeah, sure Epona is sleeping but you must resist!
  142. >...
  143. "N-Nyah!" You say while placing your hooves in front of you like an anime cat. "...Parezco pendejo haciendo esto... (I look dumb doing this...) good thing Discord isn’t here or he would turn me into a cat or worse! Make me wear some girly dress.”
  144. >Heh, at least nopony was looking at you.
  145. “Alberto the mighty cat! With powers of nocturne vision! Nya ha ha ha! Ha…” Okay, you surely needed to eat something as you were acting weird now.
  146. >You start blinking a bit while staring at yourself in the mirror. Although nopony else noticed you had a yellow eye, it was still weird to look into a mirror and see yourself with such different eye color.
  147. "I have no powers yet I have this eye, I wonder if I still can see Maria..."
  148. >Maria, the golden butterfly, could be of use now to help you. She usually points in the right direction when you need to do elections! Or, that's what you remember.
  149. >There was also that crazy pony lady too.
  150. >Your right ear perks up when it hears a slight jingle bell coming from the bedroom.
  151. "Speaking of the devil..." You jump off the chair and start walking into the bedroom.
  152. >There she was, a golden butterfly roaming around in your suite. She was near Epona, who was deeply sleepy and drooling in her sleep.
  153. >If only Epona could see this butterfly, she wouldn't stop following her like a cat does to a laser beam.
  154. >...
  155. >Great, now you can't stop thinking of Epona ACTUALLY following a laser beam. Gotta take notes and remember to do that when you have your powers back!
  156. "Hey, Maria! Long time no see!" You talk to the golden butterfly as if it were to reply to you, which she doesn't. "What is it this time?"
  157. >Maria was still roaming around the bedroom until she stopped near a window.
  158. >Does she wants you to jump off the suite? You'd gladly do it if you had an ability to fly, which you don't have at the moment.
  159. >You walk to the window, but Maria returns flying around the bedroom in curves until she stops at the closet of the suite.
  160. "What? Is there a treasure inside? Or hohoho! Maybe some lewd stuff?" You walk and slowly open the closet, just slowly enough for it to not make noise and wake up your deeply sleep sister. "Stay frosty..."
  161. >And as you opened the closet, there was a magazine along with a guitar inside.
  162. "...Is this what I think it is?"
  163. >You ignored Maria for a moment when she entered and went for the guitar, you just picked up the magazine and were curious about it, mostly for the cover that had the title "Playpony".
  164. "A Playboy magazine but with ponies? Really? I know ponies do... things that humans do too, it's simple nature of course, but... they have THIS kind of magazine in Equestria?" You placed your hoof on your mouth for a moment, you didn't want to get louder but the surprise got the best of you.
  165. >You slowly turn around and see how Epona just twitched her hind hoof in her sleep and was grabbing a pillow to hug it.
  166. >Daww.
  167. >Okay, back at the magazine.
  168. >...
  169. >The cover of the magazine was showing a pink pony with blonde mane and tail in a suggestive black lingerie while posing, which was... eh... you really aren't sure if you find this attractive or not. Maybe a bit? Was this your colt instincts?
  170. >Hmm, your tail wasn't curly anymore but rather still. What does it mean?
  171. >Well! You were an adult before so it shouldn't hurt you a quick peek.
  172. "Maybe a page or two..." You attempt to open the magazine and some pages were sticky but you could barely see that--
  173. >What? Wait.
  174. >Whoa.
  175. >Dude, whoa.
  176. >You didn't know pony anatomy that much but, your eyes couldn't leave a certain spot of the page you were reading.
  177. "...Who would have thought ponies have tits down there..."
  178. >...
  179. "Okay, that's probably enough lewd stuff for a..." You peek on another page that had the pony from the cover in a nurse suit holding a needle and-- NO! BAD ANON! S-Stop reading this magazine now!
  180. >Suddenly, Maria flew and stayed on top of your nuzzle, probably calling your attention.
  181. "O-Oi! T-This isn't what it looks like! I was just... curious, okay? Don't judge me with your tiny butterfly eyes!"
  182. >Maria left your muzzle and flew back at the lonely guitar in the closet.
  183. "Oh, right, the guitar."
  184. >You threw the dirty magazine for grown-up ponies and take a look at the guitar, it was a golden acoustic guitar with black color and had a good look, probably wasn't used that much- and it better not be sticky like the damn magazine.
  185. >You pick it up and pass your hoof through the cords, the feeling of the cords were vibrating through the frog of your hoof.
  186. "Uh, it's light and got a good sound... hmm..."
  187. >You sit on the middle of the bedroom while passing your hoof once again through the cords, the sound of the guitar was good enough for it to not need any adjustment and it wasn’t loud enough to wake up Epona, so you were good.
  188. "Maybe I could play the guitar to earn some bits, heh..." You say out, joking at first... but then you realize, that wasn't actually a bad idea. “So it comes down to this, uh.”
  189. >You could actually play the guitar and call the attention of ponies, and who knows, maybe they actually will tip you good for it.
  190. >Fuck it! You’ll go for it and don’t plan anything else like your ol’ father Discord! That’s what he does, right? Never has a plan.
  191. >You started playing a few notes as quiet as you could so it wouldn’t disturb the dreams of your sister, although she was a heavy sleeper, like you.
  192. >You tried to remember a few lyrics while also trying to remember the notes for songs you used to listen to back in Earth. You had luck that most were with guitar and very popular back in México.
  193. >Maria lands on the corner of the headstock of the guitar, staying still even when you were practicing.
  194. “Oh, you want me to see me practice? It’s been a while but I could give it a go for one song I got in mind.” You cough on your hoof and start playing the first song that comes to your mind.
  197. “Eres como una mariposa, vuelas y te posas vas de boca en boca♪~ (You are like a butterfly, you fly, who goes from mouth to mouth ♪~)” You play the notes while singing with your eyes closed, feeling the music and nostalgia with it. “Fácil y ligera de quien provoca. (To those who provoke you easily and swiftly.)”
  198. “Yo soy ratón de tu ratonera, trampa que no mata pero no libera ♪~ Vivo muriendo prisionero… (I am the mouse of your mousetrap, a trap that doesn’t kill but doesn’t set free either ♪~ I live dying like a prisoner...)”
  199. >You open your right eye and look at Maria with a sly smile, she was chilling still.
  200. “Mariposa traicionera… todo se lo lleva el viento… (Treacherous butterfly… Everything is gone with the wind…) Mariposa, no regreso♪~ (Butterfly, I’m not coming back♪).”
  201. >Maria started to fly around your right side as you began singing with all the passion from your memories with this song.
  202. “Ay, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amor… ya no regreso contigo. (Oh butterfly of love, my butterfly of love… I won’t come back with you.) Ay, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amor, nunca jamas junto a ti. ♪ (Oh, butterfly of love, my butterfly of love, never again with you. ♪)”
  203. >You were starting to dig into the song, remembering each exact note surprised you but it didn’t stop you to finish the next lyrics from the song.
  204. “Vuela amor, vuela dolor, y no regreses a un lado~ (Fly love, fly pain, and don’t come back to one place~) Ya vete de flor en flor, seduciendo los pistilos… (Go away from flower to flower, seducing the pistils…)”
  205. >You stare at the distant lonely window in your suite while smiling.
  206. “Y vuela cerca del sol, pa’ que sientas lo que es dolor♪~ (And fly near the sun, so you feel what pain is♪~)”
  207. >You stop playing the guitar and give a sigh with all the satisfaction in the world.
  208. >That was… really good, you needed that.
  209. “I feel like in my young days… oh, what I am talking, jaja… damnit, I can’t believe I can play the guitar this good! I thought my magic helped me play it back in El Dorado… seems like I still got it!”
  210. >Oh shit, didn’t you yell enough to wake up Epona?
  211. “Whoops…” You slowly turn around, expecting Epona to be awake, but as it turns out, she wasn’t at all awake. “Oh thank God…”
  212. >Hmn. This night got better; you don’t even feel tired anymore! Must be the bath you took and the hype for singing a good ol’ song!
  213. >Still, there is something that makes you deeply think.
  214. >When you were playing the guitar, you were listening to… multiple instruments, as if the whole band was on your back playing along with you! Yet you’re just with Epona and Maria. Not like Maria can grow hands or hooves to play out of nowhere!
  215. >Was it in your head? Or your chaotic magic was returning? Or…
  216. >Well, you really don’t know. It could be your imagination, you’ll never know for sure.
  217. >”Oh, you should know by now about the magic of music, dear prince. Didn’t the Spirit of Chaos explain it to you? Or has that the old geezer forgot?”
  218. >Your left ear perks up as it hears a light jingle bell, a chill ran down your back too and you quickly turned to where the voice was coming from.
  219. >There she was, the mysterious lady that gave you this yellow eye which you encountered in a dream.
  220. >”Good evening, Prince Anon. Enjoying the view?” She says as she smokes her golden smoking pipe with a smug smile.
  221. “View?”
  222. >In a blink of an eye, you were no longer in your suite but rather in the peak of a mountain, probably the one in Canterlot since you could see the city.
  223. >…
  224. >Wait a fucking minute!
  225. “Ay ave maria!” You try grabbing onto something, but you don’t fall at all, as if there was an invisible wall to prevent your fall.
  226. >The mysterious mare starts to laugh at your panic.
  227. >”Kya ha ha ha! You should know by now that every time you see me, you’re dreaming. Be used to it, you’ll see me more often by now, dear.”
  228. “Right…” You look at her un-amused. “So… you are Maria, aren’t you?”
  229. >The mysterious mare tilts her head while glaring at you. “Many call me different names; you can choose whichever you want to call me. But I am glad you are not dumb like your father and quickly recognized that I was the golden butterfly guiding you around.”
  230. “Well…” You stare around as there were many golden butterflies roaming around you. “Call it a feeling… but I’m not dumb! Just silly. It’s different thank you very much.” You nod happily.
  231. >She doesn’t say anything in response, just keeps smoking his golden smoking pipe while smiling.
  232. “So… what was that magic music stuff you said that my father didn’t tell me about?”
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