FL81's Music Ranking 2: Nomination List

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  1. Janus5k Symphony X  Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
  2. Janus5k Galneryus   Raise My Sword
  3. Janus5k Gloryhammer Rise of the Chaos Wizards
  4. Janus5k Pathfinder  When the Sunrise Breaks the Darkness
  5. Janus5k Dragonforce My Heart Will Go On
  6. Snake5555555555 Brand New   451
  7. Snake5555555555 Kim Petras  Death by Sex
  8. Snake5555555555 Loretta Lynn & Ernest Tubb  Our Hearts are Holding Hands
  9. Snake5555555555 Jackyl  The Lumberjack
  10. Snake5555555555 Theatres Des Vampires   Figlio della Luna
  11. TheArkOfTurus   Thank You Scientist Life of Vermin
  12. TheArkOfTurus   Hamilton    Satisfied
  13. TheArkOfTurus   Toehider    This Conversation is Over
  14. TheArkOfTurus   The Mountain Goats  Foreign Object
  15. TheArkOfTurus   Caligula's Horse    Marigold
  16. NFUN    Thousand Memories   Ten Saints
  17. NFUN    Zyon    Altersist
  18. NFUN    Yakuza 0    Firelight
  19. NFUN    pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢  НУМЛ
  20. NFUN    Mitose Noriko   Party of Seven Witches
  21. Xarlable    Project Cerebus L L ~ Infinite Beating ver ~
  22. Haste_2 Eric Whitacre   October
  23. Haste_2 The Ninja Warriors  Daddy Mulk
  24. Haste_2 Frank Tichelli  Blue Shades
  25. Haste_2 Gustav Holst    Uranus from The Planets
  26. Haste_2 An American Tail    Main Title
  27. Prody Parrot    Chroma  Dark Sheep
  28. Prody Parrot    jellyfish   ignorance is bliss
  29. Prody Parrot    Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler END TITLE
  30. Prody Parrot    2gou.   BV-Hurricane (smyk Remix)
  31. pyresword   The Shape of Water  The Shape of Water
  32. pyresword   xclassicalcatx (Spirited Away)  One Summer's Day
  33. pyresword   Noragami    Noratan
  34. pyresword   Antonin Dvorak  Symphony No. 9, Movement 4 (RSE Soundfont)
  35. pyresword   System of a Down    Sad Statue
  36. paulg235    Kazsin  Hadou (Long Prologue Ver.)
  37. paulg235    ARMS    VS Hedlok (Grand Prix)
  38. paulg235    Cybersix    Opening Theme
  39. paulg235    Civilization V  Elizabeth I War Theme ~ I Vow to Thee, My Country
  40. paulg235    Nickelback  Hero
  41. PIayer_0    Ronald McDonald U.N. Owen Was Her?
  42. PIayer_0    Lost Odyssey    Howl of the Departed/Roar of the Departed Souls
  43. PIayer_0    Zombieland Saga Atsuku Nare
  44. PIayer_0    Coheed and Cambria  Welcome Home
  45. PIayer_0    Made in Abyss   Tomorrow
  46. MycroProcessor  Cryptovolans    parralelogram
  47. MycroProcessor  DV-i    Emotion Engine
  48. MycroProcessor  Seajeff Preschtale, Pt. 6
  49. MycroProcessor  TesseracT   Nocturne (Cover by Metal_Viking _1991_)
  50. MycroProcessor  Yuzo Koshiro    4operators
  51. azuarc  Sevendust   Broken Down
  52. azuarc  Nightwish   Last of the Wilds
  53. azuarc  Our Lady Peace  One Man Army
  54. azuarc  Enigma  Silence Must Be Heard
  55. azuarc  Wolfmother  Where Eagles Have Been
  56. Fluttershy_Pony Downstait   I Came to Play
  57. Fluttershy_Pony BitBurner   Don't Shoot Food
  58. Fluttershy_Pony Leonard Cohen   It Seemed the Better Way
  59. Fluttershy_Pony The Chipettes   Put Your Records On (Cover)
  60. Fluttershy_Pony Alice in Chains Red Giant
  61. Anagram Shrek 2 Holding Out for a Hero (Remix)
  62. Anagram Menage  Memory from Cats (Disco Remix)
  63. Anagram Clamavi De Profundis    Song of Durin
  64. Anagram Clamavi De Profundis    When the Hammer Falls
  65. Anagram POGO    Data & Picard
  66. GameBopAdv  Vision Soft Reset   Dual Rewind
  67. GameBopAdv  Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll   Boss Battle
  68. GameBopAdv  Chaotrope   Jagged Journey
  69. GameBopAdv  Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team   Driven Snow
  70. GameBopAdv  Blade Ballet    Bitbop
  71. NBIceman    The Dear Hunter The Old Haunt
  72. NBIceman    Diablo Swing Orchestra  A Tap Dancer's Dilemma
  73. NBIceman    Children of Nova    The Complexity of Light
  74. NBIceman    Dirt Poor Robins    But Never a Key
  75. NBIceman    Blue Öyster Cult   Astronomy
  76. NowItsAngeTime  Dragon Ball Super   Fierce Battle Against a Mighty Foe
  77. NowItsAngeTime  Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings  Decretum
  78. NowItsAngeTime  Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Tobe! Freedom
  79. NowItsAngeTime  ARIA the Animation  Tenki Ame
  80. NowItsAngeTime  Sonic X Mi-Ra-I Guitar Instrumental #2
  81. UF8 UF8 just can't wait for Starry Sky
  82. UF8 Darius the Omnibus -Generation- Boss 7
  83. UF8 recognize m.    A BEAUTIFUL SKY
  84. UF8 RAY-KUDRYAVKA musiX Last Resort
  85. UF8 Danmaku Shimai ~La soeur de barrage~    Rolling Rose
  86. Bane_Of_Despair Wolves at the Gate  Dead Man (acoustic)
  87. Bane_Of_Despair Two Steps From Hell Blackheart
  88. Bane_Of_Despair The Devil Wears Prada   Chemical
  89. Bane_Of_Despair Bring Me the Horizon    nihilist blues (ft. Grimes)
  90. Bane_Of_Despair He Is Legend    Burn All Your Rock Records
  91. GavsEvans123    DaymanOurSavior Extreme Meme Music Mega Mashup
  92. GavsEvans123    Kung Fu Panda   Oogway Ascends
  93. GavsEvans123    Pokémon 2000   Lugia's Song
  94. GavsEvans123    Sabaton The Last Stand
  95. GavsEvans123    Quad City DJs vs Dark Souls Dunkstein and Slamough
  96. Dragon66116 Nas The Message
  97. Dragon66116 Cannibal Ox Raspberry Fields
  98. Dragon66116 Lana Del Rey    Get Free
  99. Dragon66116 Green Day   Before the Lobotomy
  100. Dragon66116 Goo Goo Dolls   Slide
  101. rwlh    Charles Mingus  Moanin’
  102. rwlh    Novos Baianos   Preta pretinha
  103. rwlh    Annie Gosfield  The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory (Part Two)
  104. rwlh    Deltron 3030    Mastermind
  105. rwlh    Purulent    I Hate Your Dreadful Harelip
  106. handsomeboy2012 鄭敬基   酒杯敲鋼琴
  107. handsomeboy2012 達明一派    今夜星光燦爛
  108. handsomeboy2012 STBlackST   Pootis man
  109. handsomeboy2012 羅文  激光中
  110. handsomeboy2012 Kaguya-sama: Love is War    chikatto chika chika
  111. Raka_Putra  Schmoyoho   Can't Hug Every Cat
  112. Raka_Putra  Suikoden 3  Exceeding Love
  113. Raka_Putra  Bob Crosby and the Bobcats  Dear Hearts and Gentle People
  114. Raka_Putra  Next to Normal  I'm Alive
  115. Raka_Putra  Platina Jazz    Sobakasu
  116. DireKrow    Dance with the Dead Riot
  117. DireKrow    Makai Toshi Niigata Ukiyo-e Yokochou
  118. DireKrow    Celldweller Lost in Time
  119. DireKrow    Rotteen Ignorant to the Void
  120. DireKrow    Kobaryo The Lightning Sword
  121. banshiryuu  Gram VS HiTECH NINJA    Sa MaЯichi
  122. banshiryuu  Camellia feat. Nanahira NANI THE FUCK!!
  123. banshiryuu  Chino   Espresso Shots
  124. banshiryuu  sun3 FielD  Casket of Star ~ STAR OF ANDROMEDA
  125. banshiryuu  TimmyTurnersGrandDad    Labyrinth V - The Fallen Capital of Shinjuku - Etrian Odyssey
  126. Place   Phantasy Star Online 2  Seashore Probe ~ Wopai (Battle)
  127. Place   NieR: Automata Unreleased and Arranged Tracks   Pascal
  128. Place   PSY ▪ S   Wake Up
  129. Place   Perfect Blue    Uchida's Theme
  130. Place   Serial Experiments Lain duvet cyberia reMIX
  131. SuperbVEVO  Dire Straits    On Every Street
  132. SuperbVEVO  Age of Mythology    (Fine Layers of) Slaysenflite
  133. SuperbVEVO  Camel   Lost and Found
  134. SuperbVEVO  Crusader: No Regret The Traveler (Remix)
  135. SuperbVEVO  Ian Anderson    Pigeon Flying over Berlin Zoo
  136. cakophon    Sevish  Whitey
  137. cakophon    DV-i    Dream Navigator
  138. cakophon    CROSSNIQ+   SEISMIQ
  139. cakophon    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2  Pac Level Cap (3 Minutes)
  140. cakophon    R4: Ridge Racer Type 4  Pearl Blue Soul
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