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  1. CleanedStar 3 hours ago | link
  3. >lower income households cant afford to pay extra for top-notch service...several people will e-mail, or tweet, or come into the comments to say theyd be happy to pay 25 percent more for their Big Mac or their Wal-Mart goods...However, there are people for whom the McDonald's Dollar Menu is a bit of a splurge, and Wal-Marts prices mean an extra pair of shoes for the kids. Those people might theoretically favor high wages, but they do not act on those beliefs... I dont know how much more they could afford to pay before they started to lose customers
  5. Higher in the piece, she includes an infographic which says Wal-Mart makes $7,428 profit for every employee it has. It also says Wal-Mart has a profit margin of 3.5% to Costco's 1.7%.
  7. It seems that the only method that occurs to her where the workers can get higher wages is by raising prices.
  9. Let us consider Christy Walton, who is worth over $27 billion. She is worth $27 billion because the son of Sam Walton used to plow her pussy. Since an heir blew his load into her hole, she collects a sizable portion of the $6 billion a year Wal-Mart sends out in dividends.
  11. She's a parasite. She is a receptacle for the jism of an heir. Workers bust their ass at Wal-Mart all day, and create wealth. She laid on her back for an heir, so she gets to parasitically expropriate the surplus labor value of the workers creating wealth at Wal-Mart. They work but don't get paid - the dividends from the hours they work, the wealth they create are sent to her. She is as useless as the Romanovs were in the moments before the bullets from a Bolshevik firing squad tore them to shreds. She has no connection to production except as a leech, no connection to the workers creating wealth and stocking Wal-Mart shelves except as a parasite.
  13. THIS is reality. There is all kinds of bullshit, all kinds of nicey-nice little Goebbels commissar intellectual whore lackeys like McArdle around, scribbling for their pay and their masters why the parasites like Christy Walton should live so well, and why those doing all the work should be paid so little.
  15. While they would like to blot out people's remembrance of history, two centuries ago, capitalist's had almost no power. Their champion, Napoleon, was about to be exiled to Saint Helena as the Bourbon Restoration took hold, and the last vestige of capitalist power on continental Europe was about to be stamped out. By the time several decades later capitalists became coming into power, they were almost immediately hit with the Paris Commune, and then the October Revolution.
  17. Every power always tries to make it sound as if they have the Blessing of God, that they were around forever, will be around forever, are all powerful etc. The fact is that the powers that be having to write out screeds on how Wal-Mart workers should be paid less is a sign of a degenerating system.
  19. In the early 1960s, American intellectuals, writers etc. had a brighter idea of the future. They wanted to improve STEM in schools, fund things like the MIT AI lab and SAIL, catch up and beat the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the Space Race etc. Now they spent their time propounding how they can't make it any more, and have to shake the last pennies out of Wal-Mart workers pockets because they don't know how to make sustainable profits any more. And one of their biggest problems according to former GE CEO Jack Welch is overproduction/underconsumption. Yet their solution is to strip consumers of dollars, and send it to these heirs, who then have nowhere to invest in. It's an inherent contradiction within the economic system, just like feudalism and slavery and hunter-gather societies all had their own internal contradictions which ultimately destroyed them and led to new forms of production.
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