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  1. >You and your "crew" awake in the realm of the gods.
  2. >"Bout fucking time she does something right.", one of them pipes up as you all get up and start moving around.
  3. >It's surprisingly houselike, but that might just be how you interpret a realm you're not supposed to be in.
  4. >After a few minutes to get accustomed to the differences everyone begins to move towards their target.
  5. >Tonight would be no ordinary panty raid, tonight would be the ultimate panty raid.
  6. >A raid upon the gods themselves.
  7. >You see one dumbass open the door to Alpollo's room, only to be grabbed and then yanked into it; Alpollo slamming the door behind him.
  8. >Fucking stupid asshole,nobody gives a shit if you steal her panties, hell she gives them away in return for sexual favors.
  9. >Everyone else goes into Hathor's room, leaving you alone with your target in sight. The Demon Lord's room.
  10. >As you walk towards it you feel her aura of sex pulse from the room and respond to it by expanding your own aura.
  11. >Over the last several years you have been gaining power through magical and monster girl related means, growing your power base based on the amount of parties and revels going on.
  12. >You were no god yet but damned if you couldn't exude an aura to protect yourself from theirs.
  13. >As you open the door you feel the energy increase, not as bad as if she were actually in her; but bad enough to give you a boner.
  14. >A boner alone is not enough to stop you from your goal though, and as you open her drawer you discover that all of her panties are literally soaked in sexual fluids.
  15. >Not something you expected but as you pick up one you feel the power stored within, it can only help you right?
  16. >You shove it into your pocket and run, meeting up with the rest of your group, save for that douchenozzle, and you trigger the drop.
  17. >Your "girlfriend" hits the switch on the outside and literally drops you all out of your chairs and wakes you up.
  18. >"How did it go?", she questions as you slowly get up.
  19. "It went better than expected."
  21. >You hold up your prize as your crew rush outside to get started.
  22. >Your girlfriend blushes as she realizes that they're just positively dripping with the Demon Lord's sexual fluids.
  23. >You leap forward pressing your lips against hers with a surprising amount of abandon.
  24. >Outside your future priests are revving the already insane party up even higher, this party was planned for months in advance, literally the biggest party in the history of the city.
  25. >The party involved not only everyone on the college campus, but everyone in the nearby neighborhoods and even the city itself.
  26. >One massive, insane, and utterly riotous party.
  27. >You shove the demon lord's panties into your girlfriends mouth as you begin to chant under your breath and bend her over.
  28. >As the party reaches it's fever pitch, you finish the chant and ram your cock into the virgin succubus' pussy, popping her hymen and releasing all of that magical power to mingle with the energy you gained from the party outside.
  29. >All of this gives you enough power for the spell you chanted to take effect; the blood from her hymen breaking providing the last catalyst to propel you from a merely powerful mage into a god.
  30. >A god of revels, and oh boy do you feel it.
  31. >You feel all of the party around you, and not only that one, but every party everywhere.
  32. >It's almost overwhelming, but then it's not.
  33. >You open your eyes and find yourself in an unfamiliar temple, or rather a temple you don't recognize but know is yours.
  34. >As you stroll through it you find a simple door, and go through.
  35. >On the other side you find the rest of the Gods waiting for you and surprisingly enough you find your girlfriend standing behind the Demon Lord, a smug smirk firmly planted on her face.
  37. >Alpollo simply nods to you as Hathor is the first to actually welcome you. "It's nice to see another mortal ascend, especially one that was so kind to my priestesses. Welcome to your new home."
  38. >This is when the Demon Lord chooses to speak up, "I'm afraid you've been lied to Anon. For you see Janet doesn't exist and never has, she was merely my daughters attempt to prove me wrong and I must say for once I'm quite pleased to be proven wrong."
  39. >While she's saying all this your girlfriend transforms before your very eyes, revealing herself to be one of the Demon Lord's many daughters; a lillim.
  40. >All eyes are on you as they wait for you to put yourself back together and respond.
  41. >As you lean back in your chair you say the first thing that comes to mind, "It's party time."
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