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Press Release: AnonGrid Virtual World To Launch

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Jan 5th, 2019
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  1. Press Release: AnonGrid Virtual World To Launch
  3. Saturday - January 5, 2019 5:00 PM ET
  5. Greetings World --
  7. We have all seen the implosion of giant mega-corporation run social media as of late. Clearly, not only Anonymous, but the whole world - crave new virtual spaces in which to meet, network - and create. Spaces that WE control. The time has come to move beyond the two-dimensional places of "walls" and "pages". And so as we migrate out from these corporate social media disasters, we should look towards new and innovative 3D virtual spaces within which to build and meet.
  9. 15 years ago, Anonymous was born in part inside one such 3D world - SecondLife. But SL is yet another closed and commercialized space, the grid privately owned by the "Linden Family". An open source with the same 3D protocol, called OpenSim - has created a path of liberation and democratization from this closed system of internet-based virtual reality. The OpenSim Metaverse, consisting as it does, of tens of thousands of inter-connected privately hosted worlds, (many of them small and self-hosted) has opened a new era of access to advanced simulation technology.
  11. The AnonGrid project was conceived and begun several years ago. It is a hypergrid enabled stand-alone grid in the OpenSim Metaverse. A virtual world we can call our own. Using the latest and most advanced OpenSim software, with full voice services with sound physics provided by Vivox and trans-grid Metaverse currency GloeBit - AnonGrid is a premier world-class virtual 3D world of pure wonder and delight. Account sign up is easy and free, and we offer free land to everyone who wants to build in AnonGrid.
  13. AnonGrid and OpenSim contain all the necessary elements of "social media". You can friend other avatars, even those from other worlds. There is a built-in instant message system. There is even an internal mail system using note cards. You will have an internal profile system on which you can post. But more than just a mere "wall", here in virtual 3D reality your home can be....a whole house! And you can actually hang out with your friends, not just message them.
  15. The world-acclaimed immersive environment of the OpenSim platform has seen huge adoption by major educational institutions around the world. And this highly immersive 3D multi-media environment like-wise lends itself well to the presentation of the types of propaganda produced by Anonymous and other information activists. In other words, AnonGrid is an excellent place to not only network and organize, but to actually present your project to the public in a very impactful way. Space in the grid will be provided FREE for all viable projects.
  17. AnonGrid will bring together a number of cutting-edge technologies with which geeks and hacktivists should be more familiar. Artificial Intelligence, robotics - and the convergence of social movements with virtual environments will all be studied and explored in AnonGrid. Our Institute for Simulation Technology will offer both free and paid classes and seminars, as well as act as a venue for future tech conventions and meetings. On-going experiments and projects will be able to be viewed and studied. OpenSim really does bring together all of the latest and most cutting-edge tech, from multi-media to AI.
  19. After years of development and months of rigorous testing of the grid, we have deemed AnonGrid ready to enter the service of our movement - and of the world! And so on January 15th at noon we will officially declare the BETA period for AnonGrid to be over, and release as a service globally. The moment will be commemorated with a tweet and a brief in-world ceremony. Account sign up is free, and has been open for some time now. After the brief launch ceremony on the 15th, there will be a series of open house meet & greet events, with the AnonGrid Staff and founders available.
  21. We feel that the launch of AnonGrid is so auspicious that we intend to celebrate for four days. The 16th, 17th, and 18th we will continue with rolling open house meet & greet events. These will be announced on our Twitter feed, and listed on signboards posted prominently in-world. On January 19th we will hold a massive day-long official launch party in-world. Events will take place at multiple locations around the grid, culminating in the evening with an adult only party with live entertainment in our premier multi-media "Lucky Troll Casino".
  23. Journalists who would like a personal in-world tour of the grid and interview with our founder and Grid Master should sign up for an account and contact us. If you already have an OpenSim avatar from another hypergrid enabled world, that will work as well. The advent of this advanced technology into the sphere of information activism is something that should give all journalists pause. This really is a historic moment on the internet. We invite you all to come see for yourself.
  26. SINCERELY -- AnonGrid Staff
  28. -----------------------------
  30. Twitter - @HyperiaGrid
  32. Website -
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