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  1. Nitocris has joined the chat
  2. Nitocris: hey there
  3. OniNoYama: hellos
  4. Nitocris: I was just wondering something
  5. OniNoYama: yesh?
  6. Nitocris: are you still with Command?
  7. Nitocris: o 3o
  8. OniNoYama: yes why?
  9. Nitocris: oh really?
  10. OniNoYama: yeah
  11. Nitocris: ok...
  12. Nitocris: one sec
  13. OniNoYama: why do you ask though?
  14. Nitocris: he told me that you both brokeup
  15. Nitocris: i am looking for the message now
  16. OniNoYama: oh
  17. Nitocris: if you wanna see?
  18. OniNoYama: yeah I'd like to
  19. OniNoYama: did he persue you?
  20. Nitocris: i am looking for it
  21. Nitocris: yes
  22. OniNoYama: yeah if you have proof send it on my way, I'm one to hear someone out.
  23. Nitocris: add me on discord
  24. Nitocris: i only unadded you off here to get proof
  25. OniNoYama: Oninoyama#9320
  26. Nitocris: cant find you, Xaria#4686
  27. Nitocris: add me instead?
  28. OniNoYama: did it send
  29. Nitocris: yes
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