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Health Issues of Tech Co-Founder

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Jun 19th, 2014
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  1. I am the tech founder of a startup that makes mobile games, as such I have a great responsability, if I stop working, the whole startup grinds to a halt (in fact right now our biggest vulnerability is "being hit by a bus", if that happens to me I have no clue how the startup would continue).
  3. The problem is: A bus is not needed, my health is flagging on his own... First I have hypothyroidism, it went undiagnosed for 12 years because of the bad shape of endocrinology right now, it took bullying and threats to several medics before getting treated, and clearly it affects programming performance severely, usually right after adjusting the dose I commit 2 to 3 more lines added/removed to git.
  5. Hypothyroidism requires you to find a good dose of the medicine, or actually find the correct medicine, I am taking my chances with pure synthetic T4 because that is the only thing available on my country, a better medicine I have no clue how to get, and doctors here never heard of it, and trying to talk to them about it result into disapproving glares, like if I was talking about magic or shamanism.
  7. Second issue is Vitamin D, it is a self-compounding problem with hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism causes Vitamin D deficiency, and seemly Vitamin D deficiency ALSO worsens hypothyroidism), AND the fact I don't take any sun properly, it is winter here, and I have no appropriate place to go and bask in the sun with sufficient part of the body exposed, even in the summer to speak the truth, so I am taking Vitamin D supplement, and it is really expensive.
  9. Also I am have insane trouble controlling my weight, I am yet to find a safe place to exercise for free (I don't have money to pay a gym), and even with a carefully controlled diet my weight swings around madly (I managed to get 2kg lighter in 4 days, and then 4kg heavier in 2 days for example...)
  11. And I need new glasses, my current glasses are very old, but my current glasses are currently my most valuable property (with my laptop coming in second place), I cannot afford new glasses.
  13. I also need go to the dentist, it is 2 years since I last went into one to do routine maintenance (I have some orthodontical stuff that requires dentist to clean, at least once a year), but I cannot afford that either.
  15. This all is taking toll on me, making me feel sometimes depressed, specially the first issues (hypothyroidism, vitamin D and weight, the three issues are linked, and affect mental balance both directly in a chemical way and indirectly because of self-steem for example), what I am trying to do is just work, and keep working, and keep working, and... keep working, but this is looking like a auto-destruction path, I am not getting better either in health, or in my finances, but I don't see any solution, I don't have time and money to do basic things (like exercise, or carefully find my correct thyroid medicine, a process that might take years), but I cannot afford not to work, I am one of the young people that bought into the stupidity that having a degree would be better (it isn't, I never got a job because of my degree, my best paying job I had before I had it...) and now I have crazy student debts to repay, currently I expend half of my monthly before-tax earnings to repay debts.
  17. Anyone here has a solution on how I fix my health? I see it as the key to fixing lots of things, I failed job interviews because of it (hypothyroidism cause "brain fog", and twice I had bad episodes of this happen during techinical interviews), and I am probably not giving a first impression when trying to network with investing community either (with bad looking teeth, grossly overweight, hair looking horrible, old glasses, bad skin...)
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