Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 26th, 2014
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  1. >Ughhhh...
  2. >You take another sip of your drink as you slouch on the bar counter
  3. >You are Virgo and you are feeling a bit down
  4. >You down the rest of your drink in one swift motion and slam the glass on the counter
  5. >”Give me another one...”
  6. >the bartender pours another drink into your glass and then leaves you to wallow in your self pity
  7. >You stare at the glass as you think about your recent drop of popularity amongst the mares
  8. >And you let out yet another sigh
  9. >You are unsure what the problem is, you have not changed your approach towards all the pretty ladies, but recently there’s been less and less takers
  10. >not to mention some of your female friends have not been hanging out with you as much
  11. >You lift yourself up a bit and take a big swing
  12. >Maybe you’re just feeling somewhat lonely tonight, maybe this is just a passing down...
  13. >Whatever it is, you’re not enjoying this
  14. >and that’s why you are here at the bar, at a dead hour, just sulking and drinking your worries away
  15. >The sound of somepony slumping down to the stool next to you shakes you out of your thoughts
  16. “What a day...”
  17. >You recognize that voice
  18. >”Hexferryh?”
  19. >Hexferry hears your slur and turns to look at you before scoffing
  20. “Oh great, and now you too...”
  21. >You give her a glare
  22. >”Nice to see you too you... pissy bumblebee...”
  23. >Hexferry gasps as you down the rest of your drink without really caring
  24. >Now that you think about it, how many have you had already?
  25. >Who cares, you slam the glass back down
  26. >”Another one”
  28. >The bartender pours you another one after serving Hexferry her order
  29. >You stare at your glass
  30. >You can see Hexferrys reflection in it
  31. >She seems upset
  32. >...
  33. “I’m sorry...”
  34. >You almost fall off of your stool
  35. >You turn to look at Hexferry who stares at her own drink while blushing
  36. “I should not have acted so snide, just not feeling that cheerful today”
  37. >You stare at Hexferry for a moment before your intoxicated brain catches up with you
  38. >”Ok, not offended or something...”
  39. >And then you return to look at your glass again
  40. >You can see Hexferry being reflected on it
  41. >She looks a bit miserable...
  42. >Scratch that, she looks very miserable
  43. >You take the glass into your hoof and give your drink a swirl before downing it in one gulp and then turning to look at Hexferry
  44. >”S*hick So, why are you feeling down anyway?”
  45. >Hexferry glances at you while sipping her drink and then sets it down
  46. “No, just had a falling out with a friend...”
  47. >You rub the back of your head embarrassedly while trying to come up with something smart to say
  48. >”That’s uhh... bad? Hope you two will make up soon?”
  49. >This seems to amuse Hexferry a bit as you see the corner of her mouth twitch a bit before she sighs
  50. “It was a pretty big argument...”
  51. >And then she takes another sip of her drink and you turn to stare at your empty glass again
  52. >Wow, she actually looks really down, you’ve not really seen Hexferry looking like this
  53. >just a minute ago you were feeling annoyed at her and now this
  54. >you smirk a bit at the humor of this situation
  55. >Oh yeah, you could always try that to cheer her up
  56. >”So, want me to make you forget all of your troubles~?”
  57. >Hexferry turns to look at you as you wiggle your eyebrows and put on the best charming smirk on your face you can muster
  58. “What are you-“
  60. >You interrupt Hexferry by hopping down from the stool and striking a charmer pose
  61. >”What I me- Whoa!”
  62. >and you slip and fall to the floor
  63. “Pfff”
  64. >You glance upwards at the surprising voice
  65. >Hexferry is looking at you with a little amusement in her eyes and a bit of a smile hiding behind her hoof, before her face returns back to normal and she clears her throat while turning back to look at her glass
  66. “Virgo please don’t, you’re being embarrassing...”
  67. >”Fine fine...”
  68. >you can’t help but to feel a bit more cheerful as you climb back up
  69. >you tap your glass with your hoof and the bartender glances at you and shakes his head
  70. >You shrug and then turn once again to look at Hexferry who glances at you before looking forward and taking another sip
  71. >”I think I’ll take my leave now, hopefully your evening brightens up”
  72. >You hop down the stool but before you can take a single step you feel a hoof on your shoulder
  73. >you look back
  74. >Hexferry has her hoof on your shoulder
  75. >You don’t even try to mask the surprise on your face as you look at Hexferry, who looks away
  76. “Please stay, that is if you feel like it, n-not that I’d want to you stay, I mean...”
  77. >You smirk and climb back to sitting next to her
  78. >”Allright, I’ll keep you company honey bunny”
  79. >Hexferry shakes her head
  80. “On second thought please go...”
  81. >But then she smiles a bit again
  82. >You settle down next to Hexferry and lean your head on your hoof and stare at her as she sips the last of her drink
  83. >”If you need to let it out I can lend my ear though”
  84. >Hexferry sets her now empty glass down before smiling, but this time the small smile does not leave her face right away
  85. “That’s no the only thing you are thinking of lending to me is it?”
  86. >you stare at Hexferry in surprise which makes her blush deepen
  87. “N-nevermind...”
  88. >your grin just grows wider now which just makes Hexferry scowl
  89. “S-stop it”
  91. >You just keep smiling wider which irks her more and she spins on her stool to face you
  92. “Virgo I m-Waaaah!”
  93. >But the stool suddenly shifts due to Hexferrys sudden movement
  94. >Hexferry looses balance and falls forward, right towards you
  95. >you try to catch her and loose your own balance as well and the two of you stumble and fall to the bar floor
  96. >Well, you fall and Hexferry falls on top of you with your faces ending up inches away from each others
  97. >you stare in surprise at Hexferrys equally surprised eyes as you feel her breath tickle your snout
  98. >and you wiggle your eyebrows at Hexferry, which makes her blush the reddest you have seen her yet to be as she squeaks and quickly pulls away from on top of you
  99. >As you sit back up you find her glaring at you angrily with a scrunch while blushing
  100. >But before either of you can say anything the bartender clears his throat
  101. “I think you two have had enough”
  102. >Hexferry opens her mouth to protest but the bartender returns to cater for other customers, leaving Hexferry closing her mouth back up
  103. >Hexferry snorts and gets up, looking too tired to proof the bartender otherwise
  104. >You get up as well and rush after her as she leaves the bar
  105. >”Hexferry wait”
  106. >you catch up to her just outside the bar
  107. >she looks a bit down once again, not as much as she was at the bar, but still noticeably down with her ears flat and her antennae droopy as she hangs her head a bit
  108. >Hexferry stops and waits fro you to continue
  109. >”How about you come over to my place?”
  110. >Hexferry lets out a tired sigh
  111. “I’m not in the mood for your-”
  112. >Before Hexferry can continue you interrupt her
  114. >”I mean to have a drink, you seem so down I can’t really just let you go and sulk at your own house now can I?”
  115. >Hexferry looks at you and then her expression suddenly softens
  116. “Thanks for the offer Virgo, but I think I’ll just go home for today”
  117. >You look at Hexferry and give her a little smile of your own
  118. >”How about I join you~”
  119. >Hexferry lets out a little laugh
  120. “You’re always like this aren’t you?”
  121. >You just laugh a little and give her a nod
  122. >Hexferry now looks at you with an emotion you can not really place anywhere
  123. “You’re an ok guy...”
  124. >Before you can react Hexferry suddenly seems surprised at her own words
  125. “J-just forget I said that...”
  126. >And with hat she takes flight and flies off towards her own house, leaving you dumbfounded
  127. >You shake your head to clear your thoughts
  128. >Maybe you should just head back home as well and go to sleep
  129. >As you start making your way home you can’t help but to feel a bit happier than you were before
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