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  1. Your reply got shadow banned. I read it off your profile. Mine are too, btw.
  3. Reddit is terrible about censorship. So if you think you're actually getting all sides of an argument here, this absurd censorship should prove otherwise. Anyways...
  5. Having a right to self defense does mean having a right to own a weapon. Smaller physically weaker people should not have to rely on their bare hands to fend off an attacker. A gun is an equalizer that allows ANYONE to defend themselves from anyone else, no matter the size.
  7. And yes owning a gun is a human right. It's in the constitution, it's not up for debate, and you get no vote in whether or not it's allowable.
  9. Welcome to America. Don't like it? Move to Europe where they have open borders, no free speech, and no right to defend yourself. London has a higher homicide rate than the NYC, BTW. So fat lot of good all their anti-gun laws did.
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