Electric Feel

Nov 30th, 2015
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  1. Ryan was having a very bad day.
  3. His job as a clerk for his town's Electronics Warehouse usually wasn't too bad. The place didn't get a lot of traffic so he recognized about half the people who wandered in on any given day. Most were the standard techie type or people like the office lady who came in once a week to buy printer cartridges, but there were some oddballs too; a paranoid paladin who came for surveillance equipment, the Succubus stalking him who also came for surveillance equipment, a Thunderbird who always bought random crap that Ryan suspected she was using as parts for something sexual and illegal. They were all great people, friendly and easy to deal with.
  5. Today wasn't a normal day though — it was Black Friday. That meant less regulars and more idiots. He spent most of 8 hours dealing with people who didn't know the difference between DVI and VGA, people who couldn't read the giant signs hanging from the ceiling, and people who didn't know the name of what they were looking for and tried to communicate it to him through a game of charades.
  7. Once the crowds finally died down and the store emptied out he had a chance to check his missed calls and messages. One of them was a text from his high school buddy, the one he was planning to rent an apartment with. He was backing out at the last minute. That meant Ryan was probably stuck living with his parents for at least another year.
  9. "Are you still open?" A woman's voice called from the door.
  11. "Yeah!" Ryan said as he looked up from his phone. "We're open till 10, you've still got 45 minutes."
  13. "Oh, good," the woman said. She entered and the door clicked shut behind her. "I thought I was too late."
  15. Ryan stared at her. Her hair dye, makeup and piercings made her look like she was on her way to a rave, but her dress looked like something you'd wear to a wedding. She was also very hot.
  17. He pulled his eyes off her curves and said, "Uh, most of the big deals are already sold out, though."
  19. She smiled at him in a way that made him blush. "Well, maybe if I look around I'll find something left over, just for me."
  21. "Ah-ahaha, yeah."
  23. She didn't show much interest in looking around, though. After watching him for a minute she pointed to his phone and asked, "bad news?"
  25. "Oh, no, just my friend," Ryan said. He closed the text and slipped the phone back into his pocket. "He uh, wanted me to come down to the club." He could feel his face growing hotter as he thought furiously at himself 'Lame! That was super lame! This town doesn't even have a "club"!'.
  27. Her smile widened. She walked over to him and leaned on the counter he was standing behind. "Oh? Are you not going?" She asked.
  29. "Uh, well..." It was too late to fix his mistake but Ryan decided the truth was better here than making up some lame excuse. "I can't dance."
  31. The woman's eyes lit up. So did her hair. The neon blue streaks of dye in it glowed and flickered for a second before going back to normal. Not dye, then. "Is that so? Now that won't do, and handsome thing like you not being about to dance."
  33. She walked around the counter and pulled Ryan out from behind it, ignoring his protests. Two fuzzy blue-streaked ears that had been buried in her hair before were now upright and wiggling atop her head. Her fingers were tipped in little ivory claws instead of normal nails. She obviously wasn't human but Ryan had no idea what species she was.
  35. She took him out into an empty space and interlaced her fingers with his, then started dragging him through some basic dances. He tripped all over her and tried to wriggle away but she just laughed and kept going, walking him through the steps.
  37. Once he got the hang of it she stopped and pulled him tighter. "Alright, now you lead. Just do the same thing I was doing." She changed the position of her hands and showed him where to put his.
  39. Ryan had to put all of his concentration into it just to keep from stepping on her. He paused when he heard music start playing through the store's speaker system, but she pulled him back into it and murmured, "a little music should make it easier for you to keep the rhythm."
  41. It did help. He actually started having fun after a while. As his movements got smoother the lights dimmed and the music picked up. With his confidence growing he decided to do something tricky. He held her out for a spin, which she pulled off perfectly. When he pulled her back to his body she pressed up against him. He felt two odd-shaped bumps atop gloriously soft mounds then a surge of warmth and pleasure rushed across his chest. He gasped. The surprise made him miss a step and when he tried to catch up his feet tangled. He fell over and pulled his partner down with him.
  43. She stood back up laughing and helped him to his feet. "Now now, can't let yourself get caught off guard like that," she said.
  45. Still out of breath, Ryan panted, "Wha..."
  47. Before he could get his question out she pulled him back into the dance.
  49. She held him much tighter after that. Whenever their bodies pressed together he got another surge of that warmth. Now that he was expecting it it stopped being so shocking and started being...nice. It felt like a hot shower on a cold day, but all at once.
  51. "Seems like you're getting used to it," she said. "Let's try something different..."
  53. The music suddenly changed. Instead of the generic dance music that had been playing, this was something he recognized — MGMT's Electric Feel.
  55. The dancing changed too. She guided him into a simple pattern, moving in step with the beat. Once he had it she started doing something different. It was a swaying, grinding dance that emphasized her curves, often by pushing them into him. It made him feel like a stripper's pole. It made his mouth dry and his pulse race.
  57. Arcs of electricity coming off the dancers provided them with nearly as much illumination as the overhead lights did. As close as they were, the surges of pleasure were dancing across his skin constantly. Combined with the feel of her body and the way she looked moving like that, it was nearly enough to send him over the edge.
  59. He tried to distract himself with the music but that wasn't much help — the lyrics just kept reminding him of his situation. So he tried talking. "You know, I never really payed much attention to the words before, but this song is pretty suggestive, especially with a girl who actually-"
  61. She wrapped both hands around the back of his neck and pulled his mouth onto hers. While kissing him she put one of her thighs between his and hooked the other leg around his waist. Holding herself at that awkward angle, she worked her crotch against his so persistently that Ryan was starting to think she was trying to have sex with him and forgot they were wearing clothes. Then she slipped her tongue into his mouth. For a fraction of a second he could feel a cold, smooth metal nub on either side of her tongue — one pressing into the roof of his mouth, the other pressing into the top of his tongue.
  63. Then it hit. A blast of mind-numbing pleasure that ran from his tongue, through the core of his body, down to his groin. It felt like all of his internal organs were having an orgasm at once.
  65. His vision went white and the next thing he knew he was on his back, naked, with his dance partner straddling him. She wasn't naked but her dress was in such ruins that she was fully exposed anyways. Her face was flushed and there was an arc of electricity jumping between the small steel rings hanging from her nipples.
  67. "Sorry," she panted, "I'll buy you a new uniform." She reached down and pulled a smoldering scrap of metal off her clit then tossed it away. Then she dug into her smoking purse and pulled out a new ring which she clipped on where the old one came off. It's was a clip-on. Something struck Ryan as odd about that but he had other matters to worry about — it wasn't hard to figure out what was coming.
  69. "Somebody might come," he said, looking at the door.
  71. "I turned off the sign."
  73. Before he could get another word out she was kissing him again. He felt his somehow still erect penis press against the lips of her pussy and the last of his reason left him.
  75. He woke very early the next morning in the break room. He was in a bubble-wrap sleeping bag and wearing a spare uniform, apparently the work of his mysterious dance partner. She was nowhere to be seen but after looking around a bit he noticed a phone number written in eyeliner on his palm.
  79. A few days later Ryan was in his room staring at his phone, trying to decide if today was a good day to call. He didn't want to do it too soon, it would make him seem clingy or desperate.
  81. Suddenly, he heard the front door open and his mom shouted, "Honey, are you home?"
  83. He called back, "What's up?"
  85. "One of my friends from work is here, I want you to come meet her!"
  87. Ryan sighed and headed for the living room. His mom was waiting there with a nondescript office lady with dark hair. Ryan recognized her.
  89. "Ryan, this is Nichole," his mom said.
  91. "I know you," Ryan responded. "You come into my work sometimes to buy ink cartridges."
  93. "Oh, no way! The place your crush works is Ryan's store!?" His mom laughed. "Rye, listen to this. This girl-" Nichole is bright red and is shaking her head vehemently at Ryan's mom but she ignores it and keeps going "-she has a crush on a guy at your store so she goes in there every week to ask him out, but she always chickens out and buys a printer cartridge instead! We've got a whole pile of the useless things at the office and she's too embarrassed to return them!"
  95. As his mother tried to burst a lung laughing, Ryan stared at the mortified office lady next to her. Now that he took a closer look, he realized he had seen her do a lot more than buy printer cartridges recently.
  97. "Hey, Mom, why don't you make your friend some tea? You're always saying you want a chance to use that tea set you have."
  99. "What a wonderful idea! A suspicious idea, but wonderful none the less." As his mother left she said over her shoulder, "Don't let that little Casanova flirt with you now, Nichole."
  101. As soon as his mother was gone Ryan said, "You looked different last night."
  103. "I'm sorry," Nichole said. She was staring at the ground and was still bright red. "I didn't know how young you were. Please don't tell your mother, she'll murder me."
  105. "I don't think she'd actually murder you. She might try really hard but you can probably take her in a fight."
  107. "That's not funny," Nichole complained.
  109. "It's not a joke. What happened to your piercings?" Ryan asked.
  111. "They're clip-ons."
  113. "All of them?"
  115. She nodded. "I'm afraid of needles."
  117. "You know, if this is what you're normally like, what you pulled off last night was very impressive."
  119. "Can we please stop talking about that?" Nichole whimpered.
  121. "Alright. On one condition: what kind of food do you prefer for a dinner date?"
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