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  1. 3x Cherry Blossom with Curtain
  2. 2x Clover with Boar
  3. 2x Maple with Deer
  4. 2x Paluownia
  5. 2x Paluownia with Phoenix
  6. 3x Peony with Butterfly
  7. 2x Pine
  8. 2x Pine with Crane
  9. 3x Willow
  10. 3x Willow with Calligrapher
  11. 2x Zebra Grass
  12. 2x Zebra Grass with Moon
  13. (The next cards don't have Flower Cardian in name)
  14. 2x Flower Gathering
  15. 3x Flower Stacking
  16. 2x Recardination
  17. 1x ROTA (Reinforcement of the Army)
  18. 3x Super Koi Koi
  21. 3x Wee Witch's Apprentice
  22. 3x Boardefly
  23. 3x Moonflowerviewing
  24. 3x Lightflare
  25. 3x Lightshower
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