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  1. Key: Guility
  2. Planned Name: Zark
  3. Rank/Rare you are apping for: LSSJ
  4. How will you promote RP?: I am really active when it comes to Rp`ing with each other. Imma going to play friendly to other saiyans kind of guy, with a lot of interaction with other players. I dont enjoy staying in locked home and training solo. It sure isint fun for me and for other players as well. Im gonna try to make a relationship with almost everyone on the planet. And just be an active player with a lot of Rp.
  5. Plans for the wipe: To build a relationship between me and other saiyans, gather saiayns in one group just for the good ammount of RP. I would like to have my on squad in the saiyan army it would be interesting. Try to be a leader for other saiyans untill someone kill me. Maybe early in the wipe open some kind of a gym or martial arts studio or even maybe build some kind of a village.
  6. Sample of RP:
  8. * Year 86, Planet Vegeta*
  10. Zark, a young boy, who is always wearing the same outfit each day. Everyone on the planet knew who  Zark is, but not because of his boring fashion style. It was because, he was the only kid who didint know how to fight properly, he didint know how to control his energy flow, eventhough he was training like everybody else.. But the worst thing was that he was eight years old.. At this age most of the kids were fighting like crazy, throwing KI blasts, flying in the air, but Zark.. He was different. Others thought of Zark like a „disgrace to saiyan race“ that`s because saiyan race is a warrior race and Zark didint look like one.. Zark believed everything that others said:
  11. „ You will never be a warrior Zark“  „ Zark you`ll get killed soon, because you brought shame to our race“ „ Our king wants to send you somewhere far away“ Eventhough Zark believed everything, but he still trained.. He wanted to become a martial artis, a warrior, he wanted be become normal, like everybody else he was thinking like that untill:
  13. * Year 88, Planet Vegeta*
  15. Zark was training alone like he always did, and suddenly out of nowhere, five other saiyans came, it was his peers. They began watching how Zark is training. They laughed while he was training, they were saying the same thing, that he is weak, and that he shouldnt be a saiyan. But little that Zark knew, they didint came just to laught at him, they came to beat him up, to hurt him, to prove that he is a mistake saiyan. One by one they attacked Zark, one saiyan was hitting his head, while other four was holding him. He began screaming, crying. His peers started to laugh even more: „ Look Zarkie is crying, like a baby..“ ,- and right after his words a straight punch to Zark mouth came. Zark fell on the ground.. He was bleeding, his body was injured. He was still crying on the ground. Then one saiyan said „ we should just leave him here, like both of his parents did “ other guy added „ They definitely left him cause saw how weak he is haha“. Zark was ready to give up.. And out of nowhere strange feeling inside him started to firing him up, he never felt that way, he didint know what is this strange feeling.. He was feeling so strong, aura around him started flaring around, the ground began to shake one guy of the group asked „ Wha- What is going on“ everyone was looking, they were scared to go near this kind of energy around Zark. Zark suddenly jumped in the air and with tears in his eyes, he landed next to the guy who said mean things about his parents, and knocked him down in just one hit. Other tried to help him, but Zark beated them one by one, the feeling inside of him, was energy that he was hiding all his time, and he didint knew about it. And at this moment Zark realized that it is normal to be different and unique. Everyone on the planet felt that energy from Zark, everyone began calling Zark, the most talented kid on Vegeta.
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