Accel World: The Seven Arcs and Legions

HimekoTachibana Aug 11th, 2012 310 Never
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  1. Name                    - Form                                          - Owner
  2. *The Impulse            - Broadsword                                    - Blue Knight
  3. *The Tempets            - Staff                                         - Purple Thorn
  4. *The Strife             - Shield                                        - Green Grande
  5. *The Infinity           - Chinese Sword (too straight to be a katana)   - Azure Heir
  6.                                                                         (Trilead Tetraoxide)
  7. *The Destiny            - Armor                                         - Sealed
  8. (^Former owners > Saffron Blossom> Chrome Falcon)
  9. (Falcon use the IS to fuse The Destiny and his own Sword,
  10. The Star Caster into The Disaster Armor)
  11. *The Luminary           - Unknown                                       - Possible: White Cosmos
  12. *The Fluctuating Light  - Unknown                                       - Never been claimed.
  13.                                                                           Wanted by Haru.
  15. White Legion: Oscillatory Universe
  16. Black Legion: Nega Nebulas
  17. Red Legion: Prominence
  18. Blue Legion: Leonids
  19. Green Legion: Great Wall
  20. Purple Legion: Auroral Oval
  21. Yellow Legion: Crypto Cosmic Circus
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