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Sep 7th, 2012
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <channels>
  3. <channel id="0010" type="0" addr="sop://">NHK 総合</channel>
  4. <channel id="0020" type="0" addr="sop://">NHK Eテレ</channel>
  5. <channel id="0040" type="0" addr="sop://">日本テレビ</channel>
  6. <channel id="0050" type="0" addr="sop://">テレビ朝日</channel>
  7. <channel id="0060" type="0" addr="sop://">TBSテレビ</channel>
  8. <channel id="0070" type="0" addr="sop://">テレビ東京</channel>
  9. <channel id="0080" type="0" addr="sop://">フジテレビ</channel>
  10. <channel id="0140" type="0" addr="sop://">毎日放送</channel>
  11. <channel id="0150" type="0" addr="sop://">読売テレビ</channel>
  12. <channel id="0160" type="0" addr="sop://">朝日放送(ABC)</channel>
  13. <channel id="0170" type="0" addr="sop://">関西テレビ</channel>
  14. <channel id="0180" type="0" addr="sop://">テレビ大阪</channel>
  15. <channel id="0260" type="0" addr="sop://">サンテレビ</channel>
  16. <channel id="1010" type="0" addr="sop://">NHK BS1</channel>
  17. <channel id="1030" type="0" addr="sop://">NHK BSプレミアム HD</channel>
  18. <channel id="1031" type="0" addr="sop:// ">NHK BSプレミアム</channel>
  19. <channel id="1410" type="0" addr="sop:// ">BS 日テレ</channel>
  20. <channel id="1510" type="0" addr="sop:// ">BS 朝日</channel>
  21. <channel id="1610" type="0" addr="sop://">BS TBS</channel>
  22. <channel id="1710" type="0" addr="sop://">BSジャパン</channel>
  23. <channel id="1810" type="0" addr="sop:// ">BS フジ</channel>
  24. <channel id="1910" type="0" addr="sop://">WOWOWプライム HD</channel>
  25. <channel id="1911" type="0" addr="sop:// ">WOWOWプライム</channel>
  26. <channel id="2450" type="0" addr="sop://">J SPORTS 4 HD</channel>
  27. <channel id="2451" type="0" addr="sop:// ">J SPORTS 4</channel>
  28. <channel id="6010" type="0" addr="sop://">ゴルフネットワーク HD</channel>
  29. <channel id="6011" type="0" addr="sop://">ゴルフネットワーク</channel>
  30. <channel id="6320" type="0" addr="sop://">ムービープラス HD</channel>
  31. <channel id="6321" type="0" addr="sop:// ">ムービープラス</channel>
  32. <channel id="6690" type="0" addr="sop://">キッズステーション HD</channel>
  33. <channel id="6691" type="0" addr="sop://">キッズステーション</channel>
  34. <channel id="7010" type="0" addr="sop://">Discovery</channel>
  35. <channel id="7011" type="0" addr="sop://">Discovery World</channel>
  36. <channel id="7012" type="0" addr="sop://">Discovery Travel</channel>
  37. <channel id="7013" type="0" addr="sop://">Discovery Science</channel>
  38. <channel id="7020" type="0" addr="sop://">National Geographic</channel>
  39. <channel id="7021" type="0" addr="sop://">Nat Geo Wild</channel>
  40. <channel id="7030" type="0" addr="sop://">Animal Planet</channel>
  41. <channel id="7040" type="0" addr="sop://">HBO</channel>
  42. <channel id="7041" type="0" addr="sop://">HBO Romania</channel>
  43. <channel id="7050" type="0" addr="sop://">TV 1000</channel>
  44. <channel id="7060" type="0" addr="sop://">AXN</channel>
  45. <channel id="7061" type="0" addr="sop://">AXN Crime</channel>
  46. <channel id="7062" type="0" addr="sop://">AXN SciFi</channel>
  47. <channel id="7070" type="0" addr="sop://">Disney</channel>
  48. <channel id="7080" type="0" addr="sop://">Boomerang</channel>
  49. <channel id="7090" type="0" addr="sop://">Cartoon Network</channel>
  50. <channel id="7100" type="0" addr="sop://">Romstyle TV</channel>
  51. <channel id="7110" type="0" addr="sop://">グリーンチャンネル</channel>
  52. </channels>
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