Old (first?) 2015 bully sonata green unfinished to do

May 24th, 2017
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  1. >She's been doing this for two months now.
  2. >At first, you were scared, like any boy your age would be if a girl two or so years older than him came and forcefully took his money.
  3. >To buy tacos.
  4. >You've seen her from afar before. Everyone told you to stay away from her and her friends, and you did just that, but being only a couple lockers away from hers forced you both to cross every now and then.
  5. >Every time you did, you feigned busying yourself in whatever reasons you could find to not look at her, hoping she would just ignore you.
  6. >And that worked. As time went on you started to cast glances here and there, mostly when you knew she wouldn't see you looking in her direction.
  7. >You started to wonder about all those rumors about her.
  8. >Sure, her friends were bitches, but she just seemed to follow them around.
  9. >After glancing you started 'looking' at her. Her ponytail, her small frame, her smile.
  10. >After looking you started to stare at her. The kind of clothes she wore, the way she moved, the motions her hands did depending on her mood.
  11. >She was flat out gorgeous. Totally your type. You think.
  12. >Not that you had any experience, being a kissless virgin and all.
  13. >Playing video games and shitposting on the internet all day long was totally worth it.That's what you told yourself anyway
  16. >"Come on Ari, lend me some money! It's taco tuesday!!"
  17. >"No way I'm giving you anymore money. You already owe me at least twenty bucks."
  18. >"But that's from like, a WEEK ago!"
  19. >"That's why it's called taco "tuesday", stupid."
  20. >Sonata starts pouting, quivering lips and all, and you think you can even see the start of a tear on the corner of left eye.
  21. >"But how am I going to get money if you don't give it to me!"
  22. >"I don't care."
  23. >"You're going to let me starve to death?! I thought we were like, family and all! Don't you remember all the moments we shared? The tacos, the slumber parties, the jokes, the tacos??" Sonata said enumerating each on her fingers.
  24. >"Okay, okay I get it, just stop making this face."
  25. >"And these noises too."
  26. >"So, you're going to lend me some money??" You can't help but smile after seeing how happy she seems to be.
  27. >"No."
  28. >"..." She needs a couple seconds to take in Aria's response. "B-b-but you just sai-MMmph"
  29. >"I'm NOT going to give you money, but I'll show you an easy and simple way to get some quick cash, this way you won't ever bother me again. Okay?"
  31. >Something bad is going to happen, you can feel it.
  32. >Aria turns around, looking left and right searching for a target.
  33. >There's only a handful of students in the hallway, all gasping when they understand what's going to happen.
  34. >When Aria's eyes comes your way, you turn around quickly and starts praying.
  35. >"You!" Another series of gasps, following sounds of people hurrying stuff inside their backpacks and lockers closing.
  36. >You're paralyzed, you can't move, let alone look her way to see if she's talking to you or not.
  37. >You're doomed, it was obviously directed to you...
  38. >You hear Aria's locker closing and her footsteps coming your way.
  39. >Ohshitohshitohshitohshit
  40. >A loud smack to your left.
  41. >"Give me your money little man!"
  42. >Whimpers and stutters.
  44. >You look with the corner of your eyes to the left.
  45. >Poor guy got caught. Better him than you tho.
  47. >She's holding him, fists firmly closed around his collar.
  48. >"Just give me everything you have and nothing bad will happen to you..." She smirks when he starts stuttering again.
  49. >"I-I d-d-don't have m-much!" He's trembling, scared but still trying to find a way out.
  50. >Aria squints, growls and finally pushes him harder against the locker behind him.
  51. >You can see his eyes losing any faith left.
  52. >"O-okay, p-p-lease don't hurt me!" She smirks again, a satisfied expression on her face before releasing him.
  53. >He shuffles a bit and get his wallet out, instantly picked up by the bully.
  54. >"There you go! That wasn't so bad, was it??" She says while petting his head, harder than he expected.
  55. >She shuffles the wallet around, unloading it from any money.
  56. >She drops the wallet to the ground before walking back to her locker.
  57. >"See how it's done? Just do what I just did and they'll give you what you want."
  59. >"But what if they don't give it to me? What if they say no??"
  60. >"Well duh, just improvise, show you're in charge, that you're stronger than them." She packs a couple of books in her backpack before closing her locker.
  61. >"Do whatever feels right, really."
  62. >Sonata hugs her, showing a beaming smile.
  63. >"Thanks Ari, I knew I could count on you, you're a real sistah!"
  64. >Aria struggles a bit before finally breaking the hug.
  65. >"Yeah, whatever. Just hurry up, it's english class next, and this old geezer is taking any opportunities he's got to keep us in after class."
  66. >"Mmh-Mmh." Sonata nods.
  67. >"Let's try this out!" She turns around searching for her own target, finding nothing but your eyes on hers.
  68. >Why didn't you gtfo earlier, you don't really know.
  69. >It's too late now, you can't run away anymore, you can't even look away from the beautiful, but fearsome creature strolling straight towards you, a mischievous smile adorning her face.
  70. >When she's in reach, she lifts both her arms and places her hands on each side of your head.
  71. >You have to look up now, she's a few inches taller than you.
  72. >"Hey there little man!"
  74. >Your eyes go left and right, seeking any escape means.
  75. >You lower your head and darts to your left, but she grabs your right wrist and draws you back in front of her before pushing you back against the cold metal.
  76. >You didn't expect her to be so strong.
  77. >"Hey! Where do you think you're going??" She tightens her grip on your wrist.
  78. >Fuck she's mad now.
  79. "I-I don't have any money! Let me go please.."
  80. >You did of course, but who knows, maybe she'll let you go if you play nice.
  81. >"Ohhhh I bet you do!" You gasp when you feel her free hand on your hips, slowly lowering until it finds a pocket.
  82. >You fidget a bit, trying to loosen her grip, but she bashes your hand against the locker, making you wince.
  83. >"Stop moving! If you try anything else, I'll get mad, for realsies!" As to prove her point, she closes the distance between you and pushes her right leg between your legs, her kneel dangerously aligned with your boys.
  85. "O-o-okay, don't do this, my wallet is in my front pocket! Don't hurt meeeeeeeee-"
  86. >As you give up she starts rummaging through the front pocket of your jeans, the alien sensations making you whimper like a bitch.
  87. >You're ashamed of letting out such sounds in front of someone, let alone a hot girl standing only a couple inches away from you, forcefully holding you against the screeching metal doors.
  88. >The realization of the situation hits you like a truck. Your heartbeat goes wild, so is your mind. You inhale deeply, trying to regain control of yourself, but that only makes it worse when her sweet smell hits your nostrils.
  89. >You feel weak, all the strength you had before, the desire to resist, everything is gone in a heartbeat.
  91. "O-other p-"
  92. >She doesn't wait for you to finish, eventually switching sides and slides her right hand inside your left pocket, instantly finding your wallet.
  93. >Her hand was so close to your semi-hard chub, if only...
  94. >You don't even realize your free wrist before she's done plucking your wallet from any money.
  95. >She steps back, finally removing the threatening knee from in between your legs.
  96. >She grins at the bills she just took from you, there wasn't much, but she looked at it as if she just won the lottery.
  97. >"It really is easy! Tacos here I come~! Ahaha~" She turns around and starts strolling through the hallways once again, humming a happy tune.
  98. >And just like that, it was over.
  99. >"Thank you little man! See you next week~"
  100. >You tried to tell yourself you hated this situation, that you hated her.
  101. >But in the end, you just hated the fact that they only sold tacos on Tuesdays.
  102. >Fuck
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