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  1. [Overview]
  3. <p>Maractus is outclassed as a Grass-type in nearly every aspect. Roselia and Cacturne outclass it as a Spikes user, while Victreebel, Exeggutor, and most other Chlorophyll Pokemon outclass it as a sun sweeper. Its best niche is a utility Spikes setter who can defeat a few common leads, such as Golem and Seismitoad. Maractus is rather slow, though it is less hindering as it stll outspeeds most common Stealth Rock users. With a bland movepool and low bulk, Maractus has little else to make it stand out and should stick to its small role.</p>
  5. [SET]
  6. name: Spikes
  7. move 1: Spikes
  8. move 2: Bullet Seed
  9. move 3: Grass Knot
  10. move 4: Sucker Punch
  11. item: Focus Sash
  12. ability: Storm Drain
  13. nature: Naughty
  14. evs: 252 Atk / 48 SAtk / 208 Spe
  18. <p>This set makes the best use of Maractus by using it as a lead against some common Stealth Rock setters. Spikes is the best support move Maractus has, and it usually has at least one opportunity to set up if you lead with it. Bullet Seed is what differentiates this set from Cacturne, as Maractus is the only Grass-type in NU that can legally use it alongside Spikes. It allows Maractus to defeat Golem even through Sturdy, which is useful to prevent it from setting up Stealth Rock. Grass Knot is a more reliable STAB move that allows Maractus to OHKO Golurk and physically defensive Seismitoad before it can set up Stealth Rock. Sucker Punch provides useful priority, and helps damage Pokemon that Maractus can't outspeed.</p>
  22. <p>Maractus has poor bulk, so a Focus Sash is the best way to guarantee that Maractus survives at least one turn. The EVs allow Maractus to OHKO Golurk and outspeed Jolly Golem. Max Attack investment allows Maractus to have a good chance to OHKO utility Golem with 3 hits from Bullet Seed. Hidden Power Ice is a possible option as it allows Maractus to threaten the rare Altaria, while Hidden Power Rock lets it threaten Charizard and other Fire-types. Giga Drain can be used over Grass Knot as a reliable STAB move, but the lower power prevents it from OHKOing Golurk and it is too frail to make the recovery meaningful. Endeavor is a viable move with Focus Sash, as Maractus is frail enough to be hit down to 1 HP most of the time. As Maractus aims to set up Spikes, Ghost-type teammates, such as Haunter and Drifblim, are good teammates to prevent them from easily being removed by Rapid Spin. Golurk is a notable teammate as it lures out Seismitoad and Jynx for Maractus, allowing it to OHKO them with Grass Knot and Sucker Punch respectively. Rock-types, such as Golem and Regirock, are valuable teammates as they can handle Kangaskhan and the Fire- and Flying-types that threaten Maractus; as a bonus, they can also set up Stealth Rock to compliment the Spikes Maractus sets up. Charizard is a good teammate, as it appreciates Maractus' ability to defeat common Stealth Rock setters and Water-types; in return, Charizard can overpower Grass-types and several Taunt users, such as Serperior and Misdreavus.</p>
  24. [Other Options]
  26. <p>Maractus can make use of Chlorphyll by setting up Sunny Day along while using Spikes, making it the fastest Spikes user in the sun. Unfortunately, Maractus doesn't set up both moves very often due to its mediocre bulk, even with investment. Knock Off can be used to cripple certain Pokemon, but it isn't really worth the moveslot. Cotton Guard can patch up Maractus' poor Defense, but it is still vulnerable to special moves. A physical offensive set with Wood Hammer, Sucker Punch, Drain Punch, and Substitute can be used, but it is entirely outclassed by Cacturne and Maractus has mediocre Attack. Grasswhistle can cripple a Pokemon, but the horrible accuracy makes it unworthy of a moveslot most of the time.</p>
  28. [Checks and Counters]
  30. <p>It isn't too hard to counter Maractus, and there are ways to stop t from setting up Spikes as well. Kangaskhan easily stops Maractus by using Fake Out to break its Focus Sash, and then using Double Edge to finish it off. Natu completely walls Maractus, and doesn't take much damage even from Sucker Punch. Most Taunt users can stop Maractus froms setting up Spikes, many such as Serperior, Skuntank, and Misdreavus take little from any of its moves. Mandibuzz is notable as it can also Roost off any possible damage basically ignore all of Maractus' moves. Rapid Spin users, such as Torkoal and Armaldo, can remove the Spikes Maractus sets up, though Maractus can defeat Wartortle. Jynx can use Lovely Kiss to prevent Maractus from setting up, though it has to be wary of Sucker Punch.</p>
  32. <p>Maractus is frail and slow, so most offensive Pokemon have no trouble taking it out. Fire-types, such as Rapidash and Charizard, can easily roast Maractus. Charizard even has a chance to prevent Maractus from setting up Spikes thanks to Air Slash's flinch chance. Flying-types, such as Swellow and Rotom-S, can also easily handle Maractus. Most Grass-types, such as Roselia and Tangela, wall Maractus and can hit it with a super effective move or put it to sleep. Any offensive Pokemon that can take a Sucker Punch has a good chance of 2HKOing Maractus and limiting the amount of Spikes it may set up.</p>
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