Half-Moon in Equestria 9

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  1. When you stand up, the lights turn on suddenly, temporarely blinding you. All around you you can hear cheers, party buzzers, and "Welcome to Ponyville"s. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see dozens of ponys filling the library, many dressed for a party, which you could guess this was.
  2. "Welcome to Ponyville Anon" they all say together. Looking around the room, you can see Twilight and her friends. Suddenly a Pink pony, you recognize as being the one from the bakery, Pinkie Pie if you remember correctly, is in front of you bouncing up and down.
  3. "Im Pinkie Pie , Equestrias greatest party thrower, and best friend to all the ponys in Ponyville. I hope you don't mind me throwing you this party, I do this for everypony new who comes to Ponyville, though I guess you are'nt a pony. Hmnnnn I wonder if I should have thrown a party for you. I think Twilight called you a shoo umm hoo, hooman I think it was, well anyway enjoy your party" And suddenly you find yourself being push into the crowd by the small pink bundle of energy that is Pinkie Pie".
  4. You sid down by the food table, which is covered in all sorts of pastries, salads and drinks. You were too big to move around the room easily, so instead ponys who wanted to meet you came to you. One of the first, is a Mint green unicorn who introduces herself as Lyra. Holding out her hoof, she says "Its nice to meet you Mr Anonymous".
  5. Smiling you take and shake her hoof, and reply "Its nice to meet you too Ms Lyra". Giggling she hops of happily, you pay no mind to this of course. Other ponies come greet you, including the one who identifys herself as the mayor of Ponyville, a brown stallion with an hourglass cutie mark, and a big red stalion who introdices himself as Big Macintosh, Applejacks older brother. During the course of the next hour and a half, many other ponys intoduce themselfs, and other ponys leave, it being late already. As the room clears a bit, you stand up, and see Twilight, along with Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy. As you make your way over, being carefull not to trip on anypony, you get stopped by Pinkie.
  6. "Come on Anony, its your party so you gotta dance".
  7. Sighing, you say "My name isnt Anony, its Anonymous, or at least Anon, and no can not dance, so I won't".
  8. "Don't be silly, Everypony can dance".
  9. "If you remember Pinkie, Im not a pony, so its perfectly reasonable for me not to be able to dance" You state, causing Pinkies mane to deflate for a moment, before poofing back up again.
  10. "Then I will teach you how to dance" She exclaims, pulling on your arm, which gives you a mild start, considering she has nothing to grab and pull with.
  11. "Later, okay Pinkie" you say, stepping away, towards te group. "How are you doing?" You ask, stepping towards them, and you are replied to with an array of answers. Sitting down, you ask "So this is what you were meaning when you asked if I liked parties Twilight?"
  12. "Yep" She replies "Pinkie does this for every new pony in Ponyville. So, where did you go today?".
  13. "Sorry" You say "To learn that, you are gonna have to wait for next week".Giving her a sly grin, you see her eyes go wide, before she shuts them, apparently engrossed in thought.
  14. "Somethin intersetin happenin next week?" Applejack asks, looking from you, to Twilight, to the others.
  15. Rarity shrugs, and Fluttershy says softly "I dont thinks so, I cant remember there being anything important next week".
  16. "Its more something between me and her" You say "Though she might tell you if you ask".
  17. Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy all look at Twilight with looks ranging from a sly grin, to bemusement, to confusion.
  18. Twilight, finaly coming out of her thoughts looks around, and see's her friends looking at her with strange looks, and she jumps up a bit. Looking furiously at you, you just shrug, and say "Its up to you if you want to tell them or not, I don't care either way. As long as you follow the rules I layed down, I will keep my promise".
  19. This make all their looks turn to sly glances and blushes.
  20. "Stop saying things in such a way as to confuse them" Twilight exclaims indignantly.
  21. Chuckling you nod and say "fine".
  22. "Its pretty simple. Anon said he would try to teach me how to do Alchem, in return for me housing him and what not. He said it would take a week to prepare the things he needed to teach me, so thats probably what he was talking about". This makes Fluttershy and Rarity look at you confused, but Applejack just nods, as if the final piece to a puzzle had been put into place.
  23. "Ummm Mr Anonymous" Fluttershy asks "Whas Alchemy?"
  24. "To put it simply" You say scratching your chin "Its an ability that lets you modify the world, so long as you follow some basic laws. Remember those candied flowers I gave you Fluttershy?"
  25. "Yes, they are realy delicious" She responds, nodding.
  26. "Well, I used bits of grass to make those".
  27. At this, Fluttershy's eyes go wide in disbelief.
  28. "Here, let me give a quick demonstration"
  29. Pulling out the piece of paper with the circle on it, you set it on the floor in front of you. Placing a cupcake on it, you place your palms on the edge of the circle, focusing your energy on it. The cupcate quickly turns into a small pile of candied violets. Holding them up to the four, the each take some, and try them.
  30. "Wow, these are simply divine Mr Anonymous, I may have to change our deal, and have you pay me in these" Rarity exclaims.
  31. "I would be fine with making you a bunch Ms Rarity, if it would please you so".
  32. Suddenly Pinkie Pie is beside you, and she asks "What was that Anon?"
  33. "That , my Pink friend, is called Alchemy" You say.
  34. Calling her friend, causes a big smile to grow across her face, and she bounces around you saying  "Yay, I got a new Friend". Gasping she says "I remember why I came here, its later now, so I am going to teach you how to dance now".
  35. Sighing, you look imploringly at the Four girls, but they all just grin, and shake their heads. Before you know it, Pinkie has pulled you out into the area that is now the dance floor.
  36. "Just do what I do" Pinky says, as she starts dancing, if you could call what she is doing dancing. Of course you had never danced before in your life, so you just shrug, and start copying her to the best of your ability. After a while, you start to feel a little confident, and start dancing on your own. Pinkie, seeing you doing this, gives you an apreooving nod, and continues dancing.
  37. After another 5 minutes or so, you decide to stop, and give Pinkie a  scruffing of her mane, before walking away.
  38. Headed towards the punch, you see Rainbow Dash, sitting nearby, looking a little bored. Grabbing a glass of punch, you are surprised to find it spike, although its really weak by your standards. Shrugging, you down the glass, you refill, and sit beside Rainbow. Looking over, you ask "Not having much fun?".
  39. Looking back at you, she says "Nah, everyone always has fun at Pinkies parties, its just Im feeling like this party is missing something, something that screams awesome..."
  40. "Hmnnn" You say "That actually gives me an great idea. Rainbow, do you think you could gather a bunch of stuff for me, Fast?"
  41. A slick grin splits her face, as she says "Am I not the fastest flyer in Equestria?".
  42. Grinning you lean in and start telling her what you need. Each item you state, leaves her with a more and more confused look on her face, but you just say "Trust me, remember that wall, I can do much better that that".
  43. Nodding, she takes off, and is gone in a flash.
  44. For the next ten minutes or so, you socialise with other ponies, untill Rainbow Dash comes in and tells you she's got the stuff.
  45. As you crawl out the door, you see a huge pile of twigs, stones, and other assorted things.
  46. "Guess you realy wern't just bragging that you were that fastest flyer in Equestria"
  47. She strikes a pose, flating in mid air, before saying "Darn right I wasnt, so what do you have planned?".
  48. Leaning in you explain the plan, and as you finish, her pupils are fully dilated, and she says "That sound Awesome, lets do it".
  49. Smiling, you get to work, transmuting the assorted materials into fireworks,and other things, with one large firework in the middle.
  50. Leaning inside the library, you call out for Pinkie. She almost immediately shows up, behind you no less, you ask her if she can get everypony outside for a show.
  51. After all the partygoers are outside, you Say "First, I want to thank Everypony here, for being so kind, and welcoming to me, even though I am a complete stranger, and not even a pony at that. Secondly I want to thank Twilight Sparkle, for graciously agreeing to help house me while im here, and Finaly I want to thank Rainbow Dash, for the work she put into, and will keep putting into this show I designed for you." Looking at Rainbow, you see her on the other side of the fireworks, unlit flare in mouth. "Without further delay, let the show begin". With that, both you and rainbow start your flares and begin firing the Fireworks. The crowd 'Oooohs' and 'Ahhhhs', as the fireworks shoot up, and explode, in a multitude of colors. before long you come to the big one. Nodding to Rainboy, you both extinguish your flares, and crack the glowsticks you attached to Rainbows body. The light they emit causes her to be surrounded in a faint green aura, and she takes off straight up.
  52. As she does, everypony points and looks at her. Placiong your hands on the T-circle on the Big One, you focus Energy into it. It erupts into a tower of flame, shooting straight up, and congealing into a firey mass, attached by a thin stream of fire to the base. The shape slowly forms into that of a full grown dragon, easily 40 feet long. It floats across from Rainbow dash, hovering by flaping its wings.
  53. Opening its mouth in a silent roar, it flys straight for Rainbow, who takes off. Twisting and turning and looping, Rainbow flys from the dragon, who follows her close behind, even mimicing some of her moves. Suddenly Rainbow swoops low over the crowd, and the dragon follows, its heat washing over the crowd as it passes overhead. Turning to shoot straigh up, Dash goes higher and higher. after a bit the dragon stops following, and just hovers there, looking up at the now shrinking speck of light that is Rainbow Dash. Suddenly flipping over, Dash shoots straight down, a visible pressure wave forming in front of her, before it snaps, and forms a rainbow circle to forn, and causing her to leave a rainbow trail, as she shoots straight dowm into the dragons mouth.
  54. As the dragons mouth closes around her, The whole dragon explodes shooting pyrotechnics up in the air, and leaving a flaming aura around Rainbow Dash, as she shoots around, leaving a burning rainbow trail behind her.
  55. When she lands beside you, the trail and flames are gone, and she stands there, unharmed. You quickly remove the glowlights, and then turn to the crowd, which had gone speechless at yours and Dashes performance.
  56. All of a sudden, the entire crowd start cheering and swarming over you and Dash, shaking hooves/hands, thanking you for the show, and allround fun having.
  57. When the party dies down, you find yourself with Twilight and her friends, cleaning up.
  58. "That sure was somethin" Applejack says, looking at you and Dash.
  59. "They probably saw that in Canterlot" Twilight says "I wouldnt be surprised if Princess Celestia sends some guards to investigate."
  60. "That was totaly awesome" Pinky exclaims "That dragon was all like 'Im gonna eat you, you rainbow pony', and then Dash is like 'No way, you cant catch me, Im the fastest flyer in Equestria', and then they chased, and did all the loops and stuff, and then Rainbow Dash did the Sonic Rainboom, right into the dragons mouth, and then it went KABLOOEY, and then everything was sparkly". During her entire description, she was acting out every bit.
  61. Nodding, you take a seat. Although you hate to admit it, doing that, along with all the other work you did today had tired you out, and before you knew it, you were out light a light.
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