Process of Control:

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  1. Took almost a week to do this, but finally finished.
  2. Couldn't get control of the main domain for Jean Quan yet,
  3. so looked at other domains/websites they had. Found,
  4. after about a day of effort, finally got into the domain account,
  5. unlocked the domain,
  6. got into the email,
  7. changed the email account attached to the domain,
  8. verified unlock,
  9. created a new account,
  10. switched domain over,
  11. and forwarded domain to a pastehtml page.
  12. That's pretty much it, thanks for watching lul.
  14. @Anon1781
  15. SexyFed
  16. #CabinCr3w
  17. #Anonymous
  19. Expect Us.
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