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  2. August 18, 2018
  3. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  4. honestly, I find you trying to strong arm me out of the RP, then rage quitting, all of us grind up for the base, you go off start problems (we have people already linking "lemurian" with "acheronian" before we even have a base, whoa re openly hostile to us now), then getting mad when you god moding RP get interrupted with valid RP and rage quitting to be pretty laughable.
  5. you dont contribute anything, really.
  6. just my .02
  7. Svarg08/18/2018
  8. Ok.
  9. 1. I didn't god mod anybody. It didn't auto-hit.
  10. 2. I didn't link Lemurians with Acheronians, so don't look at me.
  11. 3. I'm not linked up with you guys in game.
  12. 4. Nobody even knows my char is an Acheronian IG.
  13. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  14. I understand now youa re likely going to mess with the RP we have all been grinding to set up now with unlimited magic powers no one else has access to, I would politely ask that you didnt
  15. Svarg08/18/2018
  16. I can go on.
  17. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  18. then explain that to bryn
  19. Svarg08/18/2018
  20. Ok. I'm holding you back.
  21. I'm going to stop holding you back.
  22. One last thing: Go fuck yourself.
  23. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  24. because you wen around saying "my grandfather was a lemurian"
  25. Svarg08/18/2018
  26. Please read this exactly as is: Go fuck yourself.
  27. > Go fuck yourself. <
  28. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  29. so we got bryn popping into RPs trying to kill us now
  30. Svarg08/18/2018
  31. ^^^^^^^
  32. Got it?
  33. > Go fuck yourself. <
  34. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  35. alright, have fun I guess.
  36. Svarg08/18/2018
  37. Are we completely understood on go fuck yourself?
  38. I want to be very clear on that point - that you can go fuck yourself.
  39. Understood?
  40. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  41. youre acting fairly childish. I outlined why I feel the way i do, and all you can give in return is insults and baiting. I think the conversation is over
  42. Svarg08/18/2018
  43. I have one position here: You can go fuck yourself.
  44. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  45. have a nice night(edited)
  46. Svarg08/18/2018
  47. Do you understand my position?
  48. I'm blocking you now.
  49. If you ever need anything.
  50. Ask another admin.
  51. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  52. yep. no problem, have a nice night
  53. Svarg08/18/2018
  54. In the meantime, know that the only thing I have to convey to you:
  55. Go. Fuck. Yourself.
  56. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  57. :smile:
  58. Svarg08/18/2018
  59. And please do go bitch to other players about what a prick I am.
  60. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  61. im not
  62. only you in DMs
  63. Svarg08/18/2018
  64. Because if anybody out there sympathizes with your idiot ideas, they too need to go fuck themselves.
  65. SomeGuy08/18/2018
  66. :thumbsup:
  67. September 13, 2018
  68. Svarg09/13/2018
  69. Hi there!
  70. Just wanted to follow up on this.
  71. The Python story arc turned into an AMAZING story that, for a time, drove so much play we went back to #1 for a time.
  72. Sorry you missed it.
  73. Have a great weekend!
  74. SomeGuy09/13/2018
  75. Lol
  76. You've RPed with me and dont even realize, you run an open server you tool. Lmfao
  77. Bans means fuck all
  78. Half your admins even know who it ia
  79. Because they think you're a piece of shit they only tolerate :joy:(edited)
  80. Svarg09/13/2018
  81. :crown:
  82. Enjoy your day!
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