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  1. import RPi.GPIO as GPIO             #importing the RPi.GPIO module
  2. import time                        #importing the time module
  3. GPIO.cleanup()                     #to clean up at the end of your script
  4. led_pin = 37                       #select the pin for the LED
  5. motion_pin = 35                    #select the pin for the motion sensor
  6. def init():
  7.   GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD)         #to specify which pin numbering system
  8.   GPIO.setwarnings(False)  
  9.   GPIO.setup(led_pin,GPIO.OUT)                             #declare the led_pin as an output
  10.   GPIO.setup(motion_pin,GPIO.IN,pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)  #declare the motion_pin as an input
  11.   print("-----------------------------------------------------------------------")  
  13. def main():
  14.   while True:
  15.     value=GPIO.input(motion_pin)  
  16.     if value!=0:                             #to read the value of a GPIO pin
  17.       GPIO.output(led_pin,GPIO.HIGH)                #turn on led
  18.       time.sleep(2)        #delay 2ms
  19.       print "LED on"                           #print information
  20.     else:
  21.       GPIO.output(led_pin,GPIO.LOW)                #turn off led
  22.       time.sleep(2)       #delay 2ms
  23.       print "LED off"                         #print information
  25. init()
  26. main()
  27. GPIO.cleanup()
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