Character Sheet Hitashi Hyuga

Aug 14th, 2016
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  1. Character Sheet
  2. You are Hitashi Hyuga eldest son of the Hyuga main branch. You have been instilled with a great sense of pride for your bloodline, despite the disparity between your house and the branch house you have become best friends with your cousin Neji to the point where you consider him a brother. Despite your bloodlines focus on delicate combat Hitashi has been known to use brute force when in a pinch.
  5. Stats are rated out of 100 and are separated into Genin, Chuunin, Jounin and Kage ranks, these levels can be achieved even if your actual rank as a ninja has not yet reached it. Each rank after genin will grant you a +3 to a roll involving that stat. A character will have a speciality which is typically 1 rank above their current actual position but there are instances of trade offs, for instance Lee will have most of his stats remain at Genin rank while his Speed, Strength and Stamina will at all times be a rank above him whereas Shikimaru will have all of his stats be rank appropriate except for Intelligence as that is his speciality.
  6. Your speciality has not yet been decided, but I will have you decide it at a later point most likely before the chuunin exams.
  8. Starting stats according to Naruto databook:
  9. Ninjutsu 3.0
  10. Taijutsu 2.5 + .5 = 3.0
  11. Genjutsu .5
  12. Intelligence 2.5
  13. Strength 2 + .5 = 2.5
  14. Speed 2
  15. Stamina 2.5
  16. Hand seals 1.5
  17. Dojutsu 1.5 + .5 = 2
  19. New stat system
  20. RANK STAT /100 Modifier
  21. Genin Ninjutsu 60
  22. Genin Taijutsu 60
  23. Genin Genjutsu 10
  24. Genin Intelligence 50
  25. Chuunin Strength 10 +3
  26. Genin Speed 80
  27. Genin Stamina 70
  28. Genin Hand Seals 30
  29. N/A Dojutsu 45
  31. Known Jutsu
  32. Unranked (Special jutsu like clan techniques)
  33. Byakugan: A Dojutsu belonging to the Hyuga clan. Can see in a 360 radius, see through objects and chakra. The range depends on the
  34. user. Prolonged use of the Byakugan will result in stamina drain, too much of this will blind you temporarily after de-
  35. activation and it will also begin to negatively impact concentration based activities such as maintaining a clone.
  36. Gentle Fist: A fighting style based around the user injecting their own chakra in small bursts into the enemies chakra system
  37. causing disruptions with chakra formation and organ function. Requires Byakugan and use of tenketsu to use
  38. effectively.
  39. Strong Style: An alternative to the gentle fist where the user coats their body in a blunt tenketsu with a wide
  40. surface area weakening that areas chakra network and potentially paralysing it for a short time.
  41. Hyuga Sealing Technique: A technique used by the main house to brand the branch house for control as well as security, as upon
  42. death the users Byakugan is destroyed.
  43. Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
  44. Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
  45. Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
  47. E Rank (Academy Taught)
  48. Body Replacement Technique
  49. Cloak of Invisibility Technique
  50. Clone Technique
  51. Rope Escape Technique
  52. Transformation Technique
  54. D Rank
  55. Water Release Water Trumpet: The user launches a large jet of water from their mouth through their hand
  56. Water Release Shuriken: Create a shuriken out of water.
  57. Lightning Release Wall: Create a wall of lightning that remains as long as the user can concentrate on maintaining it
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