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Nov 23rd, 2013
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  1. Current date: 899.922.M41
  3. Journal Entry #01.
  5. Note to self: Remember homework for Math Class, reveiw at 901.922.M41.
  7. First time I've written in the journal since I got here.. planets are still very strange places - today I saw some manner of thing in the sky, it was similiar to a servo-skull, yet not quite. Upon asking Angelina about it she informed me it was a "bird". I've not had the chance to look in the archives for it but I presume it fills a similar function to the cherub-Servitors of certain ships. I shall be more vary of them in the future, least I get cought up in their missdeeds.
  9. Saw Nikkobar today again, did not have a clear angle to toss anything at him so I let it slide. He's still a heretic.
  11. Current date: 900.922.M41
  13. Journal Entry #02.
  15. Note to self: Remember to replenish hair-cleaner agents, supply brought from ship running low.
  17. My dataslate is working better then normal I think - I can't really tell but I think its running faster then it used to, and I can swear its glowing brighter as well - did the tech priest do anything to it? I will have to remember to ask him tomorow when we meet. Another three days untill I get to Practical again, Angelina tells me that we ought to be fine - but I don't want another.. thing, with the mud. I don't know why but the idea of seeing those muddy feilds again leaves me sick.
  19. Perhaps I should go to the medicae?
  21. Note to self: Look into planet mud and its impact on health.
  23. Extra note to self: Find a way to get back on Nikkobar for calling you a "raging red-haired deamon" behind your back.
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