Doumi - 52

Aug 22nd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single

Chapter - 52

Workplace - Restroom MC x Seo

Seo is taking a glass of water bending over her alluring body to take it.. MC bumps against her ass with his hard on.. She's surprised to feels something like this and turns her head noticing MC, she tells him how he surprised her.

MC puts one of his hand on her hips hugging her, Seo asks him what he'll do if someone see them like that, MC tells her how Dahee (FMC's lookalike) was the last one in the office and she just left and says how right now there is only the two of them in the company..


Workplace - Restroom MC x Seo

Seo's rubbing her ass against MC's crotch making him hard.. She asks him what he thinks he's doing to his superior and if he didn't take some lessons against 'Sexual Harassment'. MC laughs and tells her how before taking this sort of lesson she taught him 'Sexual Education'. She sighs saying how she can't help it, they look at each other, like attracted by a magnet they wildly share a kiss, MC holds her head and hugs her waist meanwhile Seo shakes her ass against his crotch. She bends over and keeps playing with MC's dick with her round ass making him out two pitiful moans.. Seo sighs seeing MC's expression knowing her teasing is working..

MC grabs one of her tits and fondle it with his hand, his other hand is playing with Seo's lower region while he's biting / sucking on her neck making her moan at her turn.

Some loud moans are echoing in the whole office, they're coming from the restroom.. MC's fucking Seo from behind while she's leaning against a table. The whole room is shaking because of MC's hard and deep thrust.. Seo can't believe she's doing something like this at work, she corrects herself saying it's the first time with a man.. MC is faking a worried tone and asks her if they should stop while he's shoving it deep inside.. Seo looks at him with her flushed face and asks him if he really wants to lose his job. MC smiles doing the military salute saying how he'll try his best to not lose his job, Seo smiles too and tells him to keeps going..

He lifts one of her legs, facilitating his current 'job' and keeps making her moan.. Meanwhile on his desk, his mobile is ringing..

FMC's Room FMC

She is sighing after being answered by MC's voicemail and says how even if she's working he shouldn't have forgotten their appointment of tonight..

1 week ago

Restroom Toptoon Worlds / MC's work Rooftop FMC x MC (Phone conversation)

MC asks her when is her next day off, she's surprised and tells him Toptoon Resort his closed on the Wednesday, he asks her if she'll work at the Karaoke this night. She asks him why and if he wants to play with her, MC sighs saying yes but no because he wants to see her. She agrees and says how she'll not work next Wednesday and to come to her house. He's happy about this and accepts her proposition. Sh tells him how she'll make him something delicious and MC tells her how next time he'll go to the karaoke to gives her some tips and play with her.. FMC doesn't want him to misunderstand her and tells him how she won't accept his money and it's not what she means.. MC laughs saying how he hopes she'll not be insensitive next time he's going to the karaoke.. (Damn dude..)

FMC is silent a bit hurt by what he's saying, she keeps listening to MC nonsense saying how he'll take care of her and makes her the Ace of the karaoke bar but it'll take some times because his Big Brother / Oppa (MC) didn't earn that much right now but he'll earn more in the future. He tells her how he'll come often to the Karaoke when he'll earn a lot because he needs to take care of her..

(Iffy here) He tells her how he'll make her see some VIP guest of his work and she'll become the Ace of the karaoke club [or] He'll integrate the karaoke service to his actual work and greet some VIP there making her the star of those meetings (Well it's not good no matter what..)
He tells her how he has to hang up because his Team leader and Manger are looking for him and says how he'll get a promotion very soon to reward his recent hard and good works. FMC congratulates him and they hang up..

FMC is a bit disappointed about the call, saying how MC still thinking she's his junior (work under him) and how he only treats her as a Doumi right now while she's still a top employee at TopToon Resort (You're a mascot..).


FMC's Room FMC

She's alone in her room and heaves a long sigh saying how it's unfair for her because she's sure he forgotten their appointment.. She looks at the meal she prepared and asks herself if she has to eat this all by herself.. She takes a bite of what she prepared saying how as expected her cooking skills are...

Workplace - Seo's Office MC x Seo

Seo is sitting on her desk, she's moaning and calling MC's name while he's eating his meal too..

To be continued..
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