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  1. Welcome to <color=red>The Hivemind!</color> Here are our <color=yellow>rules</color>:
  3. <color=blue>1. No Slurs/Harassment
  4. 2. No Hacking
  5. 3. No Ear Rape
  6. 4. No Admin Disrespect
  7. 5. No Holding Up the Round</color>
  9. Server Owners: <color=#FF8DA1>No. (no username#0666)</color>, <color=#0000FF>wyattwulff (Wyatt#2115)</color>, <color=#00ff00>Casetros (Casetros#8007)</color>, Yes (ShnozOfGod#2472), <color=#005c00>Mezkin (Mezkin#1308)</color>
  11. <color=yellow>Plugins: AdminToolBox-Adds more commands that admins can use
  12. BetterDisarming-When disarmed you can't use doors or elevators
  13. Blackout-Adds an command for admins to shut off the lights and adds a custom gamemode
  14. DeathNade-If killed by a grenade any grenades you are holding will be triggered and fly off
  15. DefaultAmmo-Changes the amount of ammo that combatant classes spawn with
  16. LaterJoin-Lets people join the game still even if they have slow internet
  17. Pro079-Adds more functionality to 079 in the form of runnable commands
  18. Scp035-Adds Scp-035 to the game
  19. Scp343-Adds Scp-343 to the game
  20. StackingItems-lets you hold multiple of the same item in one inventory slot
  21. StayShut-Destroys all underground doors after the nuke detonates</color>
  23. <color=red>Join the discord</color> <link=><u><color=yellow>here!</color></u></link>
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