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Jul 15th, 2015
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  1. $name : Random Playable Fantasy NPC Trait Generator
  2. $author : C Roald
  3. $description : A trait, quirk, or mannerism to make your NPC more fun and memorable. This list focuses on things the DM can role-play; something like "unusually big nose" might seem memorable, but it's lame to keep saying "oh yeah Jack has a big nose in case you forgot".
  4. $amount : 3
  5. $button : Describe!
  7. $trait
  8. A secret Angel of Charity, on vacation. Doesn’t really understand people.
  9. A simpleton, possessed by the ghost of a long-dead sorceress. Both sometimes talk.
  10. Always attempts to hide face
  11. Always looking for a hookup
  12. Always scratching self; says it’s nothing
  13. Always short of breath
  14. Anguished by unrequited love
  15. Argumentative
  16. Asks rhetorical questions and answers
  17. Big believer in the value of naps
  18. Blunt, insensitive, “just being honest”
  19. Calls PCs “Esteemed sir/madam”
  20. Calls everyone “Boyo"
  21. Can hook you up; likes to show off
  22. Carries pet hamster (named Boo)
  23. Chill dude
  24. Comically naive
  25. Complains constantly about trick knee
  26. Condescending, frowns at every request
  27. Constantly fiddling with a small dagger
  28. Cowardly
  29. Crafty and ambitious
  30. Crudely prejudiced against ____
  31. Depressed and fatalistic
  32. Devoted to pet dog, Wooster
  33. Drunk at every opportunity
  34. Dudley Do-right
  35. Eager to learn anything available
  36. Embarrassingly happy to help
  37. Enjoys touching face
  38. Enthusiast for foul and violent language
  39. Entirely avoids eye contact with anyone
  40. Excellent posture at all times
  41. Fastidious, neatnik
  42. Flamboyant, loves attention
  43. Flirtatious and charming
  44. Freeloader
  45. Generous to a fault
  46. Gesticulates wildly, but only with left arm
  47. Greatly exaggerates
  48. Hands in pockets, hunched shoulders
  49. Hard of hearing
  50. Hates children
  51. Haunted by recent tragedy
  52. Hawks and spits before speaking
  53. Helplessly gullible
  54. Highly impatient, rude
  55. Highly protective of someone specific, whether they need it or not
  56. Hooks thumbs in belt and bounces
  57. Hopeless romantic
  58. Incredibly earnest
  59. Intense; cannot stand still
  60. Interrupts others
  61. Inveterate gambler
  62. Irrepressibly cheerful
  63. John Wayne voice
  64. Kleptomaniac
  65. Laconic, imperturbable, says ‘Ayup’ a lot
  66. Laughs at strange/inappropriate moments
  67. Left eye is permanently squinty
  68. Lisps
  69. Manipulative, untrustworthy
  70. Nasal voice
  71. Nogoodnik
  72. Not nearly as talented as thinks s/he is
  73. Obsequious
  74. Obviously smitten with one of the PCs
  75. One hand always on half-cocked hip
  76. Ostentatiously cynical
  77. Overly dramatic, hard done by
  78. Pathological Liar
  79. Perpetual sniffle
  80. Persistently superstitious
  81. Peter Lorre voice
  82. Places chin on fist when thinking, while making the 'money' sign with the same hand
  83. Pretends to know what’s going on; never does
  84. Rebel without a clue
  85. Rigid, outspoken prude
  86. Sarcastic bastard
  87. Self-conscious about bad breath
  88. Self-deprecating
  89. Slouches terribly
  90. Smiles excessively
  91. Staggeringly lazy
  92. Stammers
  93. Starts each statement with "Yeah-yeah" or "Good-good" and licks left thumb.
  94. Starts nearly every sentence, "Well, the way I figger it..."
  95. Sucks his/her teeth when thinking
  96. Sweet but painfully dumb
  97. Takes every shortcut possible
  98. Talks like a pirate
  99. Talks too loud, oblivious to social cues
  100. Talks with hands
  101. Taps feet at every opportunity
  102. Terribly curious. About everything
  103. Terrifyingly enthusiastic
  104. Tilts head and nods when listening
  105. Too honest for own good
  106. Very concerned about appearance
  107. Wants to be a druid very badly; isn't working out so well yet
  108. Waxed moustache, twirls villainously
  109. Wedded to good-luck charm; it might even be real
  110. Weirdness magnet
  111. Wide-eyed, blinks a lot
  112. Will go to any length to lock eyes with someone
  113. Will snort anything once
  114. William Shatner voice
  115. Won't shut up about _____
  116. Won't talk above a whisper
  117. Won't tolerate the slightest disrespect
  118. Won’t speak more than a word or two at a time
  119. Wrings hands constantly
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