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  1. (beat: tupac big type beat after life)
  2. Rapping at an incredible pace, i got some pesos, dinero for all these people tryna eat their dinner, im eatin too much, gotta stop livin life or ill stop livin lush, alotta these youngings in a rush for the top might have to go get the brush, paint a picture for these bitches, im tired of all these snitches, expose em for what they isnt, they isnt with this life, they aint had to struggle for that money every single night, they aint had to be in fights or no questionin, if you want me to guide you, no questionin, im a murderer on a conquest, i dont want a penny i want the whole chest, steal that shit, lemme leave a tag, thats my sign, so you know that this treasure is mine, and you wont try to find,
  4. My head is spinnin in circles, the street it feel like a circus, im makin money and stackin it, in the nights i be packin it, better not catch you lackin, i dont wanna catch you slippin, if i do, i wont mind the police when i shoot you
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