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  1. God forbid I never thought they would take away my kids.
  2. I miss them to the moon and back.
  3. I can't wait till the day to get em back.
  4. Your the spin in my back.
  5. I'm giving it all I got for you.
  6. And daddy don't plan to stop.
  7. I'm aiming for the top.
  8. I wanted to be around.
  9. I'm trying my hardest to get up off the ground
  10. But your mom's and life keep beating me down.
  11. To the point daddy debated if his life was even worth keeping around.
  12. But when I see you three I see the love you have for me.
  13. And I'll never desert you like my family did to me.
  14. So don't ever cry.
  15. Even if I die I promise I'll be walking by your side on the other side.
  16. Your the reasons that kept me alive
  17. When I got depressed and wanted to to die.
  18. You kids are what kept daddy gettin by.
  19. As I kept telling myself Just a little longer, we'll get outta this place.
  20. As this rap dream I try to Chase.
  21. But still here I'm stuck with no escape I last place.
  22. Wondering if this is really fate.
  23. Cause no matter what I do i fail.
  24. It's like I'm cursed to live in hell.
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