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  1. Halloweener's Gang
  2. 6th Edition
  3. Corp Guy Pisses off Halloweener's Gang, Hires us to protect him during the Halloween Party he is attending that night.
  5. The Party is in a high rise, apartment building where most rich corp people live. Party is taking place on the top floor and there are many gangs who camp out at the base of the building. Mr Johnson did not tell the host/security of the building about your runners, as per his reputation, so you will most likely be outside the building guarding the entrance inconspicuously.
  7. If they decide to go in, they will have to avoid cameras, guards and other security measures as to not get into fights/arrested.
  9. If you get caught the Mr Johnson will not back you up no matter what.
  11. He has let you know this partially but not the whole details.
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