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  1. With the week's hefty paycheck in hand, Matt strode home with a big smile on his face. He and his girlfriend Amy had a night out planned anyway, but the bonus money on his check ensured that the night would be even better.
  3. Upon reaching his complex's door, and not wanting to fumble through his pockets for his keys, Matt pressed his suite's button, expecting a swift response from his girlfriend, who he knew had a free day today. After several seconds of no response, however, Matt sighed and started sifting through his pocket, fighting with his free hand to keep down the receipts from the week's expenditures. With a steady jingling followed by a click, he was in.
  5. "Maybe she's in the shower," he thought as he fought his way up the three flights of stairs. Keys still in hand, he turned the bolt on his door, expecting to hear the shower running upon turning the handle and pushing his way inside. When all he was greeted with was silence, his next assumption was that Amy was either napping or listening to music in the bedroom - "Why else would she have not even said 'Hello?'"
  7. The bedroom door was already cracked, so Matt quietly pushed it open, not wanting to cause any unnecessary disturbance. An odd shape completely submerged in covers and pillows greeted his eyes first - a shape which he knew had to be his girlfriend. "Damn, you'd think she was the one at work all d-" was all he could whisper to himself before Amy's laptop caught his eye, stopping his thoughts dead in their tracks. On screen was an image of a buff, red stallion with a determined and domineering scowl, mounting a small, innocent-looking yellow mare, who was in a deep blush and biting her bottom lip in sheer ecstasy.
  9. Matt was strangely intrigued by the colorful image on the screen - so much so that he didn't even think about why the computer was set up in such a strange fashion, almost begging for his attention. He was so intrigued that he obliviously moved closer and closer to the screen, silently sitting in front so that the image filled his view. Being a straight - and human - male, he had no idea why he was so drawn to...the stallion. His rippling lean muscle and look of triumph at his catch...Matt didn't even care that he was sporting a massive boner underneath his shorts. He found himself dreaming of a better look at the stallion's cock - it had to be enormous!
  11. The only thing that broke Matt's stare was several *clop* sounds originating from behind the laptop. He wanted to take a quick glance and then look back at the computer screen, but what met his gaze was too extraordinary, even for the aroused young man. What had just emerged from his bed was a lean, muscled, white stallion with a golden mane and tail, of the same type as what he had just saw on the computer, only this one was...a unicorn?
  13. "Hi babe" in a deep, powerful tone were the first words out of either party's mouth, and they didn't come from Matt.
  15. "W...what? What's..." Matt could barely shake the words out of his mouth.
  17. "I was waiting for you to see your first image before I made my appearance. Wanted to make sure you were ready. And from that little lump I see down there, you certainly are. Oh, and I don't think the night on the town is happening tonight. Sorry about that."
  19. "''re Amy?"
  21. "In the flesh, babe. Now why don't you return your gaze to the screen, hmm?"
  23. "What the fuck is going on!" Matt shouted. In a sudden burst of energy, he was quickly on his feet and headed towards the still-open door. The door was instantly engulfed in a purple aura and shut in an instant, causing Matt to foolishly run straight into it. He quickly righted himself and reached towards the handle, but his hand - and body - became surrounded by the same glow. He couldn't move.
  25. "Oh, come now. Where are you going, sweetie? Don't you want a fun night?"
  27. "This is a dream. It has to be a dream."
  29. "It's very real, Mattie. Now, like I said, look at the computer." The stallion's voice was clear and authoritative, yet comforting to Matt. So much so, that Matt found himself obeying on his own volition. He turned around and blankly stared at the screen, sitting down without breaking his stare.
  31. The image on screen had changed to that of another white unicorn stallion with blue hair, fully erect, and with a "come hither" look in his eyes that almost made Matt blush. He couldn't stop looking at the stallion's massive cock and enormous balls. Matt realized he needed relief, and absentmindedly started to remove his shorts and boxers. He began to stroke his dick, but didn't even notice as it became smaller...and smaller...until with a noticeable *pop* both his dick and balls retreated into his body, leaving an already-moist opening that he continued to stimulate without a moment's hesitation.
  33. The stallion in the room smiled -and even started to become aroused himself - as he noticed the image change once again, this time to the familiar one of the disembodied horsecock entering the purple mare.
  35. The only female in the room continued to finger herself, but found it becoming more and more difficult as her fingers slowly pulled into each other, leaving nothing more than a stump at the end of each arm. As the end of these stumps hardened into hooves, the now-helplessly horny mare could do nothing aside from attempting to stimulate her clit with the edge of a hoof. Even this endeavor soon became useless, however, as her pussy started to follow her asshole on a migration upwards, joining with her other organs which had already begun to shift inside of her.
  37. The seconds of total hopelessness that followed were nullified by the image on screen shifting again, and by the time it faded in, the mare found something new to play with - her budding teats. She found herself so enamored with her new additions that she didn't even have time to notice her elongating feet being topped off with matching stubby hooves.
  39. The mare's ass began to inflate, indicative of her new foal-bearing hips and firm equine muscles, causing the stallion to instantly shoot up to full mast and begin dripping precum. She continued to play with her teats as faded orange fur sprouted from every follicle of her exposed flesh, and her skeletal structure made its final shift into a quadrupedal, ungulate stance. Thanks to this shift, she fell over backwards, but this is when she realized she could once again reach her now-equine pussy. With her eyes locked shut and her teeth firmly planted on her bottom lip, she began to rub her forehoof inside of her opening, longways. Her nose and mouth amalgamated into a small snout as her eyes broadened, being accentuated by three long eyelashes on the top and three shorter ones on the bottom. She rolled onto her side to make way for her budding russet-brown tail, matching her already-grown mane.
  41. She began rubbing faster and faster, but when she had just about reached her limit, the purple glow once again surrounded her. She managed to open her eyes, her gaze being greeted by a fully erect, sideways unicorn stallion. She had completely forgotten he was in the room! Upon seeing his rippling muscle and veiny, throbbing cock, her desire overcame her as she shot mare cum across the room and onto the computer screen. She was instantly desperately horny again. She needed that entire hot cock inside of her.
  43. "Get up, filly," the stallion demanded. "And present yourself to me."
  45. Not wanting to anger him, and entirely wanting him, she obeyed. She stood up, presented her perfect ass to the stallion, bent her forelegs slightly, and lifted her tail.
  47. He could feel his pulsating cock begging him for release - the knowledge that the completely willing and totally oblivious mare used to be Matt only compounding his desire. He was at her in an instant, breathing in her pony pheromones as he stood on his hindlegs to balance himself on her strong back.
  49. She could feel the head of his cock teasing at her entrance. He was lined up. That cock was her mind, her life, and her world.
  51. A simultaneous male grunt and female moan filled the room. He inched his hindlegs closer and closer to hers until his balls prevented any further forward movement.
  53. The mare savored every inch of the hot shaft as it touched areas of her body she never knew existed. She rocked into the stallion as he thrusted in and out, causing his balls to smack her ass with every cycle. She couldn't help but yip and moan as she felt her tongue loll out of her muzzle. Turning her neck slightly to the left, she opened her eyes to get a good view of her dominator - the stallion who had claimed her as his own.
  55. Seeing his mare with her tongue hanging out looking up at him made the stallion grin triumphantly. She was hers for the taking. He felt his cock become far too large for the mare's narrow tunnel.
  57. As soon as she felt his cock become larger, she quickly backed up as far into him as she could, sending wave after wave of pleasure through the stallion's body as the waiting cum entered her. She wasn't far behind - her walls constricted, forcing a mixture of his and her own juices outside of her body and onto his retreating shaft. She felt a brief tingle on her flanks as a cutie mark appeared - the same one as his. They were bound to each other, but neither one could think about that at the moment.
  59. "...that...all, big...boy?" she panted in a distinctly feminine and seductive voice.
  61. He wanted to tell her something authoritative and commanding, but he couldn't respond. He didn't have time to think this far ahead.
  63. She wanted his foals, and he was more than willing to give them to her. She might just have to wait a few minutes.
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