From Hell to Home 2

Sep 9th, 2017
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  1. >Be Sunset
  2. >You liked sleep
  3. >In fact, sleep was one of your most favorite activities
  4. >When you had lived in Canterlot castle you were known to skip a class or two and find a nice, quiet place to take a half hour nap
  5. >...Or take pictures of Blueblood when he was taking his afternoon bath
  6. >For years it had driven your teachers, and Princess Celestia, insane
  7. >The sleeping thing
  8. >You were pretty sure no one ever found out about the peephole you had made in the prince's bathroom
  9. >Or the one in the Guard's barracks
  10. >Or all of the ones in the stallions' bathrooms throughout the castle
  11. >Thankfully, you had been magically skilled enough that a bit of slacking off hadn't effected your studies too much
  12. >Trying to fuck the ambassadors sons did that
  13. >That and your numerous and often times vicious spats with the princess
  14. >And, all these years later, you and sleep were like peanut butter and hay
  15. >Ninety precent of the time you could sleep anywhere, at anytime, no matter how much noise was being made
  16. >But tonight, for some reason or another, you found yourself staring up at your ceiling at three-thirty in the morning
  17. >An hour ago you had woken up to go to the bathroom and now you just couldn't drift back to sleep
  18. >You had tried lying in every position you could think of, you must have flipped your pillow at least a dozen times and fluffed it so much that feathers were beginning to poke out of it and still no go
  19. >A sigh escaped you as you wiggled in your bed
  20. >Celestia dammit...
  21. >You'd be as grumpy as all hell if you didn't get a full eight hours of sleep...
  22. >And you wanted to be nice and alert for tomorrow since you were taking Anon to Rarity's boutique tomorrow so that he could get fitted for some clothes since there was no place in this city that'd have anything close to his size
  23. >Heck, you had a feeling that no store in this STATE had anything in his size
  25. >From a floor below you, you heard a very quiet snore
  26. >The noise made you half-smile, half-frown as you pulled your blankets a little higher up your body
  27. >Tomorrow would mark the third day since the giant of a guy had moved in with you
  28. >It was... weird living with a guy
  29. >Not weird in a bad way, but weird nonetheless
  30. >You now had to keep your bathroom door closed at all times, and air freshener had been bought in bulk
  31. >It wasn't all that bad though
  32. >Anon was one heck of a guy to talk to
  33. >He was like a big puppy; excited about everything and about as affectionate as could be
  34. >More than once he'd pull you into a hug and spin you around like you were a rag doll
  35. >Other times he'd just wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on top of your head, a great big, happy smile on his face
  36. >You, being a hot-blooded young woman, couldn't help but enjoy the treatment
  37. >Anon also didn't seem to mind whenever your hands would "accidently" brush against parts of him
  38. >It was an added bonus that Ray seemed to like him too
  39. >For the past day and a half your favorite lizard could be found lounging on top of Anon's head, just snoozing the day away while Anon tried his best to make himself comfortable on your couch
  40. >Which, among many things, proved to be a problem
  41. >Anon was a very big boy, so big that he had to lean down to go through most doorways
  42. >While Anon himself thought that him being giant was hilarous--apparently he was an average height compares to his own humans, and had, more than once, called you "itty-bitty humans"-- your apartment did not have someone as big as him in mind
  43. >Your couch was too small to fit him
  44. >His feet were just a bit too big for your steps, and he had to really bend over to get anything out of the fridge
  45. >Thankfully your toilet was just big enough for him, as was your shower, but what was of far greater concern was where Anon was going to sleep
  47. >Your bed wasn't much bigger than your couch, and the gentlewoman in you wasn't going to make the poor guy sleep in on the floor
  48. >Princess Twilight--ever the sis-- had offered to pay for two beds that you could put together
  49. >She even pulled out a great big bag of bits
  50. >Problem solved, right?
  51. >You'd just go and get Anon something to sleep on so you'd be a good host
  52. >Unfortunately, Anon, the big, silly puppy-man that he was, had told you not to worry about it
  53. >He just needed some pillows and a blanket and he'd happily sleep on the floor
  54. >He didn't want to be a bother and make you go out of the way to get him something that would crowd up your apartment
  55. >"And besides, I've slept on a lot worse," he had told you
  56. >You had argued against it
  57. >Vehemently
  58. >You weren't gonna let a guy sleep on the FLOOR, other worldly alien or not!
  59. >If any of the girls found out you let that happen--especially Rarity-- they'd tear your tits off and stick them on your forehead!
  60. >Twilight, oddly enough, hadn't pressed the issue at all
  61. >She just shook her head, handed you the bag of bits, and told you to do what you wanted with the money
  62. >And boy howdy were you
  63. >This was more than enough to pay for your rent for a at least ten years
  64. >...
  65. >Still though, no matter what Anon said you should probably get a bed...
  66. >No...
  67. >You were GOING to get him a bed
  68. >You didn't care what he said
  69. >After you took him to Rarity's you were going to take some of these bits to the gold retainer a couple blocks over them to a mattress store!
  70. >You didn't care if you needed to drag them there the whole way!
  72. >Your brow furrowed at the thought
  73. >It was bad enough that you let him sleep on the floor for the last two nights
  74. >For Celestia's sake...
  75. >You wiggled in your bed as you started to get a little fired up
  76. >A frustrated huff escaped you
  77. >If you weren't going to sleep before you definitely weren't going to now
  78. >Throwing off your covers, you sat up on your bed
  79. >Maybe a glass of warm milk might help put you to sleep...
  80. >And you'd be able to see how Anon was doing...
  81. >You rolled out of your bed and onto your feet
  82. >Making sure to be quiet, you crept down the stairs and toward your little kitchen
  83. >Reaching into a cabinet, you pulled out a small pot
  84. >Going to your fridge, you grabbed a gallon of milk
  85. >Pouring your milk into the pot and putting in on your stove, you set the temperature low before grabbing a coffee mug and putting it onto your counter
  86. >You wiggled your toes against your cold linoleum floor
  87. >You then yawned, stretching your arms out wide
  88. >Alright...
  89. >Time to check up on Anon...
  90. >Wheeling around, you made your way into your livingroom
  91. >Since it was so early in the morning--too freaking early for anyone to be up and about in your opinion-- the room was completely dark
  92. >Thankfully, you had lived here long enough to know where pretty much everything w--
  93. "Oof!"
  94. >You swore under your breath as you collided with your couch
  95. >Celestia dammit...
  96. >Frowning, you gave your couch a light kick--which only served to hurt your big toe-- before you slowly inched forward
  97. >Nice and easy Shimmy...
  98. >You didn't want to fall over anything and look like a total dork...
  99. >Boys might be watching...
  101. >A snore very close to your left side made you freeze
  102. >You bend over slightly, squinting in the darkness
  103. >Just barely, you could make out Anon lying on your floor
  104. >He was sprawled out, pillows on either side of him
  105. "There you are..."
  106. >Squatting down, you saw that he had tossed off his blanket
  107. >Being very careful not to wake him, you placed a hand on his arm
  108. >His skin was cold to the touch, and he seemed to be shivering
  109. >You frowned
  110. >Shit...
  111. >You probably should have turned the temperature up a little bit...
  112. >Blindly reaching around the giant of a man, you grabbed his blanket
  113. >You were just about to pull it over him so you could get back to your milk when Anon's body jerked
  114. >Hands shot up and grabbed you
  115. >Before you could so much as yelped you were forced to the ground on top of your house guest
  116. >"Sunset. Sunset? Is that you Sunset?" Anon whispered sleepily
  117. >His hands reached up and cupped your face
  118. >Though you couldn't really see it, you felt him lean down
  119. >His hands frantically traced your face and jaw
  120. >You could feel that Anon's body was tense
  121. >His heart was also pounding in his chest, and you could hear him breathing a little hard
  122. "It's me, it's me, Anon. It's me," you assured, placing a hand on his chest.
  123. >His bare chest, you realized after a moment
  124. "I-It's Sunset."
  125. >Anon's fingers grazed your forehead, then his thumbs lightly brushed against your lips
  126. >You could feel his legs brush against yours as he shifted his body
  127. >Finally, after several more seconds, he let out a surprisingly shaky sigh
  129. >"Good. Good..." he murmured, some of the tension leaving his body as he laid his back down on his pillow. "I was... I thought..."
  130. >His hands left your face
  131. >Muttering to himself, he wrapped his arms around you and held you close
  132. >You, not knowing what the hell to do, you gave his side a pat
  133. >Anon shivered again
  134. "Are you alright, Anon?" you asked
  135. >Anon said nothing for several seconds
  136. >You twitched as you felt him bury his face into your hair
  137. >W-Wew...
  138. >Easy now...
  139. >"Bad dream," he whispered, sounding like he was about to fall back to sleep. "I had a bad dream. That's it. Everything's fine."
  140. "Are you sure?" you asked. "Because you don't sound like it..."
  141. >Anon's body tensed for a moment or two before he somewhat relaxed again
  142. >His breathing hitched, and you swore you heard him murmur something
  143. >Squinting, you placed your hand back on his side and started to run your hand up and down
  144. >Almost immediately, most of the tension left Anon's body
  145. >His grip on you loosened, allowing you to wiggle up his body
  146. >Alright Sunny...
  147. >You didn't know what the hell this was about but it looked like you had a guy to calm down...
  148. >And you might not know all that much but you knew everyone felt better after a good cuddle...
  149. >You shimmied up and up
  150. >You still couldn't see jack shit, but some careful--and very respectful-- touches told you that you were nearly at shoulder height
  151. >Sweet Celestia was he--
  152. >You froze when you nose brushed up against something
  153. >Something that felt an awfully like a pair of lips
  154. >...
  156. >Oh geeze...
  157. >You froze for a second or two to see Anon's reaction
  158. >When Anon didn't move at all, you decided to just contiue your way upward
  159. >Sure, your face felt a little warm, but you were able to wrap your arms around his neck and pull his face against your chest
  160. "H-Hey, it's alright, Anon. It's okay... It was just a dream..."
  161. >The second you did this Anon wiggled as close as physically possible to you
  162. >Giving his head a pat, you threw his blanket over the two of you
  163. >There...
  164. >This wasn't so bad now was it?
  165. >You were just lying with a guy and cuddling him so that he'd feel better
  166. >A shirtless, giant guy who was so close to you that you could smell what shampoo he had used
  167. >N-Nothing to make a fuss over...
  168. >"...Sunset?"
  169. >You jumped as Anon's voice suddenly broke the silence
  170. "Yeah, Anon?" you asked
  171. >Anon's fingertips grazed the small of your back
  172. >You could also feel his legs sliding against yourr as he tried to find a more comfortable position
  173. >"When I wake up in the morning can you..."
  174. >Anon trailed off
  175. >His hands moved away from your back, almost as if he were afraid of touching you
  176. >"...Can you be real please?"
  177. >For a second, you forgot about the fact that you could feel Anon's hot, moist breath going down your cleavage with each breath
  178. "Be real?"
  179. >Anon said nothing
  180. >His grip around you slackened and he stopped moving his legs
  181. >Blindly reaching in the darkness, one of your hands found his face
  182. "Anon? What do you mean be real?" you asked, patting his cheek. "Of course I'll be real when you wake up tomorrow. I'll--"
  184. >A snore filled your ears
  185. >You paused mid sentence, just staring down at the big guy in your arms as best as you could in this dark
  186. >Smiling softly, you nuzzled the top of Anon's head
  187. >You may have also rubbed your tits against his face, but that was neither here nor there
  188. >...
  189. >Shit...
  190. >How the heck were you going to get up and turn off your stove without waking Anon?
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