Journal Entry Ten (Saving Lucyne)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Ten
  2. >I'm glad we saved Lucyne. I really am. But part of me wishes I hadn't gone. A very small part, but a part none the less. I will never forget what we went through on that accursed trip, that nightmarish journey through the forest.
  3. >It... It felt like something out of a horror movie. The images are still horrifyingly fresh in my mind. Our Group consisted of myself, Broken, Duskie, Captain Dusk, GreenHoof, GreenSleeves, Ruin, and Starfire. It started out simple enough. Our group went to search through the woods. The forest was beautiful. But as we progressed, things changed. The forest got a bit darker, and the trees were... replaced. They became these disgusting monstrosities, with tall, fleshy piles as trunks, and blood stained bones as branches. The ground was covered in piles of rotting flesh and feces. And the smell was horrid, and only got more and more putrid as we moved forward.Eventually, Captain began talking. Not to us, but to a "ghost" apparently, and an obnoxious one at that.Soon after, Stafire began to flip out, constantly talking of running away, sometimes screaming to escape.After a while, the putrid stench was too much, and several of us felt incredibly sick. Hoof puked on the floor. Our first, and only real fight, was an enormous maggot. We beat it easily enough, but when it died, it showered us in maggots, causing Hoof to hurl again. Things only got worse.
  4. >As we progressed further, Star became more and more panicked. The Captain kept his head about him. Apparently, his ghost was only annoying him. We found three grapes, absolutely perfect. A small oasis of purity, an a sea of corruption, filth, and darkness. As we picked the grapes, the pure area shrank some. We decided to take two and leave one behind,just in case. As we continued to walk, we came to a horrendous sight. We had found Lucyne. But, she was nailed to a tree, her fur covered in blood, and her stomach slit open, with her intestines and other fluids practically falling out of the massive gash. We were in complete disbelief. Even the few of us that had seen it as a fake, an illusion, were horrified and shaken. Luckily, one of our group, one who felt suspicous touched it, seemingly dispelling the illusion. The corpse collapsed to the floor, becoming a pile of bloody flesh not unlike the "tree" it had been nailed to. Before we could continue, Duskie lost it. He began to rub at the back of his neck, screaming in fear about something "Inside him". He only worsened, trying to get it out by rolling in the mud and slapping his neck. Luckily, we had decided to pick those grapes earlier. A member of our group got the idea to feed him a part of it. After finally forcing him to eat it, he seemed to regain his sanity.
  5. >Moving on, we came to a river filled with a sickly green fluid, with a wooden bridge in terrible state bridging it.We chose to simply walk along the bank, hoping to find another way around. The walk was mostly quiet, with the exception of Starfire's nervous, fearful mumblings, as well as the Captain's arguments with the "ghost" only he could see. after a few minutes, we came to a well made stone bridge, guarded by a small, yellow creature wielding a spear. He was not the best guard, having fallen asleep in the middle of the bridge. He awoke as we attempted to cross, speaking in a cockney British accent. Captain Dusk was immediately wary, pointing his own spear at it. after getting the captain to lower his weapon, we found out it, actually he, wasn't hostile. He told us the reason behind our friends' insanity, apparently caused by the forest itself. He decided to allow us to pass, if we told him something he hadn't heard before. He told us he was immortal, and having been underground a long time, and wished to hear something interesting. We told him of Earth, and what we used to be, before coming to Equestria. We talked for a while, about our race, planet, and technology. He was quite satisfied, allowing us to pass. Strangely enough, the small bridge expanded to easily accommodate our entire group. After picking a pair of strawberries, very similar to the condition of the grapes, we continued.
  6. >The next sight was the most horrendous, most revolting part. We came across what was practically a small forest of tall wooden spikes driven into the ground. Stuck on these stakes were bodies, corpses of every kind. Ponies of seemingly every variety, griffons, diamond dogs, donkeys, and even more. Some still alive, moaning out in incredible pain. A few members of our group got closer and saw the bodies of us. The corpse of just about every person in FourCannon was stuck on these spikes, alive and dead. We even found foals, speared along with adults. It was too much to bear. Greenhoof, Broken, and I kept our composure, on the outside at least, and dragged our companions who were to horrified to move away. After passing the morbid display we finally saw Dusk's ghost. A young filly. We had apparently done what no one else could, freeing both her and her father, the ghost tormenting Star, from this hell. Many had gone through here, meeting terrible fates in the corruption, and they wanted no one else to suffer that fate, choosing to scare them away. After a wonderful reunion between father and daughter, they disappeared. Turning around, we found the whole thing was just a horrid illusion. The dead bodies, decay, corruption, blood, and fleshy "trees" were gone, And in their place was a beautiful forest, much like the one we had originally gone in to. After leaving the forest, we met up with the other groups, with Lucyne alive and well. We all returned to the inn to celebrate, overjoyed to have our friend back. I know it wasn't real, but I don't think I can forget what I saw. I can't unsee all those people, impaled with looks of pain and horror stuck on their faces, or the disemboweled corpse of Lucyne. I'm just glad everyone got out all right.
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