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Sep 21st, 2019
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  1. I think I'm just truly worn out. I think I'm just disconsolate with the members of this community. I think I'm just jealous of how others are treated. I'll post images of my false monolith world and people would tell me to fucking stop, whereas people like kira could post an extreme level and be praised for it. I think I truly wish that I wasn't chastised from people, which is where I'm flawed because that's simply how the majority of you guys acts. Your humor is off from chastising others. This whole time I was trying to make a point, but HG didn't contribute a single thing to the conversation, and just memed, and averagealien assumed it was a joke and that I was baiting.
  3. I think a lot of things. I think I might be kinda retarded because I unintentionally put my feelings out there, expecting a solid opinon and answer, but I shouldn't have expected that from a childish discord server.
  5. I wasn't freaking over the pvz memes. They're bad obviously. It would be sad if that's what i was upset over. I'm just upset over how no one takes me serious. I have complex emotions on this community.
  7. I think I just honestly need to leave though. Sorry for the long shitty message and for my dumb ass behavior. I don't think I can stay after the rant I just did.
  9. ||Also sorry that this is in #funposting||
  11. By Loganyoshi
  12. After suddenly disappearing from one say to another I feel like I needed to address this, get it off from my chest.
  13. I cant believe I was once the single most active member on this server and in a matter or minutes I went all the way down to muting the server altogether. This community has gotten so unimaginably toxic that even I, arguably one of the heaviest shitposters on the entire server, have decided to leave this cancerous, toxic place. From the horrible and unwelcoming people to the incapability of most moderators, this place has proven to be everything but a half decent server. Now all I do here is do my daily gag greeting and leave it unread until next day or until someone decides to mention me for god knows what reason. I pity all the people that have to stand these horrible conditions on a daily basis.
  14. With this said I would like to give a huge thanks to all the people who have seemingly tried to support me in this place. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I'm not saying I'm leaving this atrocious place, but rather trying to start anew. I hope this doesn't get sunk in the sea of toxicity that's about to come.
  16. Please consider what I just said.
  18. By Enano
  19. expected this comment. It's up to you if you want to join or not. I don't expect 3 people to join for sure. And I can play a game correctly.. now..
  21. I do agree that my past is not something you can be proud of, and I am not happy that I joined this forum as my first internet experience. I tried to change twice or three times, called to leave the forums much more, and returned. And I accept it if you're not joining.
  23. I mostly regret that this community has people that do not believe in people changing, but I do, and I have hopes.
  24. You see this community has a place in my heart. It's very addictive no matter how much hate or annoyingness you get.
  26. I have hopes, and - no matter if you fail or not - you have to try and try.
  28. By Analtoy
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