Pirates IRC OCT'17 Changelog

Nov 1st, 2017
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. October 2017 Changelog
  4. 31Oct
  5. Changes:
  6. Increased leveling requirements for master pirates onboard Mousey McMouseface
  7. Added new monsters for today
  8. Monster encounters will not occur unless sailing except during parties, captain commands, or admin commands
  9. Barbossa will now always be captain of the bot ship, Queen Anne's Revenge
  10. Fixes:
  11. In some cases, ships can take over a port even when another ship is docked at the same port
  12. Sabotage vote is stopped when other ship sails away
  13. 30Oct
  14. Changes:
  15. Cleaned up !Pirates INFO in certain situations
  16. Player command Database optimizations
  17. Increased cooldown between captcha questions per player
  18. 29Oct
  19. Changes:
  20. Reduced onboard crew requirement for an epic monster attack to occur
  21. Waiting to level up messages now will occur no sooner than 2 hours
  22. Added a new ship (game instance) on Abjects @ #detox
  23. Added infect player task
  24. Reduced investment player task
  25. !P Code will ignore answer and <answer> in responses
  26. Removed sailing cooldown when moored at a cell/grid
  27. Fixes:
  28. Cap'n could not sail after losing a port duel in some instances
  29. Ability to dig when not moored or anchored
  30. 27Oct
  31. Changes:
  32. !Pirates Crabbin cooldown be halved on Fishin' Fridays
  33. 26Oct
  34. Changes:
  35. Ports declaring independence has been reduced
  36. Ship tasks will now be reduced every 10mins vice 20mins
  37. Fixes:
  38. Crew rewards were not being shared among the crew in some instances
  39. Gender will be shown for pirates who pay for spouse shopping when returning home
  40. Successful mass find rewards now be shown in the channel for ship instances where game messages are reduced
  41. Purchasing black powder gives the sharpen sword confirmation message
  42. Coin, herb, and poison will now properly state when not in stock or carried in the market
  43. 24Oct
  44. Changes:
  45. When answering captcha correctly, players now be rewarded
  46. 21Oct
  47. Changes:
  48. Added additional help message for unknown commands to the Captain
  49. Captains can no longer remove pirates from the brig who flooded the ship
  50. Added cooldown for !Pirates Captain Share
  51. Anti Bot (captcha) enabled on Mousey McMouseface
  52. Fixes:
  53. !Pirates Ship Info fixes
  54. Message is now shown when trying to duel the bot when you are hurt
  55. Captain help no longer shown in !Pirates Captain Stats
  56. 19Oct
  57. Changes:
  58. Increased leveling requirements for landlubber and master pirates on Mousey McMouseface
  59. Fixes:
  60. Crew sailing time is now correct
  61. Players who are not "awake" and then perform a !Pirates command will now receive the msg from the bot as if they were awake
  62. 18Oct
  63. Changes:
  64. Increased chance for ports to declare independence
  65. 17Oct
  66. Changes:
  67. Increased leveling requirements for landlubber and master pirates on Mousey McMouseface
  68. Fixes:
  69. Players who are not "awake" and then perform a !Pirates command will now receive the msg from the bot as if they were awake
  70. 16Oct
  71. Changes:
  72. Added additional internal info msgs
  73. Fixes:
  74. Favor will now be shown in !Pirates Info and !Pirates Top for captains who are not the richest pirate
  75. 15Oct
  76. Changes:
  77. More info added when receiving a rare weapon
  78. Fixes:
  79. Ship has departed <PORT> messages when the both ships are not at the same port
  80. Miscellaneous random event port messages
  81. Players not able to answer captcha when overboard, trapped in a barrel, or a zombie
  82. Players did not receive rare weapons in their chest in some instances after catching them with !Pirates Cast
  83. Players were determined as inactive and deleted from the game
  84. 14Oct
  85. Changes:
  86. The crew will now like the Cap'n more if a random good sailing event occurs (+1% increase)
  87. The crew will now dislike the Cap'n more if a random bad sailing event occurs (-1% increase)
  88. Disabled sail command when waiting on the Cap'n to decide on raiding a port.
  89. Added additional captcha checks
  90. Players being checked by captcha will no longer be counted as active (awake)
  91. Fixes:
  92. Messages to the Cap'n notifying about requests
  93. Player cannot play games from the brig messages
  94. Negative captcha subtraction questions
  95. 13Oct
  96. Changes:
  97. Reduced personal quest task for level 10 pirates
  98. Adjusted readability of !Pirates Bounties
  99. Increased cannon damage during epic monster attack
  100. Health is now shown in !Pirates Stab (during epic monster attack)
  101. Fixes:
  102. Captain task: port duel now specifies the duel must be vs a pirate captain from another ship
  103. New day starts in: XXXX
  104. Bot will no longer be duped in !Pirates Level
  105. Bot will no longer want to see a troll fer ships with a crew too low or too high of a level.
  106. Duplicated rank name in !P Info <player>
  107. 12Oct
  108. Changes:
  109. Adjustments to Anti-bot to reduce the frequency of captchas
  110. 11Oct
  111. Changes:
  112. Players granted revenge will now receive a random dueling power bonus
  113. Fixes:
  114. Typos
  115. 10Oct
  116. Fixes:
  117. Fixed treasure map hint for "northeastern part o' gulf of mexico"" to "northwestern part o' gulf of mexico"
  118. Sailing times to cells/grids will now be shown
  119. Additional fixes for sailing to cells/grids
  120. 09Oct
  121. Changes:
  122. Captains now have the option to moor at neutral ports wit' !Pirates Ignore when queried to raid
  123. Fixes:
  124. Some commands (!P OPTION/!P OPTIONS) registered as two different commands in !P RUSTY. The code has been fixed, but the !P RUSTY dbase will not be corrected until next round.
  125. 08Oct
  126. Changes:
  127. Added a random cooldown when dueling the bot
  128. Added cooldowns for weapon purchases in the store
  129. Added daily limits to certain store purchases (gender, spouse, custom weapons, etc)
  130. Fixes:
  131. Pirate level times/doubloon requirement onboard the bot ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, now be shown as never
  132. Fixed certain player names not being shown in !P Top Today lists
  133. 07Oct
  134. Changes:
  135. Hall of Famers will now start a new round with less doubloons
  136. Captcha questions will now be refreshed periodically
  137. Adjusted anti-bot code which will increase captcha queries to users, but should catch players using scripts/timers
  138. Increased hall o' famers power handicap
  139. Players in the brig will no longer be subject to "random events"
  140. Banned (+b) players will be notified they will be unbanned
  141. Increased punishment when banning/!KB of other players
  142. Increased leveling requirements for The Elite
  143. Fixes:
  144. Hall of Fame players will now receive correct player tasks when starting a new level
  145. Live map will now be triggered to update when a port changes factions
  146. The "Crew Sail" command now accepts sailing to cells (grids)
  147. Bots that are "players" will no longer be banned when !KB is used
  148. 06Oct
  149. Fixes:
  150. Fixed task bug for players 6+ that prevented fish and/or Love/Hate tasks not being able to be completed. Added new checks to prevent further bugs of this instance
  151. Voyage time missing during a crew sailing event
  152. Corrected difficulties in generated Hall of Famer (website)
  153. 05Oct
  154. Changes:
  155. player who ban other players will now receive increased punishment for each consecutive banning
  156. !kb (on some instances) now be punished the same as banning a player
  157. Fixes:
  158. Bot times out when starting a game of HiLo
  159. 04Oct
  160. Changes:
  161. Buffed chance to hit epic monster wit' !P Defend Fire
  162. 03Oct
  163. Fixes:
  164. Fixed !Pirates Top Today <charver,commands,dig,duels,fish,rob,work>
  165. Disease durin' a random event corrected fer players level 22+
  166. In some cases, players who failed a ship sabotage and were caught were deducted too much doubloons
  167. 01Oct
  168. Fixes:
  169. Clarified messages when unable to sponsor a pirate
  170. Ship messages when using the market when sailing
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