How to tell when someone is NOT MAD

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  1. xfv ng: talk to me when you dont blow at the game u bum
  2. Maskettamon: blow this game
  3. • Maskettamon unzips
  4. xfv ng: ur absolutely terrible
  5. Maskettamon: Not as bad as your english
  6. xfv ng: spend all dayn on here addicted, and yet youre still bad
  7. xfv ng: how?
  8. xfv ng: idk
  9. Maskettamon: Are you in preschool or are you a vibrant
  10. xfv ng: you avoid the topic cuz its true
  11. xfv ng: typical nerd
  12. Maskettamon: oh no, not a nerd.
  13. xfv ng: how does it feel to suck at a game that youre addicted to?
  14. xfv ng: #feelsbadman
  15. Maskettamon: I don't know, can you tell me?
  16. xfv ng: #feelsrealbadman
  17. Maskettamon: You should see a therapist, it sounds like a tramatic memory
  18. xfv ng: sounds like you are absolutely clueless
  19. Maskettamon: I know that the mental health industry gets a bad rap, but it could help you.
  20. xfv ng: youre running out of insults, that is pathetic
  21. xfv ng: you are even worse a shit talking than you are at this game
  22. xfv ng: smfh
  23. xfv ng: get a fucking clue kid
  24. Maskettamon: >p*thetic
  25. Maskettamon: careful pal, you might shadow yourself with that
  26. xfv ng: you dont even know what youre saying at this point, how sad is that
  27. xfv ng: get off the game and go play a game youre better at like fortnite
  28. xfv ng: you bum
  29. Maskettamon: Not as sad as forgetting to reg your account and acting like you can talk shit.
  30. xfv ng: my reg account? unlike you im not a nerd. I dont have a reg account because this game is meaningless
  31. xfv ng: i come on here and stomp bitches like you in the mud
  33. Maskettamon: You didn't even fight me
  34. xfv ng: that I never even play
  35. Maskettamon: you didn't even win
  36. xfv ng: that is atrocious
  37. xfv ng: ABSOLUTELY atrocious
  38. xfv ng: you play all day and I never do
  39. xfv ng: I get on here
  40. xfv ng: and stomp you kids in the fucking mud
  41. Maskettamon: I have 0 matches.
  42. xfv ng: sad
  43. xfv ng: asbolutely sad
  44. Maskettamon: yes, you really are sad
  45. xfv ng: you cant even beat someone who doesnt have an account on here
  46. xfv ng: get clowned on bitch
  47. Maskettamon: Did you miss the fact that I'm not the one you fought
  48. Maskettamon: despite me telling you that several times
  49. xfv ng: you dont even know what youre saying
  50. xfv ng: your so angry you have now gotten lost
  51. Maskettamon: You fought Exile the Jews, not Maskettamon
  52. xfv ng: think before you type you clueless shit
  53. xfv ng: I BEAT EVERYONE
  54. Maskettamon: it's a common mistake, especially for someone blinded by their own tears.
  55. xfv ng: i stomp you nerds in the mud at your own fucking game
  56. xfv ng: get
  57. xfv ng: fucking
  58. xfv ng: stomped
  59. xfv ng: out
  60. xfv ng: smfh
  61. Maskettamon: you didn't win.
  62. xfv ng: smoked you like a sausage
  63. xfv ng: your trash kid
  64. xfv ng: you play all day and I dont and I still roast your ass
  65. Maskettamon: You can look at my profile and see all 0 matches I've had
  66. xfv ng: cry some more
  67. Maskettamon: You're the no lifer getting upset on Pokémon Showdown! BETA
  68. xfv ng: dont get all butt hurt because you suck
  69. Maskettamon: Take you own advice
  70. Maskettamon: ....kid
  71. xfv ng: kid? hahah you act tough with all those hours on a pokemon game
  72. xfv ng: yet I get on here for the first time in days
  73. xfv ng: and THRASH YOU KIDS
  74. xfv ng: all of you
  75. xfv ng: at your OWN GAME
  76. xfv ng: what a clown
  77. Maskettamon: You literally haven't even fought us
  78. Maskettamon: Are you off your pills? Schizophrenia is a serious issue
  79. xfv ng: bitch, I stomp everyone
  80. xfv ng: every nerd on here
  81. xfv ng: gets stomped in the fucking mud like the bitches that you are
  82. Maskettamon: you should go to The Happy Place chatroom, you could really benefit from not being so angry over nothing.
  83. xfv ng: you should go outside, you clearly suck on here
  84. Maskettamon: How many times do I have to tell you that I have not played a single match before you read it.
  85. xfv ng: you can bitch all you want kid
  86. xfv ng: make improvements not excuses
  87. xfv ng: you candy ass nerd
  88. Maskettamon: I'm not the one crying about stomping nerds in the mud
  89. Maskettamon: and refusing to read simple sentences
  90. xfv ng: you are the one that is still bitching though about getting trashed
  91. xfv ng: gtfo
  92. xfv ng: youre ASS at the game kid
  93. Maskettamon: You didn't fight me, you fought exile the jews
  94. Maskettamon: the names are so far apart, how can you get them confused?
  95. xfv ng: more excuses
  96. xfv ng: LOL
  97. xfv ng: fucking sad
  98. xfv ng: instead, why dont you try to get better?
  99. Maskettamon: Do you have brain damage
  100. Maskettamon: tourretes? autism?
  101. Maskettamon: I'm just trying to help you understand
  102. xfv ng: more shit ass insults, you are ABSOLUTELY clueless
  103. xfv ng: one of the top 3 dumbest people i have seen this month
  104. Maskettamon: do you own a mirror?
  105. xfv ng: look how desperate you are
  106. xfv ng: just like how de sperate you are for a win
  107. Maskettamon: desperate, your turn
  108. xfv ng: BUT YOU CANT GET ONE
  109. xfv ng: YOU CANT GET A WIN because I fuck you up
  110. xfv ng: get fucking clowned on
  111. Maskettamon: You lost though
  112. Maskettamon: You lost 2 times
  113. xfv ng: I never lose, I trash you bums
  114. Maskettamon: nothing personnell
  115. Maskettamon: ..........kiddo
  116. xfv ng: hahaha you are such a candy ass nerd, you bitch after getting dumpstered
  117. xfv ng: stop bitching and get better
  118. xfv ng: simple as that
  119. Maskettamon: I am not exile the jews
  120. xfv ng: or go play fornite
  121. xfv ng: GO PLAY fortnite
  122. xfv ng: more your speed
  123. xfv ng: smfh
  124. Maskettamon: No thanks, "bro"
  125. xfv ng: hahaha oh youre tough huh
  126. xfv ng: youre shit kid, get off the game
  127. Maskettamon: I'll show you who's the boss of this gym
  128. xfv ng: more clueless speak
  130. Maskettamon: Yes, you really need to revist basic schooling
  131. xfv ng: hahahah you sound like such a nerd, go lift some weights or go outside
  132. xfv ng: scronny bitch, you suck at this game AND LIFE
  133. Maskettamon: oh no this guy on an online children's cockfighting simulator is questioning my gains
  134. xfv ng: you tried to visit my match to see if I was losing, only to see me making a kid QUIT because I stomped his nerd ass out so hard
  135. xfv ng: HOW DOES THAT FEEL!?!?!
  136. xfv ng: GET
  137. xfv ng: FUCKING
  138. Maskettamon: pretty boring
  139. xfv ng: CLOWNED
  140. xfv ng: ON
  141. xfv ng: hahahah
  142. xfv ng: you look like such a clown
  143. xfv ng: how dumb do you look right now?
  144. xfv ng: so obsessed with me and yet youre STILL getting clowned
  145. Maskettamon: not as dumb as a guy who calls himself xfv ng
  146. xfv ng: hahahahhah
  147. xfv ng: smfh
  148. xfv ng: get a life
  149. Maskettamon: You first pal
  150. xfv ng: you tried to be sly and talk shit on me losing
  151. xfv ng: NEWS FLASH
  152. xfv ng: I DONT LOSE
  153. xfv ng: hahahha trash kid
  154. Maskettamon: you lost twice
  155. xfv ng: You got dumpstered by me
  156. Maskettamon: thrice
  157. xfv ng: and you cant handle them loss
  158. xfv ng: take them losses kid
  159. xfv ng: TAKE THEM
  160. xfv ng: hahahah
  161. Maskettamon: if you type in /rank maskettamon you can see that I haven't done any matches
  162. xfv ng: TAKE YOUR LOSSES and sit the fuck down like the good little bitch that you are
  163. Maskettamon: I am physically unable to have lost to you
  164. xfv ng: be a good little bitch and boost my rating some more
  165. xfv ng: hahhahah
  166. xfv ng: you and ALL of your friends
  167. xfv ng: lose to me
  168. Maskettamon: and if you type in /forfeit, you can see what your skill level is
  169. xfv ng: feelsbadman
  170. Maskettamon: they're not my friends
  171. xfv ng: forfeit I dont quit like your marshmellow ass
  172. xfv ng: youre even softer than all of your friends that I fucking slap
  173. Maskettamon: thank you, I pride myself on my soft approcable appearance
  174. xfv ng: I slapped you, your friends, and I will slap you again
  175. xfv ng: slap that nerd right outta you'
  176. xfv ng: smfh
  177. Maskettamon: why don't you slap in an actual name while you're at it
  178. xfv ng: weak ass bitch
  179. xfv ng: actual name?
  180. Maskettamon: Donald Drumph
  181. xfv ng: i dont give a fuck about this game you corny ass nigga
  182. xfv ng: this game is for NERDS
  183. xfv ng: like you
  184. xfv ng: but yet you still suck
  185. Maskettamon: you seem pretty upset for someone who merely doesnt care
  187. xfv ng: now like I said before
  188. xfv ng: be a good little botch
  189. xfv ng: and take them LLLLLLLLLLs
  190. xfv ng: TAKE THEM LLLLLLLLs
  191. Maskettamon: xfv ng: I'M NOT MAD, THIS IS HOW NOT MAD I AM
  192. xfv ng: Ill stomp an L right across the white forehead of yours
  193. Maskettamon: Are you black
  194. xfv ng: brand you like the white bitch you are
  195. Maskettamon: If so I'm very sorry to hear that
  196. xfv ng: IM BLACK and PROUD
  197. Maskettamon: that explains so much
  198. xfv ng: weak bitch, trying to get racial
  199. xfv ng: like that makes me mad
  200. xfv ng: typical white boy
  201. Maskettamon: You seem pretty upset
  202. Maskettamon: and you're the one who brought up race first
  203. xfv ng: hahah upset? you be the one thats bitching
  204. Maskettamon: how do you feel about being 13% = 50%
  205. xfv ng: like the candy ass nigga that you are
  206. xfv ng: you been complaining the whole time
  207. xfv ng: but youre fucking WEAK
  208. xfv ng: WEAK
  209. Maskettamon: You're the one upset over losing
  210. xfv ng: you lost to me
  211. xfv ng: and are still upset
  212. Maskettamon: You didn't even pm the right guy, I'm not exile the jews
  213. xfv ng: 40 minutes later
  214. xfv ng: you cry like a bitch
  215. xfv ng: and make excuses
  216. xfv ng: when you should be getting better
  217. Maskettamon: are you done?
  218. xfv ng: When do you turn 13 kid? Let me get you a protein shake for your bitch ass
  219. xfv ng: HAHAHAH
  220. xfv ng: smfh
  221. xfv ng: CLOWNED ON
  222. Maskettamon: I know you have to avoid some child support payments
  223. xfv ng: hahah yeah boy, get racist
  224. xfv ng: I LOVE IT
  225. xfv ng: LEMME HEAR WHAT YOU GOT
  226. xfv ng: LETS HAVE IT
  227. Maskettamon: #it'sokaytobewhite
  228. xfv ng: hahaha smfh
  229. xfv ng: you are even worse at being racist than you are at this game
  230. xfv ng: C
  231. xfv ng: L
  232. xfv ng: O
  233. xfv ng: W
  234. xfv ng: N
  235. xfv ng: E
  236. xfv ng: D
  237. xfv ng: O
  238. xfv ng: N
  240. xfv ng: IT SPELLS what happened to you in our game
  241. Maskettamon: Clowns are white, are you aware that you're appropriating culture
  242. xfv ng: that was you baby
  243. xfv ng: the white ass clown
  244. xfv ng: WHITE
  245. xfv ng: ASS
  246. xfv ng: CLOWN
  247. xfv ng: I spanked you like your mama
  248. Maskettamon: whatever trayvon
  249. xfv ng: you got a black ass handprint all over that white ass of yours
  250. xfv ng: hhahahaha
  251. xfv ng: youre gonna remember it too
  252. Maskettamon: that's pretty gay of you
  253. xfv ng: the day Trayvon spanked your ass like your mama
  254. xfv ng: then you bitched for 40 minutes
  255. xfv ng: HAHAHA
  256. Maskettamon: wait your name is actually trayvon
  257. Maskettamon: shouldnt you have your hands up
  258. Maskettamon: arent you supposed to be a good boy who dindu nuffin
  259. xfv ng: hahahh oh thats a good one nerd boy
  260. xfv ng: LETS HAVE IT
  261. xfv ng: WHAT ELSE?
  262. Maskettamon: do you think nerd is an insult because you never had a grade above F
  263. Maskettamon: but you got passed through because your teachers all hated you
  264. xfv ng: hahah nerd is an insult because youre a weak ass bitch
  265. xfv ng: thats WHY
  266. Maskettamon: How much can you lift?
  268. Maskettamon: a tv?
  269. xfv ng: dont worry about me, Ill get you a protein shake baby boy
  270. xfv ng: you sit in your nest
  271. xfv ng: let daddy take care of you
  272. xfv ng: Ill teach you hwo to play youre own fucking pokemon game
  273. Maskettamon: you went from a good slave to weird fetish territory
  274. Maskettamon: 0/10 go back to africa
  275. xfv ng: you are absolutely clueless
  276. xfv ng: you cant even comprehend wtf IM saying
  277. Maskettamon: Eat any good books lately?
  278. xfv ng: all that schooling you done aint do anything for you?
  279. xfv ng: you sit at home with all that school
  280. xfv ng: and youre STILL WEAK
  281. Maskettamon: *smacks lips*
  282. Maskettamon: ayo
  283. Maskettamon: hol up
  284. Maskettamon: yu
  285. Maskettamon: wuz
  286. Maskettamon: yu wuz say
  287. Maskettamon: yu wuz saying we wuz nurds and shiiiiiet
  288. xfv ng: hahaha yeah baby, thats getting to me
  289. xfv ng: THAT MAKES ME ANGRY
  290. Maskettamon: I can tell
  291. xfv ng: hahaha corny white bitch
  292. Maskettamon: you are very upset
  293. Maskettamon: it's baddy bad for your health
  294. Maskettamon: you should just log off
  295. xfv ng: you have the corniest jokes, probably like your dad too
  296. Maskettamon: at least I know my dad
  297. xfv ng: white people and their soft ass lives
  298. Maskettamon: go on one of those walks you talk about so much
  299. xfv ng: you corny mother fuckers
  300. xfv ng: you suck at this game and you suck at life
  301. Maskettamon: Are you done yet? Get all that pointless anger out
  302. xfv ng: hahah you want a turn to talk?
  303. xfv ng: is that how you do it in your household?
  304. xfv ng: wait your turn baby, this weak bitch gets to go first
  305. Maskettamon: No, I just want you to be done so we can all laugh at you
  306. xfv ng: hahahh corny fucks
  307. xfv ng: ok im outta here, you stay white
  308. Maskettamon: thanks, I will
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