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  1. Rape kit Ralph motors his way down to Toots-hun, Arizona, dead rat dangling from rearview mirror, his cute little traveling buddy. Not to mention the traveling buddy in his trunk. A present, or better yet, an offering, for the friend he was soon to meet.
  3. Ralph is an iron-butted warrior in the Knights of the Obsidian Flaps. As an initiation, he had to have his asshole torn apart like tissue paper by daddy and his friends, and now he wears a diaper smelling of dirty angel farts and a colostomy bag that he occasionally rips open to use for emergency lube. He's a state certified schizophrenic that doesn't get angry, but gets violent. The mental ward he escaped from tried to rehabilitate him in hopes he'd lose his taste for rape to no avail.
  5. There was no ending this maniacs frequent urges to slap prostitutes. A good day for a rape, as was most days, thought Ralph. He was sporting his favorite cologne - Morning Wood by Big Dick Bob. A few days ago, he made his way to the truck stop to satisfy his hunger for big hairy assholes and to settle a score with an ex partner.
  7. Ralph's rock hard pillar of justice lead him straightway to the fat, sensitive, shit eating slut. He thought to himself, she's fucked like a stray dog in China town! Look at her, that fucking sad little cum chugger screaming for jizz. She is good for nothing, foul scum, sleeping her way to success. Where's that bitch's emotional support truck stop transvestite whore with teeth like the spice girls - all a different color and doing their own thing? I'll have my way with the both of them little fuckers!
  9. Walking into the dining area, he chuckles as he sees Cassandra's picture above the register, Employee of the Month. More like employee of the mouth, he thought. He thinks back to the day when he caught her with Pete. Rage. He reaches for the gun and points it at her picture and says, "I've got a lot on my mind and a lot of gun in my hand so watch what you say you cheating whore!"
  11. May I help you? He hears from across the way. Scanning her, he's seen her before when he's been parked outside the high school. A young abhorrent punk bitch, just piece of easy loser pussy from the wrong side of the tracks. Still, wouldn't mind putting my cockamole on her faceadilla, passionately petting her pussy until I get her monthly blood, cock-juggling that thunder cunt...
  13. "WHAT!?" She yelps. "Oh, was I thinking out loud?" Smiling ear to ear, "don't act like your earholes have n'er been voicefucked before." Ralph wanted to split her open anus to mouth and wash his hands in her blood soaked bowels, but he thought, oh no you're getting worse. Don't freak out or anything, but we need to get you some chicken soup.
  15. "You want soup?" she says. "Oh my, there I did it again," Ralph chuckles, "yea, get me a table and a chicken soup...send Cassandra over." "You need to settle down," she murmurs. "I WILL NOT SETTLE DOWN UNTIL I HAVE COCAINE IN MY SYSTEM, DON'T MAKE ME DRAG YOU RIGHT DOWN INTO MY PRIVATE HELL. YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY PAIN. I HAVE A DEMON INSIDE ME!" Ralph belched out, then in a sweaty panic, he smiled and looked around and said, "I'll take that chicken soup, thank you!" and took a seat.
  17. "Cassandra my love," Ralph says as he places his hand on hers in a most comforting way. "May I invite you over for a date? I wish to patch things up, for my heart still longs for you my dearest," as he met his gaze with hers and placed his other hand intimately through her hair and then rested it on her neck. The feeling of love almost gripped him, then the drive and addiction to the intimacy of the kill and the pleasure of feeling a body expire overwhelmed him. That's better, he thought. He likes that energy more so. Especially for such a bitch who deserves it like Cassandra.
  19. Cassandra always had a weakness for schizophrenics. During sex she says it's like being fucked by 2 people at once. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt, things are mighty slow 'round here tonight, I suppose I could clock out and we could head out now?" Ralph's charisma had already infected her and she was his. "Cancel that soup!" Ralph stood up and waved at the other waitress and left 25 cents on the table for the two bit whore as he and Cassandra went off to the car.
  21. "So I figured I would invite you over for steaks and wine, how does that sound darlin'?" he said as he drove her to his place, fingers excitedly drilling away on the steering wheel. "Oh, excellent!" she says, as she smiles and puts her hands together, scrunching up her shoulders and leaning her head onto Ralph's shoulder. Pleasant memories fill the naive cunt's head as Ralph plays tracks of their favorite music.
  23. "Make your way inside and feel at home," he says as he opens the door for her. "Oh hun, you've really cleaned up the place!" "Yea, here, have some wine."
  25. Ralph prepares the feast. Cassandra finishes her glass of wine and begins to feel light headed, "I'm going to use the bathroom." "Go ahead, you know where it is." He looks over at her and sees that the liquid Valium he put in the wine has hit her as rises and stumbles towards the bathroom. She gets into the hallway and sees a glass display case, an homage to her. She pauses. Photos of her showering, a voodoo doll made of her hair collected from her brush, her missing soiled panties, and...were those pictures of her and Pete having sex?
  27. Ralph clubs her on the head with his heavy fist and drags her over to the dining room table, binding her to a chair. He sits across from her and waits for her to awaken.
  29. Ah, there you are. Pete had to go - really? A yoga instructor?? You know, anything is possible when you 'remove' the obstacles; see here, we now have some really nice 'steaks' and 'wine'. Now look down and say thank you, Pete, for this lean meat. Protein is the most important part of the meal, let me cut that up for you and feed you. Quit gagging. You didn't put up such a fight letting him inside you when he was alive.part1gottabuymorestampsthx4urhelp<3
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