MGE Side III Asura Mythra

Nov 6th, 2020
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  1. Diva Introduction
  2. • Diva: Asura Mythra
  3. • Species: Kraken
  4. • Favorite Color: Black
  5. • Favorite Type: “The one who will join with me has already been decided long ago♥”
  6. • How to Spend a Holiday: “Granting someone’s wish with my magic♥”
  8. Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
  9. My lord, “Asura Mythra” is... well...
  10. I suppose she is as magnanimous and calm as the sea, and is a person who doesn’t care much for details... Those of us who are her disciples have also never seen her angry.
  12. My lord is the ruler of the Asuramis Sea, and is a great sorceress called “The Witch of the Depths” known by all in the sea.
  13. Since long ago, it was said the humans feared a monstrosity living in the Asuramis waters that sank ships, called “Asuramythra”, but it seems my lord, who at the time didn’t have a name, took a liking to that name, and began calling herself “Asura Mythra”.
  14. I don’t know much about my lord’s past, but I’ve heard that she grew up in an even deeper sea, far below this one...
  16. Krakens are a race with tentacles that have enough superhuman strength to sink ships, but my lord is particularly skilled at sinking ships, and in addition to having the extraordinary strength to pull down the Queen Diana, she also possesses the careful and delicate skills to carry even fragile wooden boats, and of course, the humans onboard, to the seafloor without a single scratch.
  17. If only that delicacy was reflected in her personality even a little, it would save us a lot of trouble...
  19. A diva...? Indeed, my lord is also the diva of this island, but she said singing is “just a hobby”.
  20. Our lord and the Great Songstress Difina are old friends, and when the Great Songstress split her own tears into the seven songs and passed them on to the seven divas, it was decided our lord would inherit one of the songs because she looked greedy... is what I heard from the Great Songstress when I met her once.
  21. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t sing very much, she almost likes singing too much, you can often catch her singing on a daily basis, and she also often talks while singing.
  23. Our lord, who is also called the Witch of the Depths, occasionally receives guests that have wishes they want granted.
  24. My lord is a kind lady with a hobby of “helping people”...
  25. She can’t leave a troubled person alone, and will kindly consult with them, using her magical power to grant the guest’s wish, but she always requests “compensation” for their wishes...
  26. For example... a knight who wishes to save his fiancé, who is suffering from an immortal illness she received long ago.
  27. My lord, who felt sorry for their situation, produced medicine with her magic to cure the illness.
  28. When the knight returned to his fiancé’s side, as compensation for the magic, she transformed into a Scylla, and the medicine became useless...
  29. Even now, that knight’s lower body is still wrapped up in his fiancé’s tentacles and his penis is unable to escape, and it seems he sold that magic medicine and used the money as funds for their honeymoon...
  30. Another example is a poor human girl with a beautiful singing voice, who’s throat became useless due to an injury, and could no longer sing...
  31. My lord sympathized with her from the bottom of her heart, and healed the girl’s throat, but in return, the girl had to pledge to use her mouth to drink her beloved’s semen once every seven days.
  32. It seems she partook of her own elder brother’s semen, but after she drank it once, she couldn’t wait seven days later for more semen, and the next time was three days later... then one day later... Eventually, it seems she began to take his penis into her mouth many times a day and sip his semen. “Only her throat” was changed into a monster, it would seem...
  33. She recently paid a visit to my lord wishing to be transformed into a monster so she could most deliciously drink semen. Incidentally, the price for that is having her beloved’s semen poured into her womb once every seven days.
  35. In this manner, my lord is a person fond of love affairs to the extent that when my lord notices a man and woman who are close with each other, she can’t help but get them together, typical of a monster...
  36. My lord does not have a partner yet.
  37. Naturally, if you are one of us monsters, you should not stop looking for a man...
  38. However, when my lord looks at a man, well... it’s like there isn’t one bit of lust, and it’s not that she doesn’t like the man, rather it’s just like when a monster who already has a husband is looking at a man other than her husband...
  40. Once, when the Great Songstress came here to play, I asked her if there was a story to my lord, but it seems even before the founding of Court Alf, my lord was saying “The one who will join with me has already been decided♥”.
  42. I can’t sense the scent of a man or a trace of one’s mana from my lord, so what in the world is she talking about...?
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