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  1. Shots NOT included in the purist edition.
  2. - new Paramount logo
  3. - stars during the overture (they run at 30fps)
  4. - New opening credits (they run at 30fps). Instead the opening credits are recreated in HD, with yellow titles (the yellow color was Wise's idea.)
  5. - removal of a blue light blob in two shots (4:46,7:31)
  6. - I did not include the altered background during Spock's Kolinahr ritual, as this would render all of the scene in SD for a minor change. The subtitles are also the theatrical version rather than slightly different DC text. 10:35-12:52
  7. - removal of the hole in the docking bay caused by the rig holding the enterprise model. (37:32)
  8. - dirt removal on the leaving the solar system view screen composite (39:14)
  9. - two frame removal of red light casting onto the enterprise (this was an intentional effect, but I think the DC editors thought it was an error.) (43:58)
  10. - any changes in the revised ending credits. They credit the Yeomen introduced in the new transporter scene (Lisa Chess), fix a misspelling and introduce a new one.
  11. - new Paramount logo at the end
  13. Some of the director's cut was produced with an interlaced master, resulting in blended frames at the beginning and ending of shots. To the best of my ability I have removed these errors. There are two shots which have a mismatched frame cadence between the CGI and live action material, resulting in blended frames, but it's not too bad.
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