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  1. From the rock ceiling above, a gentle trickle of water dripped onto the patio in front of them. Redgrave was busying himself with searching the bodies of High Tower and his two crones.
  3. Other than what they were wearing, they aren't carrying much of interest on them. While High Tower carried a single peive of iron chest armor, most of this other stuff wasn't any better than current equipment.
  5. Meanwhile, Gallows and Greenmane invite themselves into the small hovel that was carved into the side of a rockface. From the soldier that Redgrave executed, this was apparently High Tower's hideaway.
  7. ExpeditiousPony (GM):
  9. It wasn't a large place, but at the same time nothing apparent strikes out to them. They probably didn't have too much time to search before the three mercenaries wonder where their buddy went. Perhaps they would warn the blackmarket as well, given enough time.
  11. Gallow's Song: So... How long do ye be thinking until those ponies at the front be coming by?"
  15. Redgrave gives a shrug, "Couple minutes perhaps, if they didn't hear the fighting. We may have to get rid of them somehow or they could tell everyone that someone's kicking ass around here. Not that I care to really fight the whole market. I just want to know where our missing ponies are." With the bodies disposed of, and what little valued items they had collected for future disposing in a more lucrative fashion, Redgrave enters the hovel.
  17. ExpeditiousPony (GM):Everything inside the hovel was carefully placed. High Tower was apparently a neat freak. A chest was to their left- and a bed on the far side of the room. Kegs filled the corners, and their seemed to be stairs leading up- but they were sadly blocked off.
  19. Gallows Song casually kicks over the containers/kegs that she cant hop up to look inside so she can look inside... Also because clean freak, lel. That needed fixing
  21. Ash Greenmane surveys the staircase blockage. He might've been able to do something about moving it aside.
  24. Redgrave pokes at the chest to see about getting it open and see what else High Tower has. The bed might need searching too. Probably something under it.
  26. ExpeditiousPony (GM):Gallows kicks over the kegs. They all seem to be filled with a foul smelling liquid familiar to any bar- that of booze. It spilled onto the floor, spreading the liquid to the boxes nearby, and lapped at her hooves.
  28. The staircase was blocked with a simple patchwork door. Bypassing the door's as easy as finding the right spot to push it over. Upstairs, he finds a collection of different armors from various nations, judging from their coat of arms. High Tower seemed to be a collector. Nothing else catches his eye.
  30. Seafoam finds the chest unlocked. It contained High Tower's night clothes. There's a rather mundane letter put into its pocket- reading, it simply seemed to be a wordly letter from one of his contacts in the blackmarket.
  32. Gallows Song:"Aww, tis just ale.. ." the filly grumbles and goes looking to the boxes and hoping up to take a looksee if theres an easy way to open them
  35. Redgrave tosses the nightclothes aside most un-ettiquetly, though keeps the letter just in case it could be useful. Knowing who a blackmarket contact is could be useful. He wanders over to the bed to search it next. Hopefully it won't be horribly stained. He looks annoyed at Gallows for kicking over the ale like so, "Now why would you go and waste a good drink like that?" Poke the pillow about and search under the bed!
  38. Ash Greenmane takes particular interest in the armors. Given the former owner wasn't going to have much use for them any longer and they possibly wouldn't be openly contested too much given who he was, he didn't see a reason why one couldn't be taken. Might get some good silver out of it, if it didn't just prove to be more useful barding.
  40. Gallows Song:"Cuz its icky?" She shrugs and keeps poking at the box
  43. Redgrave snorts, "You're just not old enough to appreciate it."
  45. ExpeditiousPony (GM) Ash surveys the collection of armors. They're all gambeson, but they each contain different coat of arms on them. He could probably carry a few, but there's many to pick from- a set is from New Roan, another from Clydes, the roaring lion, another still from the somewhat meek cold lands of Kohinoor. Or perhaps the icon of the deer interested him.
  47. ExpeditiousPony (GM):
  49. Gallows searches the boxes. She discovers the one on her right contained a rather ornate compass like device. Except this didn't point north.
  51. Hidden behind the headrest of the bed, several parcels sealed in manila envelopes stood a good chance of hosting something important. Ripping them open, one finds they seem to be receipts of some kind, dealing with the Coalition of Occedentia. A few dealt with receipts for items New Roan requested, as well.
  53. Most of these items were mundane- though disturbingly there's recepits for ponies vis a vis New Roan. None of the names matched up to anyone they were looking for, though. Feather Duster's involvement with this all seemed to be related to trade charts that the Coalition requested- charts that detailed exact movements of tradeships.
  55. ExpeditiousPony (GM):
  57. Reading further, they finally catch a lead to something. As a contract yet completed, it seemed both the Coalition and New Roan were bidding for intelligence related to some unknown project that Steambells,
  59. the engineer was working on. From the details of this contract, it seemed like Steambells at the very least was reportedly sourcing materials from New Roan. It didn't give concrete evidence to where he was now.
  61. But they now knew neither party was currently in possession of him- the date for this contract was three days ago.
  63. Gallows Song shakes the compass "... This do be broken it seems... Or magic... Iunno"
  67. Redgrave picks and chooses letters and receipts of interest that Lady Garnet might be interested in learning about, particularly those relating to Feather Duster and Steambells. These are stored in his saddlebags with the other letter from the chest. He'll wander over to look at the thing Gallows has, "Huh. Wonder what it's pointing at."
  69. Ash Greenmane surveys the armors and...goes for the one that matched the mercenaries they had encountered. Who knew, maybe it'd make for a good disguise if they had acquaintances who weren't too familiar with faces. And maybe Redgrave would realize his before trying to spontaneously slaughter him too.
  71. Gallows Song:"I dont know... Hopefully it do be something close by."
  73. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The compass doesn't seem to spin on it's own. It's fixed to a location that's not north- so either it was broken or affixed onto something else. There's no other markings that indicate what it's leading to.
  75. Ash switches his armor for that of the roaring lion. It feels vastly more comfortable than his old set. And it looks stylish, too.
  77. Ash Greenmane didn't switch out - he was taking it to carry as a spare.
  79. ExpeditiousPony (GM):Oops!))
  83. ExpeditiousPony (GM) Ash, instead, folds it up and carries it with him. It still feels comfortable to the touch.
  85. Ash Greenmane turns to address the others while gesturing to the remaining armors. "Anybody want to grab another of these? Might be useful later."
  87. Ash Greenmane:"Not like they'll be missed."
  91. Redgrave tilts his head curiously at the suggestion and he'll go upstairs to see what might be available. Upon noticing all the different coat of arms, he'll be looking for something.. specific.
  93. ExpeditiousPony (GM):As Ash took Cyldes, what was left was the armor of the northerns, an armor of new roan, one for deer.
  95. Gallows Song:"It do be too big for me," the filly says with a shrug
  97. Ash Greenmane:"At the least, I figure it's a little extra coin in our saddlebags."
  101. Redgrave doesn't find what he's looking for, so he'll not bother with the rest and return to the group. His own armor suffices.
  103. ExpeditiousPony (GM):Mulbelle trudged into the cave. A few winding turns and a neardeath experience with a spider later, she finally reaches carved stone. She must be coming up on the market the twins were talking about.
  107. Mulbelle Starberry would keep making her way deeper inside. She had a goal in mind and she wasnt going to let death stop her either.
  109. ExpeditiousPony (GM):As Mulbelle moved further into the system of carved tunnels, the sound of multiple ponies echoed from her left. The black market, it would seem- but, to her right, the distant sound of curious noises echoed down the hall. She had no way of knowing if the ponies in the market would be hostile.
  111. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The ponies to her left seemed to be engaged in relaxed conversation. Most noticeable was a unicorn just a stone's throw away from her, chatting with a griffin that was running a stand selling what looked to be strange snails. Just beyond was another griffin, and she could just barely see an armored guard further down. To her right, the voices grow worried.
  113. Mulbelle Starberry would be curious of the voices around her so she tries her best to listen in first before acting.
  115. ExpeditiousPony (GM):To her right, the voices could be heard. "I'm worried. He hasn't come back yet. And I don't know where that group went. Are they inside?"
  117. Meanwhile, to her left, the unicorn and the griffin seem to be in a rather intense game of poker. They joke about eating without any tables during the way. Through some miracle, they don't notice her.
  121. Mulbelle Starberry decides to forget about the poker players and walks into the room. "What group if I may ask"
  124. ExpeditiousPony (GM):Mulbelle makes her way toward the conversing group. The mare of the group frowns. "Who the fuck are you?"
  126. The archer and griffin sigh, with the Griffin gesturing toward the hovel in the side of the rock wall. "Our buddy hasn't come back after following that weird group that said High Tower was expecting them. Weird part? I heard something in there. And I don't remember that pillar being toppled.
  128. As if by pure comedic timing, the party emerges from the hovel. Redgrave is still covered in blood. This, predictability, freaks the mercs out.
  131. Mulbelle Starberry waves to the others and smiles. "Greetings. I am looking for the group searching for....the disappearing stallion. Wow that was a mouthful."
  133. Ash Greenmane blinks at the group and the new face in it. And here he was hoping they could've just slipped off to the market without having to cross paths again...WELP. He didn't draw his weapon yet, but he was ready to if need be.
  137. Redgrave raises an eyebrow at this.. other pony who's arrived whom doesn't seem to be with the mercs. But for now he focuses on them, "High Tower is dead, as are the two with him that were wearing the coat of Lyons. I believe your partner was a casualty as well when he decided to pick a fight with some ghosts. So long as you're not in league with the Lyons, I have no issue with you." He also motioned to the broken pillar when he mentioned High Tower.
  140. Gallows Song runs up after the pair and nods "Yar! Indeed, he do be swimming with the fishes,"
  142. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The three of them look among each other. "To be honest, he kind of deserved it." The mare says, to no one in particular. "But, we still have a job to do, you know? So sadly I think we need to kill you now." She didn't seem too inspired by it. But they're all able to draw weapons.
  144. Mulbelle Starberry sighs as she looks then over. " not sure who I should be rooting for here.....but if they are working for High Tower.....I guess they cant be any good"
  146. Ash Greenmane raises a placating hoof to try something before this gets bloody all over again. "If I may, if your boss is dead...WHAT job? Who's paying you to do this now, exactly?"
  148. Gallows Song horn glows as she summons up her ghostly crew, or tries too "You better not, me and my crew be more than a match for ye"
  151. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The shades of Clock and Echo scream forth from the ground. Clock seems to be wearing a causal smirk on her ghostly lips. "I'll keelhaul ye!"
  153. Redgrave sighs and draws his massive blade into his mouth and proceeds to step forward towards the three, "If you seriously want to be smashed into a pillar yourselves, I'll be willing to oblige to keep myself and my group safe."
  155. GM: The mare starts to consider their attempts. Most she shrugs off, but the Seafoam's sword got her attention alright. "Ya know...he really was kind of an asshole." She remarks casually. "Yeah, no. You guys want to get smashed into a pillar?"
  157. The archer and griffin both shake their heads. "Nope, but that being said we should probably leave before any of his buddies figure out he's dead."
  159. They withdraw from the fight, seemingly allowing the party to pass. Yet, by now, the sound of curious hoofsteps from the blackmarket were coming closer. Mulbelle had apparently drawn attention. They still had a few moments before a slew of reinforcements came.
  161. Mulbelle Starberry shrugs. "My only concern is with the party searching for Shardlight. If its not you, go on."
  163. Redgrave looks a this new pony talking to them now that the combatants have decided to fuck off, "That is our job, yes. We're trying to find Shardlight and Steambells. We were also hunting for Feather Duster, but word is she's dead now."
  165. Gallows Song:"Uhh, do that be us?"
  167. "I mean, Yarr! Yes, that be us, but like my crew member there said, she do be dead"
  169. Ash Greenmane breathes a sigh of relief as the goons head off. "Perhaps we can speak of this someplace where we don't have to worry about another fight with bodyguards or a small army?" he suggests. "...also a place where Red here can clean up. That's...not going to be a good look to be walking about in public with."
  171. Gallows Song:Sighing, the filly will dismiss her ghosts... No fighting, wah
  175. Mulbelle Starberry shrugs but nods. "Fine by me. MY name is Lady Mulbelle Starberry. I am a knight working on behave of the Archmage Isosceles. I am here to find Shardlight. Whatever that entails." She adds as she pushes her curly mane out of the way.
  177. Goons:As the party speaks to each other, a small hoard of ponies and griffins emerges from the black market side, apparently intent on investigating the noises they were hearing. If they wanted to avoid a fight, they needed to leave.
  179. Ash Greenmane looks to the other. Did they know anypony by that name? None he could recall. At the sight of the newcomers approaching though, he shook his head and got trotting. "Right, let's take this elsewhere, yes?"
  181. Gallows Song does her best to look scary and stares them all down, yarr!
  183. Ash Greenmane reaches to grab Gallows in passing and drag the filly along. No yarr!
  187. Redgrave 's ears twitch and he nods to Ash, "I agree that we should go. There's a way out this way and I'd rather not have to fight off an entire townsworth of ponies. We'll go out the way we came in." He motions everyone towards the non-blackmarket entrance.
  189. Gallows Song flails "Nooooo! I do be needing to show them i am captain!"
  193. Mulbelle Starberry shrugs. "Lead the way captain" She says with a wink.
  195. Gallows Song huffs "Fine :| "
  197. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The party, now with Mulbelle in tow, quickly went out the way they came before the hoard of ponies came for them. They had gained some rather interesting finds- namely, a strange compass not pointing north, and a lead on steambells Not to mention some armor that could be useful for a disguise, at some point! They arrived at the same alley they went in. By now, it was nearing midnight. The normally busy docks were slowing down.
  199. Gallows Song would starts heading in the direction the compass pointed, curious as to whether there was anything obvious it was pointing to
  201. Ash Greenmane would be more interested in finding a spot that was quiet enough to chat and get tidied up before they ventured back out into the streets! Or maybe they could handle that in the alleyway?
  205. Redgrave gives Gallows a nudge, "We can follow that later. Right now I need a shower and I'm sure we can all use some rest after all that. It's past your bedtime anyway."
  208. Mulbelle Starberry sighs but shrugs. "I only care about finding that stallion so.....what have you guys found?"
  210. ExpeditiousPony (GM):There weren't any ponies around, so the alleyway probably was a good spot to clean up any blood from the fight. Not to mention a good spot, for the time being, to just chat. The compass, as far as Gallows could tell, led across open water. Hard to tell where it stopped.
  212. Ash Greenmane takes one final look about just to be certain they're clear, then looks to Mulbelle. "Nuh uh. Have some questions for you first, because there is something -definitely- wrong with this picture if you were sent here by...Isosi-whatstheirname. What do they want with Shard?"
  216. Redgrave does start cleaning himself up the best he can at least. So that non-goons won't suddenly go nuts over the sight of him walking around in red stuff.
  220. Mulbelle Starberry sighs. "I was sent by Amihan to do some investigations. It lead me here, looking for Shardlight so I can get his advice and research on omnicombinations and sealing magic."
  222. Gallows Song glares at Redgrave "I do not be having a bed time. Pirates sleep when they want ta!" she replies angrilly. So the compass headed nowhere, a pitty
  226. Mulbelle Starberry "Whats with the sassy lost child?"
  228. Gallows Song:".... I be the captain!"
  232. Redgrave tries to not grin too much, "She's with us, as our resident and surprisingly strong spellcaster. And um.. our captain. Kinda. The fine details are still being worked out."
  234. Gallows Song:"No details, you be my crew, i captain..." she says looking stoic "But i do be a nice captain, and let you all have yer delusions "
  236. Gallows Song peers at Mulbelle "Perhaps you do be wanting to join?"
  240. Mulbelle Starberry raises an eyebrow. "Join a crew lead by a child......tempting." She replies sarcastically. "My only concern is finding Shardlight, not some strange pirate hunt."
  242. Ash Greenmane lets out a disgruntled little snort. He honestly had to question sanity of the mare who thought hiring a filly was a good idea, or them for going along with it allthis time. "Well. Shardlight is still missing. Right now we're following breadcrumbs to find him for a friend of his, along with a few others that vanished as well. Suppose we're all going the same direction then, so..." Pausing, he looked to Redgrave. "...what DID you find back there anyways? More documents, or..?"
  246. Redgrave does get out the various documents and receipts and letters he found, "A fair bit on trade deals and the like, connecting the black market, New Roan, and the Coalition in various ways. High Tower was trading on all sides."
  248. Gallows Song:"Any interesting ones that could give us a haul of bits?" she asks perking up at the idea of making money from this
  252. Redgrave will do his best to explain what he finds. Though he doesn't have much of a head for this kind of work.
  254. Ash Greenmane:"Well it is a black market. Anything about who we're looking for though?" Ash winces. "Or...the rest of them?"
  256. ExpeditiousPony (GM):From the letters that they acquired, it didn't seem like neither New Roan or the Coalition really knew where steambells was. There's no mention of shardlight, either. It does confirm, at least, that Feather Duster was used for the intel. And, judging from what others have told them, disposed of somewhere in the ocean.
  258. They could head to a tavern to rest, perhaps ask for any leads there. They could report to Garnet their findings once more- perhaps go to the mages circle as well.
  260. Redgrave suggests that resting for the night would be a good idea. It's too late in the day to go anywhere else, or so he believes.
  262. Gallows Song humms "Yes, the crew do be needing rest... To the tavern!"
  264. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The nearest Tavern, 'The Fleeting Filly', was a tired sort of place filled with salty sailors and a few passing traders. At this time of night, plenty of ponies were still about, drinking and sharing sea shanties. But, the party seemed most focus on rest, and selling their hard earned loot. The stuff redgrave looted fetches roughly 50 silver pieces due to it being used, but it's still something.
  266. A small group near the back drunken talk rumors. Mostly tabloids- like Garnet supposedly having a foal- but something more interesting comes up.
  268. "I tells ya, I saw him plain as day! Dainty court mage heading east on a wagon, catching his flank on fire. It's the truth!"
  270. Gallows Song would be more focussed on getting a room to herself... She can pay, and the captain didnt share rooms with the crew after all
  272. Redgrave thinks it might be a bad idea to let the smaller one have a room to herself, but he's not gonna argue too much about it. He listens in on the rumors though once he gets a bit more silver to his purse, "The court mage? Going east? How long ago was that, my friend?"
  274. ExpeditiousPony (GM):The unicorn was clearly drunk. Still, he seemed more than happy to indulge. "Eh? Well, figure 'et was about a fortnight ago."He provided, with a small hiccup. "Now, there's only one place you're goin' to if you're going east on a carriage, and tha's to the border wall with 'dem roanians. Had the biggest grin on his face.'
  276. Redgrave rubs a hoof under his chin, "Hmm.. well that's interesting. I wonder why nobody else seemed to have noticed that before. Garnet will want to know where her mage ran off to."
  278. ExpeditiousPony (GM):He grins sharply. "I bet! Tell 'er she's a slut, too, haha!"
  280. Redgrave blinks once and gives a nod, "I'll uh.. be sure to do that. Enjoy your drink." He wanders off to make sure everypony in his crew knows about this.
  282. Mulbelle Starberry "Rather rude....."
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