I've lost a tangent, do you have it? Part 1

Oct 20th, 2015
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  1. I've lost a tangent, do you have it? Part 1
  3. >Tired… So very, very tired.
  4. >Why though? The question stumps you for a time.
  5. >You just woke up.
  6. >That makes sense.
  7. >Remedies include specific teas you don’t have, exercise, cold shower and coffee.
  8. >Out of those, only coffee seems a viable option.
  9. >You drag yourself out of bed and furthermore out of the dark bedroom
  10. >The apartment still needs to be cleaned. You’ve been meaning to do a full cleanup for weeks
  11. >Even made a checklist. Fuck, you made several.
  12. >Hung them up at convenient places around the apartment to be easily spotted and remembered.
  13. >You still keep forgetting, or maybe you’re putting it off. You never quite seem to recall.
  14. >That’s your lot in life.
  15. >Reality Deficiency Syndrome they called it.
  16. >You seem to remember they invented it for you.
  17. >Rare case apparently. Possibly singular. You might be wrong.
  18. >In practicality this means you are slow on the uptake. Very slow.
  19. >Also means you can’t be trusted with your own safety. Well, mostly.
  20. >You can do simple tasks easily enough. Responsibility in any form is a no-no.
  21. >Other people just aren’t really there for you. Intense focus is required to even realize they are there.
  22. >This apparently is bad.
  23. >Fast moving objects also fails to register.
  24. >Also, apparently bad. Cars are easy enough to see. When they are parked. Not so much in motion.
  25. >Cause and effect: Can’t detect fast moving object at metric ton weight or more. Might wander into the streets.
  26. >Result: Death. Not acceptable.
  27. >You have long since decided that the written messages left to you by Psychologists are to be heeded at all costs.
  28. >They seem to know what aspects of the world you can’t handle.
  29. >That’s good.
  30. >You are not totally helpless. This is a source of pride for you. From texts you have learned people, that includes you.
  31. >Needs to be a positive influence on the structure of society as a whole.
  32. >In practical terms. You need to be able to work. Which you can.
  33. >You can’t really see people. That’s true. However you can read just fine. And a major way for you to interact with the world as a whole is through just this medium.
  34. >This they learned early on. If they need you to do something, they will text your phone.
  35. >Annoying peeping sounds usually breaks your chain of thought.
  36. >That’s good.
  37. >Because you can get stuck there for long times.
  38. >It also means you can be given commands and act on them accordingly.
  39. >You are sort of like a robot.
  40. >Input command.
  41. >Action follows.
  42. >A very forgetful, distracted robot.
  43. >Bad analogy.
  44. >Try something else?
  45. >What were you thinking about again?
  46. >Work.
  47. >You create and moderate websites for a living.
  48. >Though you don’t know what part of that makes you live.
  49. >How does one make a living anyway?
  50. >One can make living beings by procreation.
  51. >That you know.
  52. >What is a living? Is it a metaphor? A physical object?
  53. >That makes no sense.
  54. >Coffee’s done.
  55. >That’s good
  56. >Motherfucker that’s hot.
  57. >That’s bad
  58. >A scalded mouth takes days to stop hurting.
  59. >You can’t remember not having a scaled mouth.
  60. >You do seem to remember doing this mistake every morning.
  61. >Should probably make a note to yourself warning of the danger.
  62. >Oh… Look at that, you got three post-it’s on the coffee machine saying that.
  63. >Should probably make one more. Just to be safe.
  64. >The ones who makes sure you get through life just fine were nice enough to get you an apartment outside of the city.
  65. >The apartment is small, but cozy. It’s right next door to a store, and it’s on the first floor.
  66. >No stairs for you.
  67. >That’s good… You think.
  68. >Might have been a reason you should avoid stairs. You can’t seem to remember though.
  69. >Maybe it was elevators you were supposed to avoid?
  70. >You get income on a weekly basis.
  71. >That’s good.
  72. >You don’t remember your current amount of money at any given time so having a steady weekly period of income means you don’t have to plan too far ahead.
  73. >You are good at planning ahead. That’s never the issue. The issue is recalling said plans.
  74. >That’s sort of where you fall off.
  75. >Making notes to remember doesn’t help. You forget where you hung them. Or if you saved them on your computer. You forget where on the computer it’s saved.
  76. >Coffee’s gone cold… That’s odd. You seem to remember it scalding you.
  77. >Has it been long?
  78. >Probably has. Cause and effect. Cold coffee equals time has passed.
  79. >Or someone is in the apartment and has put ice cubes in your coffee.
  80. >You don’t think there’s anyone in the apartment.
  81. >That usually coincides with a text message.
  82. >Of course, you might have gotten one of those and forgotten about it.
  83. >It would still result in the world starting to shake uncontrollably.
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